Is Rajon Rondo Returning Friday?

Boston Celtics v Portland Trail Blazers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Boston point guard Rajon Rondo has always been a bit unconventional, both on the court and off. As a player, he consistently posts huge stat lines and eye-popping numbers, despite coming into the League without much a jump shot. And off the court, Rondo doesn’t seem to care much about managing his image the way many other athletes do — Rondo just wants to play ball and win games.

Rondo tore his ACL last season, and since then he’s been watching games from the bench, occasionally with eye-popping results. He’s also used Twitter, sparingly, until a tweet last night that set people guessing…

What was Rondo referring to? Well, if you do the math, 29,233,380 seconds works out to about 338 days. On Friday night, the Celtics host the Lakers, and if you count backward from tip time on Friday, 338 days is the length of time to when Rondo suffered his injury. According to ESPN Boston, it’s actually the exact amount of time from the actual surgery, which took place at 11:07 AM.


  1. Roy says:

    The TRUE best Pure Point Guard in the NBA is coming back baby!

  2. Peta says:

    Man that is a nice suit.

  3. Bill Kovacs says:

    Can’t wait for Rondo to return, I think we all know that the team really needs his leadership and all the Celtic fans would agree with that!!

  4. pokie says:

    Please let it be so.

  5. hopy says:

    rondo is hansome

  6. FabR says:

    Praying that its true!! We NEED you Rondoooooo

  7. YOU ARE ALL DUMB says:


    • Cona says:

      Poor guy someday the knciks will be a fairly good team

    • ro says:

      dude it would be a no brainer to trade him to the knicks and non the less Melo is dominant with the ball that’s=PG killer

    • sunra says:

      haha rondo aint enough to save the knicks , bostons current roster would destroy the knicks come to think of it

    • lbj says:

      so trade Carmello “the ball hogger” Anthony then. He is useless he can’t carry the team even they have all the key players, chandles,amare,jr smith,felton,bargani etc.

    • WHAT IN THE WORLD says:

      Why, just because melo is tryin to move

    • Darren says:

      So let me get this straight. You’re saying we’re all dumb because we want Rondo back. As you’ve stated the Knicks who you want him to be traded to have nothing, and you’ve even stated this. How are people dumb when you’re stating two things that won’t happen. One Rondo getting traded to the Knicks of all places. Two the Knicks winning a title with the roster they have, even with Rondo. You need to build a team, not just have stars. Boston has more of a chance to win a title then the Knicks do as the two teams sit because Boston actually has a full team. The record might not show it, but Boston is legit a piece to maybe two away from being a contender in the East which isn’t saying much, while your Knicks are missing a lot of pieces to even try to contend.

    • Sterrance says:

      You’re right he does deserve to be on a time that can win it all. So why would you put him on the Knicks then? Wait, not because you think…Oh dear, that’s precious.

    • Mendy Goldstien says:

      Dude I’m not a Knicks fan or a Celtic fan but I think it would be interesting to see Rondo play on a good team.

  8. no no no no says:

    Forget all the hype, RR is to me the best play maker in the NBA (up there with TP). A warrior I’ll take above any other player to any basketball game war.

  9. Jorgie says:

    Please come Back Rondo!!! To me u the best point guard in the NBA even better than Chris Paul! Please come back!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dave says:

    Where’s LBJ?

  11. vincent says:

    no other all stars on the team to cause problems with 🙂

  12. Dwight howard says:

    the thing is how much the old rondo be back after an acl injury, and how long will he last until another surgery is needed (drose Westbrook) that’s what you guys need to think before jumping on rondos bandwagon, save this save that true great pg trade Knicks lmao you all are fanboys

  13. Andrew says:

    NBA bored a little without RR

  14. realTalk says:

    I think that the knicks should do the Melo/Blake trade… then ship shumpert, Amare for Rondo… That way the clippers have there super team that chris paul always wanted…. and the knicks can sorta contend since the East is garbage every year..

  15. eben wayne says:

    lets welcome the king

  16. Harley Peter M. Paras says:

    Realist Lakers Fan !!! Rondo 1 ring- CP3- 0 ring

    • Jorge says:

      I guess that means Mario Chalmers is better than both? I mean, he has two rings!

      Of course the line above is ridiculous, much as Mr. Harley’s is.

  17. With the progress that i saw rondo has made i believe he is really ready… CAN’T WAIT!!!

  18. Elden Hume says:

    With only a few days left to vote for our favorite players for the all-star game, I am very disappointed to see that Rondo has received so few votes. He is one of the best point guards in NBA and deserves to be there. Some injured players continues to receive votes even though they will not participate, but we know now that Rondo WILL be back prior to the all-star game. It upsets me somewhat to know that J. Lin of Houston has been voted a lot more than a few other players who are much better than he (such as Lillard and Parker). J. Lin has many Chinese fans who are extremely loyal to him, but though I am, too, Chinese, I cannot vote for someone who is a mediocre and has not earned the admiration from many. I hope all the Rondo’s fans will show our star how much we appreciate his skills, talent, and intelligence by voting for him. He has brought a lot of excitement into our lives and deserves loyalty from us.

    Yes, only six days left to vote, but together, we can make it happen.