Drake Handles Toronto Raptors Introductions

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Toronto Raptors have been utilizing their newly formalized relationship with hip-hop star Drake in various ways, but over the weekend they had their very first “Drake Night.” This meant things like Drake taking over the team’s Instagram account so he could show off the custom old-school Raptors suit lining on his jacket…

Me and the Boss Man #drakenight #garrisonbespoke

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Drake also wore a Raptors t-shirt in his OVO Brand colors of black and gold, just in case you were wondering what the Raptors might look like if they do, in fact, change their team colors

Papi Takeover #DrakeNight

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But perhaps my favorite aspect of Drake Night was when Drake introduced the Raptors on the public address system. How often do you hear a PA guy refer to a player as “a good friend of mine?” (Then again, Drake has good reason to be friendly to Amir Johnson.)

VIDEO: Drake Intros Raptors


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Love the old school suit jacket!

  2. vinsanefan says:

    that suit is dope!