Shane Battier Wants To Sing With You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As a member of the Miami Heat, Shane Battier has made his name as a guy willing to do all the little things to be successful. As a member of the Miami community, and to raise money for his charity, the Battier Take Charge Foundation, Shane is willing to put on a baby blue tuxedo and warble along with his Heat teammates at Battioke 2014.

Take it away, Shane…

VIDEO: Battioke 2014

(ICYMI, here’s our coverage of Battioke 2012 and Battioke 2013 …)


  1. Rise Above says:

    I guess there’s a reason these people are basketball players and not pop stars #GoHeat

  2. Hoa says:

    Please Stick to BBall

  3. Miami Heat GM says:

    We are thinking of signing Bynum, but the money comes next year when Kobe, Garnett, and Timmy retire, we will convince them to come to south beach.

  4. Gert says:

    Both those shots in the beginning were air balls but they added a “swish” sound, you can see the reflection in the window behind him.

  5. cating says:

    He will flop for sure

  6. Common Sense says:

    Great Cause, but man. Are they actually trying to be horrible to be funny or are they all really that bad? Is it possible with that many talented people, not one isn’t tone deaf?