Lance Stephenson Wants Your All-Star Vote

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Through the years we’ve seen NBA players use various viral and video means to try and garner votes from fans for the All-Star Game. Perhaps most famously, when the All-Star Game was in New Orleans in 2008, Chris Bosh produced a video in which he channeled a used car salesman and asked for people to vote him into the All-Star Game. (As it turned out, Bosh made the 2008 All-Star Game, but as a coach’s selection.)

Now another player is trying to get to New Orleans for the 2014 game, and he’s produced a video to help his cause. Indiana’s Lance Stephenson has introduced a new character known as Sir Lance A Lot, who looks a lot like Lance Stephenson in a shaggy wig, big glasses and an oversized bow tie. It’s pretty much a tour de force…

VIDEO: Sir Lance A Lot


  1. joanneemery says:

    Who would have known Lance Stephenson is the modern Larry Johnson! Well done

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      My god…that’s ridiculous. Never ever will Lance Stephenson make the East All-Star Team.
      Frank Vogel will lose his credibility if he selects him for his bench.
      Paul George is the only one who really deserves consideration. Roy Hibbert is only a rim protector…he is only playing in the NBA because of his size. Imagine he would be 6’10 πŸ™‚ he would be playing somewhere in Europe maybe
      of course only if he makes the team there.
      Seriously there are several Players more deserving than Lance Floppenson.
      Sorry Lance but you will never be a Star in the NBA. Good luck though πŸ™‚

      • Jared says:

        You’re an idiot. Pacers are the best team in the league so they automatically should have at least two all stars. Lance leads the league in triple doubles and is the 2nd leading scorer on the team behind George so its only fair that he gets selected if Bosh gets selected.

      • Steadast77 says:

        Sadly Bball4life has never watched more than a few minutes of a Pacers game if he thinks Hibbert is ONLY a Rim protector. He can dominate on the offensive end when called upon, he does it regularly against the heat. Tell Hasheem Thabeet that all you need to be is tall to be an All-Star Center or Rim Protector. Most analysts say Lance is more than deserving of an All Star spot and has a good shot for most improved player. Watch some more Pacers games and drop the bias.

      • Merlin says:

        Stupid, just stupid. You only prove to be a retard when you go after Hibbert as well.

        The funny thing is that Lancealot will most certainly be an all-star

      • DJ3 says:

        He is another JR Smith, at this point. He’s been good this season, and will probably make the all-star team due to dumb fans, but the only way he can really become an all-star is to keep up the consistency.

  2. Father says:

    I just voted for him….5 times ! It’d be nice for him to be an All-star. He has worked hard on his game this season. Nice video too

  3. agntoo6 says:

    are you serious? this video is so tackky.. you have money and this is all you can come up with? man if i was you lance ill fire the videographer and the maker of this video.cause it actually sucks..but ur a good player .. πŸ˜€ keep working hard and get a better videogropher and editor

  4. machbu21 says:

    Begging, literally begging for votes! What a joke! He’s really developing well recently, but doesn’t deserve an all star break, especially now after that video. Anyone notice its more about him flailing around and screaming for your vote, and very little highlights about his play?

  5. Norman Mathis says:

    With or without the crazy video please vote Lance Stephenson into the All-Star Game.

  6. Swagnificent-NYC says:

    @B-Ball4Life YOUR BUGGING!! Have u watched any Pacers Games?? Maybe Lance wont be an AllStar this season, but he is well on his way. He

  7. Swagnificent-NYC says:

    @B-Ball4Life YOUR BUGGING!! Have u watched any Pacers Games?? Maybe Lance wont be an AllStar this season, but he is well on his way. He’s a SG with PG floor vision that averages 13pts, nearly 7 rebs, and 6 ast per game! His game is complete! You sound like a typical hater!

    And besides Wade, wat SG’s in the East are putting up super numbers?? Turner? Afflalo? The SG position in the Eastern Conf is seriously weak.



  8. machbu21 says:

    Swagnificent- According to the video he put out, he’s pathetic. They could only come up with a few plays to put into the video and then fill the rest with some other crap? I’ve seen quite a bit of Indiana’s games, and Lance’s has been ballin well, but I don’t know if its enough for an All-Star vote. More deserving of someone like Bosh who has been playing mediocre lately. Stephenson is growing, and playing well, but no All Star this year, so stop beggin for votes with a crappy video.

    • Tb3 says:

      Obviously you haven’t seen many Pacer games. Lol. Check the stats before you comment. Don’t be so ignorant.

  9. Swagnificent-NYC says:

    For years, Fans get stuck on Big Names and never know when their favorite player is undeserving. Look at the leading vote getters: KOBE?? Rondo?? D.Rose?? R.Allen?? D.Will?? Even WADE! How many games has Wade played this season?? Well my motto is GAME over NAMES! Lance got serious Game and the Numbers to Prove it! We shud be lookin at DeRozan, Lance, Wall, even Beal is more deserving! Those are our FUTURE NAMES!! Start watching basketball Fools!

    Lillard over Westbrook (injures), Parker, & Lin!

    Cousins over Everybody except Love and Durant!

    Lance over any other SG in the East.

    Wake Up People!!

    • Swagnificent-NYC says:

      I dont blame him for making a video. Judging by some of the leading vote getters, votes are based on popularity. He’s tryna get noticed to appease the ignorant fans who dont watch Basketball and still vote for people like Nash! smh

      • DJ3 says:

        No offense, but the people voting for him are just as ignorant. One good season doesn’t make you star material. Just ask JR Smith.

      • Flooger says:

        DJ3- The All-Star game is for people who have been playing well during the current season, not for people who have had more better years. How do you think someone gets voted on in the first place? Stephenson is a good player, and even with his immaturity issues, I think he is an All-Star.

  10. machbu21 says:

    Yes, making a video is not a bad marketing tool to get out there, but tell the boy to use his head just a little. If you’re going to produce a video about why you deserve to get some votes, take that silly mop off your head and show us some reasons to vote for you. I see 3 maybe if you push it 4 highlights that are nice. Don’t show me how you can dribble a ball. Don’t show me that you can make a lay up. Show me a little bit more than that. Then before you release it to the public, watch your own video! Its horrible! If you’re gonna make the video to beg for votes or “get popular” then show us reasons for it. Or show us some stats and numbers. I think this video will hurt his votes!

  11. What? says:

    Lance Stephenson is definitely a consideration to be an All-Star. I mean look at the east. IMHO he also deserves MIP award. Him or possibly Aaron Afflalo.

  12. kiwisepp says:

    looking around, only Heat’s Ward may be better than him at SG position. I think, he has a chance.

  13. Nyce says:

    He will make the team. He is a triple double threat every night for the team with the best records. Plays both ends of the floor. He will be a reserve.

  14. baller says:

    Indiana had an amazing 2010 draft with George and Stephenson. Both are great players and neither were top 10 picks. Thy’d be half the team without that draft. Good management of players in that organization.

  15. telly says:

    Im sorry but Im a pacers fan and I watch every game and Hibbert does not dominate on offense.. He has some of the worst offense ive ever seen, and I a fan would not want to watch him in an all-star game. Lance is a big reason this team is so successful this season, he deserves to be in the all-star game

  16. JustTheStr8Facts says:

    Probably doesn’t deserve to be an all-star this year. However, Lance is moving up fast. Anyone who downplays his talent level and future potential is a fool.

  17. 4sher says:

    Wow… That’s the worst excuse for a “please pick me video” I’ve ever seen. Why want to make yourself look retarded to gain peoples favor. Can’t wait till wade shows everyone again that you’re not very good at defending.

    • Tb3 says:

      Wade is getting old and washed up. If he’s not injured, he’s flopping. Time to make room for the young rising players. If lance doesn’t make it this year, he will next year. People can’t ignore his stats forever.

  18. The Voice In The Distance says:

    Lance is just one of many what you might call under-the -radar players for the all-star game. With the popularity contest that goes on in the voting many players who deserve to get voted in will have to hope the coaches give them recognition. Far too many people vote for players on name value alone or just vote for their favourite players. I always vote for people I feel deserve to be there regardless of their name or team. A certain someone with same name as a Japanese city will have people still trying to vote for him after he retires! πŸ˜‰

  19. CLUTCHER says:

    and this is why Demar Derozan is under the radar……… no way in hell turner or lance have done better than him. the pacers are slippiing and the raptors are rising. right now top 5 east sg are wade, afflalo,demar,lance,joe johnson,

  20. CLUTCHER says:

    Kyle lowry should and Demar should both be allstars, tell me a good reason why not

  21. beny says:

    I watch on from barcelona late in the evenings every pacers game.
    Paul George is an mvp candidate.
    Hibbert, West, Hill, Scola, Watson and even Granger play sensational well.
    Everytime Lance does his game he makes Indiana Pacers win.
    He involves the crowd and his playmates.
    He was not vs the Hawks and Pacers were defeated.
    I hope he will accept his new contract with the pacers for next seasons.
    People from Cincinnati go to Indiana just to watch him.
    He is starting a legend as a near hometown hero.
    Why not show your ball movements in New Orleans?
    Lance, you deserve it !!!
    Be sure, Frank will take you.
    Enjoy the week end.

  22. #30 says:

    what happen to Danny Granger?

  23. Pacers&Colts&Hoosiers says:

    Word is out: B-Ball4Life is a Miami Beachbum fanatic. Sports vision is bipolar dyslexic between L.A. & N.Y.C./Miami axis of hasbeens. You can check out the real achievers – PG, Lance, Roy, DWest & the entire team basketball best in the NBA when they once again manhandle the Knicks TONIGHT ON NATIONAL TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Pacers&Colts&Hoosiers says:

    We still have wiennies who wonder where Payton is. By-the-way, Frank Voegel cannot vote for members of his own team; no coach can. Lance has been moving up exponentially the last 3 seasons. Brian Shaw spent a year instilling in Lance TEAM BASKETBALL. THE PACERS ARE THE ROLL MODELS FOR THE NBA. Awake from your big market slumber … Arise, the Pacers are alive & in ascendancy. THX, LARRY BIRD & DONNIE WALSH, et. al. on the SIMON TEAM!!!

  25. Lance Arrogant Stephenson says:

    No chance beacause u r bigtime Babalu…

  26. Roger says:

    Best 2 teams in the East (Heat/Pacers) should absolutely get 3 all-stars each compared to the rest of that sorry conference. Give me George, Hibbert, Lance and LeBron, Wade, Bosh. Then 6 other guys from “surviving” teams… John Wall should be a lock, DeRozan and Lowry too. Millsap? Horford if he didn’t get hurt… Kyrie and Melo will get on from fan votes. I don’t know I don’t care much about the rest but reward the Pacers and Heat