Andray Blatche Refines Eurostep In Europe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Andray Blatche may be a center for the Brooklyn Nets, but he frequently moonlights as a ballhandler for the Nets after grabbing a rebound. As such, Blatche has previously shown that mastering the Eurostep move popularized by players like Manu Ginobili is important to him. A few months ago, Blatche tried it out on some unsuspecting shoppers in Manhattan. Today, with the Nets in England to play against the Hawks tomorrow, Blatche gave his Eurostep an authentic European workout…

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  1. Sankt Pauli says:

    To call that particular move Eurostep after an Argentinian player shows just how big we are in geography.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      That Argentinian Player learned that move while he played in Italy for four years…anyway he wasn’t even the one who did it first but he was the one who made it popular in the NBA.
      So after all calling it Eurostep is quite accurate and appropriate for that move.
      Grüsse nach Sankt Pauli 🙂

  2. jossssss says:

    Pretty good 🙂 .

  3. Amir Beasley says:

    I’m glad we picked him up about 3seasons ago. A big guy with guard like handle is rare and nice to watch especially when he crosses up another big guy and shoots the fade. I hope we beat the Hawks tomorrow. #GoNets

  4. someone says:

    Hawks are gonna win