Houston Rockets Giving Away Dwight Howard Action Figure

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With his broad shoulders and noticeable musculature, Dwight Howard has always had the body of a superhero. Now the Houston Rockets are shrinking Dwight down to pocket size as an action figure giveaway for fans at a game this weekend, and they produced this funny video to get the word out there…

VIDEO: Dwight Howard Action Figure


  1. joanneemery says:

    I Love It I’m sold!

  2. HELLO says:


  3. libertatus says:

    I would rather have a James Harden action figure.

  4. The face looks more like Karl Malone

  5. It looks like Karl Malone

  6. Sergio says:

    It should come with replaceable jersey for when he gets fed up with Houston too and decides to go elsewhere….at least that way you can just easily switch the jersey instead of making a new toy.

  7. todd12345 says:

    This version of Howard has a better free-throw shooting percentage than the prototype version…

  8. Ernie... says:

    I can’t believe how people can be so hateful. Howard is a good addition to the Rockets. Let him decide what to do with his career, future or life. That is nobodies business but his. He is a great player and a human. If you are a real basketball fan, you learn to judge players base on the talent they demonstrate regardless what team they play for. Players need to stay motivated to perform at their highest level. Some find that motivation with a Big $$ contract, some with a specific team, others have nothing to prove so they are just chasing the ring. Regardless a real fan should be just grateful the NBA is full of talent. I cant remember any other basketball era with this much talent. Howard is not even my favorite player, but he has all my respect as a skillful player and a role model for the young ones. This action figure is a great idea. I can see a future released of more Rockets players.

  9. Ignacio says:

    does this action figure come with changeable jerseys

  10. Victorina says:

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