Dwight Howard Dunks On Kid

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Saturday night during the Rockets/Wizards game, there were two rain delay. Yes, they were indoors, but a leaky roof at the Verizon Center conspired with a brutal rain storm to cause a stoppage. To fill time during one of the stoppages, Dwight Howard took to the court to play a little one-on-one against a small child. And Dwight showed no mercy whatsoever…

VIDEO: Dwight Dominates Kid

(via Deadspin)


  1. Exiled says:

    Hahaaa. So funny. ,great Haward

  2. Javier says:

    I’m pretty sure we could all agree this kid could beat Dwight one on one……… In a free throw contest.

  3. Jovera says:

    He is a jerk but funny .. LOL .. he made it like he was guarded by pro and he made a denial like for real, and he gave an satisfying-NBA-expression… That was quite entertaining… but I will be more entertained if he gave the kid a chance to make a dunk by lifting him up or anything else that gave the kid unforgettable moment that makes him love basketball forever.