LeBron Hosts Twitter Q&A

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The unique thing about social media, for better and, in some cases, for worse, is that it provides an unprecedented level of access to athletes. LeBron James has used Twitter masterfully, racking up over 11 million followers and giving his followers a taste of the things he likes and doesn’t like. Occasionally, James takes random questions from followers and gives answers.

Over the weekend, after returning from a road trip and landing in Miami early in the morning, James held an impromptu Twitter Q&A. Here are some of his interactions…


  1. LeggoHeat says:

    So that’s how you do it, lemme youtube that 2011 finals..

  2. Whozdat84 says:

    LeBron get such a bad rap. He takes a lot of criticism and keeps moving. He is one of my favorite players in the NBA. If not my favorite far as the new generation of guys go. I’m a Jordan fan all the way but LeBron seems really down to earth. He makes himself accessible obviously. Twitter is a great way for fans to connect with celebs and he uses it quite well. Much respect to this guy. For all the people that dislike him I truly believe that if he was on your favorite team it would go out the door.

  3. Im a huge Lebron James fan and back when he came to rochester they didnt let him play one thing i would like to see is my favorite player play a game i think he is the greatest that touch the court since Mj with all respect his game improves every year he shows why deserves MVP and to be a Champion Much respect and love to King James

  4. Kunjaymaster says:

    Good sense of humor, specially on the ridiculous 2011 NBA finals.

  5. MJ_LJ says:

    haters are decreasing..

  6. Shaad says:

    hahaha the Kobe Bryant tweet killed me ! “What! did you think Jaws was a huge shark?” hahahahahahaha

  7. Wole Akinbi says:

    This is the very reason why I love LeBron. He’s not just the greatest player in basketball to date. He’s a HUMAN being as well. Humility is very scarce in the world of celebrity. Much Respect Bron Bron!

  8. MarkHeat91 says:

    The King showing why he is the King . #LBJ6

  9. hater-mentality says:

    Damn…mafuka happy for no reason..let’s start hating

  10. asdf says:

    @Tehwithouttarik you get to ask lebron a question and you ask him the dumbest question on earth lol!

  11. GS Steph says:

    I used to think that LeBron was a baby, and that he was just a whiner on anything that has happened to him. Then I watched him more closely, and paid attention to him a lot more, and I really think that he just likes that game, and it is nothing more to him than that. He cares about the other players, and does not really talk bad about anybody. I really like him now, and think that he is a great, wonderful player. LeBron, Thanks for making this sport truly amazing.

  12. sdrghqer says:

    i cant beleive know one asked whos better you or kobe

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      He was probably asked but skipped the question.

      You know he’s gonna answer diplomatically anyway. Lebron is a fan pleaser. He’s not going to upset Kobe fans even if most Kobe fans are his haters.

      To be honest yeah it’s good that Lebron is humble like that but at the same time it hurts him a bit.
      3 Years ago when Lebron joined with the Heat and he had a buttload of haters, he was still the best player during the season. But because he was hated by fans and because Derrick Rose had become a fan favorite Lebron went out and said that he didn’t deserve the MVP that year, and that Derrick Rose deserved it. The truth is Lebron DID deserve it that year. He had just moved to a new team, new coach, was under alot of media pressure, and fan hate, and scrutiny, and still the Heat had finished with the second best record in the East and Lebron’s stats were phenomenal. And if Lebron didn’t keep his ego in check, and pointed this out to people (how hard he worked), he would have won MVP that year as well.

  13. Fern says:

    Since the time I got into basketball, which is only about 5 years ago, I always thought LeBron was not only a fantastic basketball player, but saw he was an unselfish player and seemed to have a warm heart. People who dislike LeBron should look in the mirror. Maybe what you don’t like about him, you see that in the mirror looking at yourself. He is my favorite basketball player.


  15. dingdong says:

    so kobe is a shark

  16. hater-mentality says:

    technically, Jaws is just a fake hollywood production..whats lebron trynta say?

  17. ancil says:

    DEFINATELY HALL OF FAME CREDENTIALS…….will always be a fan n plz dont stop improving your game….so good to see someone try to get better and better

  18. Witness says:

    Very possibly on his way to becoming the GOAT. We are ALL Witnesses

  19. Realist says:

    Jordan exalts himself and Lebron humbles himself. Humility truly gives grace.

  20. Adrian says:

    I hope these tweets would make decrease the amount of LeBron haters. I mean, you see his answers and read them and you can almost imagine him in front of you, talking and joking like you already knew each other! He’s very humble and he “knows his limitations” and I don’t see any reason why you would hate one of the greatest players in the history. He respects other great players too, and rarely talks bad about them. Other great players like Kobe, KD, Melo, Chis Paul, Pierce, also like him and even players who dislike or hate him like Noah still respect his game. When players have injury, he shouts out to them and wishes them a speedy recovery. Such is the case when Rose, Kobe, and even Kevin Ware who doesn’t play in the NBA. He loves and cares so much about the game and its players. So why hate him? He’s a great player.