Robin Lopez Loves Nerd Culture, Hates Raptors Mascot


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I knew Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez was a big fan of comic books, mostly because last year I played an Avengers video game against Brook…

VIDEO: Brook Vs. Lang

Yesterday, in an interesting interview with the Portland newspaper Willamette Week, Brook’s twin brother and Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez spoke about his enduring love for many facets of geek culture. (And to be fair, any NBA player with expansive knowledge of The Goonies is automatically on my good side.)

Some interesting factoids from the interview…

• His favorite ride at Disneyland? “Pirates of the Caribbean, by far. It’s the best re-creation of reality they’ve done so far. There’s a storyline, and it kind of gets lost. They did such a great job of putting subtle themes in the ride. Everything’s very deliberate. But it is also very natural, very chaotic in its own sense. There’s something perfect about that, and it’s not been topped.”

• The highlight of his own comic book collection? “I do have a complete run of Teen Titans from their first print to Secret Origins to now, even though I’m not a big fan of the Essential series. I’m kind of just collecting out of the completist sense.”

• His least favorite NBA mascot? “The Toronto Raptor. I wish we could go back to Toronto, because he gets my goat. I have a few choice words for that guy.” (When asked if he cared to expound on that, Lopez answered, “No. He knows.”)

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