Rockets Mascot Scares Rockets Players

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For an NBA team, what good is having a mascot if you do not use the mascot at some point to scare the heck out of players? We saw it earlier this season in Phoenix, where the Gorilla popped out of a trash can wielding an air horn. And last season in Milwaukee, Bucks mascot Bango scared Dwight Howard.

So recently in Houston, the Rockets used their inflatable version of their mascot, Clutch, to stand sentry in a hallway and suddenly and terrifyingly come to life as various Rockets players left practice. The best part of this video is probably the slow motion replays spliced in, showing the players leaping into the air with genuinely frightened looks plastered across their faces.

VIDEO: Mascot Scares Rockets


  1. lol says:

    There goes D12’s SamSung S5′.

    Mannn Garcia was the only one who didn’t give a f*ck, what a BEAST

  2. Eli says:

    Garcia is the man!

  3. Haffet says:

    Garcia is a tugh.

  4. Purple says:

    Hahaha damn that dwight moment was hillarious : DD

  5. euro says:

    they treat that mascot like s*hit
    not funny

  6. janskie says:

    LOL D12.. (Y)

  7. Exiled says:

    Yup Garcia has the same exprssion after missing a3s …never regret taking bad shot

  8. Ram says:

    That Dwight moment i think so is played well. Scripted! Lol!

  9. boobies says:

    Anyone notice that after a few times it look fake?

    Like they could not hear someone screaming every time player were leaving the arena?

    So stupid and old

    • Red says:

      Have a chill pill man, even if it is fake (Howard obviously) I think they still did a good job on the scare act even Dwigth’s looks fake but still heck of a funny. The video is more awesome with it’s original music too which you can watch in youtube with over a million views already and counting.

  10. heat all day says:

    lebron is the best everyone is the best if otherwise give me a solid reason

  11. ggim says:

    Well, Heat is in 2nd place in Eastern after Pacers..the best is always no 1, that a solid reason.

    • Javier says:

      LMAO you really think Pacers are better than the Heat? You must not watch any Heat games… I know you’re scared to face the truth but believe it or not, we have a top 5 record in the NBA and we don’t even try our 100% every night, whereas teams like the Blazers and Pacers play 100%. Remember Game 6 vs Celtics in 2012? Remember Game 7 vs Spurs in 2013? It seems you suddenly forgot about them. Those games showcase how dominate the Heat really are. If we tried 100% every night (which is not a good idea because of fatigue come playoff time), the team could realistically beat the 72-10 record by the Bulls. Mark that.

  12. vincent says:

    lol that one guy took a swing. And poor D12’s phone

  13. kyle says:

    dwight tried to kick him in the nuts though

  14. hole says:

    dwight howard’s part was fake.

  15. JW Liu says:

    James Harden is seriously not funny. I’ve seen so much little things that show he is NOT COOL, and NOT NICE.

    • RJ says:

      Additionally, that beard and stupid faux hawk look ridiculous. Oh, look at me, everyone. I’m different. It’s a fauxhawk dude. It’s a beard. You just look like a clown.

  16. tl says:

    haha very funny. looks like everyone is having fun except harden and garcia ๐Ÿ˜ they just can’t take jokes ๐Ÿ˜

  17. hohohoK says:

    Funny, expected for harden who have a big egocentric problem (don’t try to play with me ,the king, like you play with the others) and of course, dwight one so natural, not acted like a very very smart (12 year old) kid.