Adidas Debuts 2014 NBA All-Star Uniforms

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA and adidas today dropped an early look at the uniforms for the 2014 All-Star Game, on February 16 in New Orleans.

According to a press release from adidas, “the uniforms are inspired by New Orleans’ rich and unique culture, featuring vibrant Mardi Gras colors and shiny brass and silver accents on a short-sleeved silhouette. The NBA All-Star logo appears on the chest of the blue ‘East’ and red ‘West’ jerseys in the shape of the fleur-de-lis, the official symbol of Louisiana, with a purple ‘W’ or green ‘E’ cut out to identify the conference of each player.”

“Each year, we look forward to developing a unique on-court look for the players that pays homage to the host city and adds to the excitement of this highly anticipated game,” said Chris Grancio, adidas head of global basketball sports marketing. “This year’s All-Star collection reflects New Orleans’ festive musical history while also providing the premium performance elements that NBA athletes have grown accustomed to.”

Also, the All-Stars will rock “varsity-style” warm-ups that are customized to “represent individual career accomplishments such as NBA All-Star Game appearances and NBA All-Star MVP awards, NBA Championships, regular season accolades and scoring titles. Players will also wear shooting shirts that feature a colorful primal print.”

NBA All-Star jerseys ($80 – $130) will be available at in addition to a full range of NBA All-Star apparel from adidas including men’s and women’s T-shirts ($22 – $30), track jackets ($80 – $120) and headwear ($16 – $26).

Check the gallery below for images…

Gallery: New 2014 All-Star Game jerseys


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    I don’t enjoy sleeves. Apart from that they look ok.

  2. allinone says:

    these jerseys look really awful…

  3. Bong says:

    Ugly.. Does’nt have the wow factor. Looks really awful.

  4. Sarcasm says:

    I mean other than the logo, color scheme, sleeves, design, and jersey, they look alright.

    • FACEPLAM says:

      THESE JERSEYS ARE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. I mean, whose idea was it to wear sleeve jerseys in the first place? The colors are GARBAGE. Navy blue and green? Red and violet?

      Get rid of the stupid sleeves, or change the colors, or both. For the love of……….

      • FACEPALM (FACEPLAM'S bro) says:

        The navy blue and green aren’t that bad. They are bad, but not THAT bad. But my oh my the West looks like CRAP!!!

  5. Swaggy P says:

    Why would you give them sleeved jerseys? The look awful and seem uncomfortable. The league can sell the sleeved jerseys but why would they make players wear them?

  6. Y-o-Y says:

    They got sleeves on them! What’s going on?! Bad enough that teams are still wearing left-over jerseys from Christmas Day. Enough with the sleeves all ready! Next stop: boycott.

  7. Y-o-Y says:

    However, I really do like the warm-ups and the logo on the jerseys. But sleev-o, bye-bye-o

  8. nba fan says:

    These are just awful. Ditch the sleeves forever. This is just the nba selling out for more sponsorship money. get ready for advertisments on jerseys, people.

  9. what the heck says:

    last time i checked, this was basketball. leave the sleeves home plz

  10. Mt. Pillchuck says:

    Awesome! Respect on the nod to New Orleans, the city deserves it. Sleeves are awesome, tank-tops were out in the 80’s took you all awhile. I never liked looking at armpits anyway.

  11. 11 says:

    They are nasty!!!

  12. nba fan says:

    Mt. Pillchuck must work for Adidas.,, those uniforms are garbage,

  13. O-MAMA says:

    the word GARBAGE has a new synonym: NBA ADIDAS SLEEVED JERSEYS

  14. Tyler says:

    My oh my how I long for the glory days of the 90’s when Champion manufactured the NBA uniforms and apparel (except for 1996 ASG). Back in those days I used to be in love with the uniforms for every single team and would gush over how beautiful they all were. Now I literally cannot pick one jersey that I enjoy anymore. Even the Celtics jerseys I dislike because all of the lettering is now bordered in black. What happened to the good days when Boston had yellow in their color scheme instead of black? Eh, I could go on all day. What difference does it make….

  15. weaponX says:

    These are simply the worst, the most ugly, and the most wrong basketball “jerseys” I have ever seen. It is literally a crime against the game itself.

    If the league can’t come up with some decent looking jerseys for the all star game, they should go back to having all the players wear their own team jerseys like back in 2000. For some reason, that looked very cool to me.

    Burn these jerseys NOW!

    • WTH says:

      I also think they should be able to wear their on jerseys. I also liked the nickname thing they did last week, although alot of people didnt

  16. bob says:

    The sleeves are horrible, please remove them now and forever….

  17. Eric says:

    Adidas really screwed up on these jerseys. Sleeved Jerseys? lol smh

  18. Stefano says:

    Just a three words: THESE JERSEY SUCKS

  19. Piotr says:

    ugly collection

  20. Rickson says:

    Soccer teams All Stars Game

  21. Connor says:

    These are the most horrible NBA jerseys of all time. And that is not even an exagerration…. Shame on you NBA, shame on you….

  22. Eric says:


  23. dd def says:

    all the time and money to make special all-star unis and the only part that turned out good was the warm-ups! haha. good job.

  24. I want the warmup jacket…..

  25. NBA fan from europe says:

    It’s a F***ing joke? These jerseys looks really awful! No more sleeves! Go home addisas you are drunk!

  26. Canadian Pride says:

    Why does the NBA recently feel the need to go to short sleeves. I don’t care about the colour but for me i can’t play ball without a tang-top

  27. DJ says:

    ooh, NFL jerseys, nice…. New Orleans Saints, love it.
    no trace of basketball on these at all. FAIL

  28. is this volleyball? says:

    are these VOLLEYBALL all-star jerseys? why dont you show us the 3/4 all-star leggins ?
    Pls NBA get rid of Sleeves and (3)Stripes!!

  29. Rhys says:

    mediocre is the first word i think of when i saw them

    Plus sleeves? No thanks

  30. pennanton says:

    Am I the only one that’s just as annoyed by all the Adidas logos and imagery on the jerseys as the sleeves? In the past the uniform suppliers never threw their logo all over the all star jersey, why does Adidas get to line everything with their horrible looking 3 stripes. You’d think these teams are the Adidas all stars.

  31. Terrible Jerseys says:

    How many negative comments will it take before the league decides that it will listen to the fans?
    Apparently a lot. Add this one to the pile: these jerseys look terrible.

  32. pennanton says:

    Am I the only person that’s just as annoyed by all the Adidas branding on the jerseys as well as the sleeves? In the past, no uniform supplier covered the All Star covered the jersey in all their logos and tacky gimmicks. Why does Adidas get to plaster the jersey with their stupid 3 stripes? You could be mistaken to think these are the jerseys for the Adidas All Stars, not the NBA All Stars.

  33. Really forcing this sleeves thing says:

    What up with the league and this sleeved jerseys thing? Seriously these are just awful they need to stop forcing them on the players. Ever since then Warriors got them/Christmas Day. They have really been making a huge effort to promote them.

  34. WOW says:

    the eastern conference seahawks against the new orleans pelicans (in their new alternates)

  35. Martin says:

    Sleeved jerseys seems much cooler. I hope they overtake the default jerseys!

  36. Pairs says:

    Nice volleyball jerseys

  37. Gustavo says:

    Terrible with these sleeves.

  38. waxe says:

    i like how they have left numbers off the front too. this using your hands to shoot stuff is overrated too. players should use their feet and while they are at it, make the goal and field a whole lot bigger!

  39. jswag daddy says:

    why the sleeves? that just ruins it

  40. cragmayster says:

    oohh…commmmonn……… this appeal to me…to simple

  41. Anthony says:


  42. Armin says:

    You can’t go both with ugly design + sleves. Is one or the other. This is such a bad comibnation. There is no way NBA players like these jerseys. Just bad !

  43. Uncle Daddy says:

    What’s with the sleeves, this isn’t soccer…

  44. Uncle Daddy says:

    …And can we go back to whoever made NBA gear before Adidas, please. There whole line is garbage.

  45. Ryan says:

    I expected much more! These look like they were homemade. Id rather see teams wear their own team jersey like in the 90s.

  46. onajide says:

    Weak logo, although I wouldn’t want to be the designer. Colors, gawd, awful as contrasting. Why is there purple/blue in the west jersey and no red in the east jersey? What happened with real contrasting colors? Sleeves? I know current fabrics allow for all kinds of movement but, seriously?

  47. allan says:

    Sleeved jerseys just look awful….

  48. Shaq Moute says:

    Congrats I cant wait for all star Saturday because that will be all ill be watching unless u make them wear sleeves too. The only way to stop the madness is to speak with my $ and my Views. Sorry NBA I love u but I refuse to support this style #HATESLEEVES

  49. MIchael says:

    The NBA needs to fire adidas and hire back Nike or Champion… these jerseys are UGLY… its bad enough that we get to see normal NBA jerseys with sleeves… now even All Star Jerseys as well…

  50. hellon says:

    Oh cool,new soccer jerseys…or?Adidas has mistaken two sports I think. Looking forward to soccer players wearing tank tops

  51. Simply No! says:

    You are not getting my money for those unis… NO EFFING WAY!!! WHY ARE FORICING THE LEAGUE TO USE SLEEVES?

  52. hohohoK says:

    they do it AGAIN ? sleeves horrible jerseys ? man christmas was enough, nba is doing so wrong at every levels, do th wrong thing is the new trademark, clothes/attitudes/rules. catastrophic

  53. justin says:

    everybody hating on the sleeves because its new and there not use too it. Get over it, people. There not that bad and you guys should quit hating, its different, its one game, personaly im buying east n west jerseys great novelty piece from nba clothing line.

    • Gerald says:

      Ur a fool next comes logos stand ip for this great game we enjoy or watch it fall apart this great idea is why soccers number 2 in america fool

  54. arnocom says:

    Hope adidas debut will be the end

  55. ClipEMUp says:

    These designers need to be fired . Many lost sales from these terrible designs . Listen to the fans !!!!

  56. CY says:

    Is this a volleyball or soccer jersey?

  57. TJ says:

    I once thought that the only thing that would stop me buying jerseys (and I have nearly 30 in my collection, all from the NBA store) was if they put sponsor logos on them. I was wrong. I will no longer give the NBA a cent of my money or watch it on television until they get rid of the sleeved jerseys. NBA, you have lost me.

  58. J The Diggidy T says:

    I think they look really awesome. LIke – super hero esq

  59. AdidasEmployee says:

    Just chasing some feedback..

    • Gerald says:

      Well addidas feed back is they SUCK Nike would never be so goolish really if it aint broke dont fix it

  60. Swaggy B says:

    Kinda sick tho. Blame thhis on Adidas

  61. Rich says:

    Terrible. Just awful. Make the “sleeves” madness end!!!!!

  62. Mojazz says:

    Damn awfully look jersey…

  63. George says:

    Dear NBA,

    please get rid of those awful looking jerseys. Basketball jerseys doesnt have sleeves, soccer jerseys does.

    Thank you

  64. Axel says:

    wow…..that is really…..pure garbage.

  65. joshyyosh says:

    Shirts, shirts, and more shirts! Sad times are among us.

  66. John says:

    I know someone from the NBA must read these comments, no one liked sleeved jerseys for Christmas, no one likes them now. Why continue to try to make them acceptable when it’s done nothing but alienate your fans? I won’t even buy the sleeved jersey of my favorite team (Suns) because it just looks bad. Admit it failed and move on.

  67. sats says:

    whats happening with the NBA, those jerseys (i dont even recognise them as one) are so damn ugly. shame, no wonder the black mamba does not want to be on the starting lineup. these sleeve jerseys are wack, this is not soccer. even his airness MJ23 wont wear these ugly jerseys.

  68. dustydreamnz says:

    Judging by how many people don’t like them I don’t think they will last long. Which companies have made NBA jerseys in the past? Nike, Champion, Mitchell and Ness….

  69. Jonathan says:

    That is so ugly….The 2012 All-star jersey was the best. They should wear that again.

  70. Nyk says:

    Are the sleeves the leagues idea or Adidas? It’s time for the Adidas contract to end and with it the sleeve experiment. The company doesn’t understand basketball which is why the All Star game jerseys look like soccer jerseys, Adidas should stick to the sport it understands. Get Nike or Champion to make the Jerseys. On a side note the Heat/Nets game with the nicknamed Jerseys was an interesting idea, I think it’s too casual for a regular season game but perfectly suited for the All Star game.

  71. MR.SUAVE says:

    REMOVE THE SLEEVES! for cryin out loud! Just use the nick names again! that will be cool :))

  72. Nyk says:

    Google 1996 NBA All Star jerseys lol those are legendary! And the East was stacked with Shaq, Ewing, Mourning, Pippen, a healthy Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway oh and some dude with the initials MJ

  73. Ray says:

    Well its clear!!! DITCH THE SLEEVES NBA!!! Read the above. 🙂

  74. Gerald says:

    Do you even care of the fans because theres like 3 people that like the sleeves you guys are ruining this great game with these garbage jerseys whoevers idea this is Should be FIRED

  75. marko says:

    you guys remember how in 90s for all star games players would wear their own team jerseys? we cannot see that anymore because, of course, nba cannot benefit from that, cannot sell all star jerseys. its all about money now.

  76. Martin says:

    I could not watch chrismas games because of the ugly sleeved jerseys and I’m sure I’m not going to watch the All Star game because of the same reason. NBA players look like a buch of amateurs in them.
    You see what happens when you don’t kill it before it lays eggs.

  77. Ian says:

    Just adding to the pile of discontent here, but I think the more people that post and kick up a fuss the better.
    These are just damned nasty!! They’d still be awful if they had no sleeves, but seriously ADIDAS, there’s an Onyx album title that would be appropriate to use here – BTFU with the short sleeve jerseys, the bigger players look ridiculous in them, people like Pekovic, and Big Baby look like they’re about to jump on a carbon bike or go scuba diving.

    All Day I Dream About Soccer

  78. Fan from Belgium says:

    What an ugly color scheme! NBA listen to your fans and players, sleeved jerseys suck!! Go back to the 90’s style please.

  79. GYO says:

    They’re simply beautiful, I’m buying both of them

  80. Kerry says:

    looks awful Adidas VERYYYY AWFUL and sleeved Jersey IT SUCKS Is A FAIL!!!…………..
    Yeah I could say it again it SUCKS ….. Will I be fine by the NBA hahaha duhhhh!!

  81. Chris says:

    I’m pretty sure that we’ll also see kaki-pants soon and belts reinstated.

  82. Americans says:


  83. WadeHollywood says:

    Dear NBA, go back to the old school jerseys 1990’s-2000 era….players like to look good to feel good to play good when they play….those jerseys will make them uncomfortable….Go back to the players representing their own team….I couldn’t picture Jordan,Magic,& even Iverson playing in these jerseys….

  84. I think the Jerseys look good, people don’t seem to like the sleeves tho, I don’t mind, but even Lebron said the sleeves got in the way when he was shooting, so maybe return to the original look?

  85. Lebron Chris Wade says:

    The jerseys would be alright if they didn’t have sleeves. They look like soccer jerseys if you asked me.

  86. Austin says:

    I know that if Nike made them, everyone would praise them for their original design and great work.

  87. Batyr says:

    I am not going to watch the game!

  88. Fan says:

    Seriously, T-Shirts again???!!!
    It is bad enough that those warm up shirts already make the occasional trip onto the floor in the regular season, Christmas anyone, but now also for the what used to be traditional All-Star-JERSEYS (NOT Shirts!)?
    And the rest of the design T-Shirts (those things do not even deserve to be called jerseys)… looks like a first year design student failed his homework!

  89. JIMBOB says:

    G+ or sleeved NBA jerseys… I love having terrible thing forced upon me

  90. Pinguin13 says:

    These are T-shirts!
    Bring back the old unis, and while you’re at it, get also rid of ridiculously wide shorts.
    They don’t need to be Stockton-ish, but the way Jordan wore ’em in the 80-ies is just fine

  91. jHoliday says:

    Respect. If you don’t like ’em, don’t buy ’em.

  92. Chris Lane says:

    please come up with a cooler all star jersey NBA!
    to me it would be cooler if youll put all stars nickname just like the nickname game..
    please! a lot of nba fans don’t wanna see this jersey on february..

  93. bas says:

    Dear Adidas/NBA ,

    do NOT make and design any more sleeve jerseys!

    Keep the real basketball jerseys alive!


  94. Evan says:

    Are they playing basketball or soccer? They look ridiculous!

  95. Isaacgetback says:

    Why are y’all being so pity about the jerseys riding each other off after each comment ( garbage this garbage this horrible that)you guys need to understand that Adidas and the nba are trying to make a up to date feture so we won’t bored by the same natural style that been going around the last decade and if your hating stop watching NBA all together and find other sport to jock ride each other off on

  96. Devin says:

    Adidas must really be pushing sleeves for the future, not the best business plan if you ask me

  97. Henrik says:

    There is nothing bad about sleeves. They might look awful now but we get used to them. In the end basketball is not about the looks but the game itself.

  98. vinsanefan says:

    Thought we saw the last of the sleeved jerseys on Christmas. Nope.

  99. thunderup says:

    Sleeved Jerseys look awful. NBA listen to the fans these look terrible.

  100. marvin coleman says:

    these jerseys are beyond terrible & iim sure every player who plays in the will be disgusted as well

  101. Josh says:

    In a word – UGLY! Why!?!?!!?

  102. Brandon Carter says:

    These aren’t what I expected at all. Adidas really messed up on this one. Unless New Orleans got to choose the look of the jerseys, which most likely happened. Pelicans already had bad jerseys, don’t make the All-Stars suffer!

  103. ken says:

    Next thing to add are cleats to go with the soccer jerseys. Lol.

  104. Big Shawn says:

    The sleeve jerseys are comfortable, and they absorb the sweat that usually would run down your arms onto your hands when you’re playing. It’s not that much different from the way half of us wore t shirts under our college jerseys in games. No one complained about that.

  105. UtahJazz22 says:

    NBA, stop making sleeve jerseys! The fans don’t like them, the players say they are uncomfortable, just stop already. Remember when you made that awful basketball switch and how that only lasted half a season. Well i’m not sure why you keep trying to make this work but learn from the past and just stop already!

  106. Sir Kevin Walker says:

    I like em…I don’t care to stare at armpits all game anyway.

  107. Boomer says:

    Judging from all the comments, I’m sure they’ll sell many jerseys. I’m sure the intent of this design was well researched and that the intention was to sell many. <—–All Sarcasm

  108. Jason says:

    Pretty bad. And that warmup jacket being grey and black looks like Spurs gear. It even has a star that kinda looks like a boot spur. Are we being punked? the 1992 jerseys are better! and thats saying something!

  109. SMH says:

    All these comments on here about how ugly these jerseys are. I agree they arent the best looking but damn so of you act as though you could do better and if you can I urge you to hand in your resume for design to Adidas as soon as you possibly can otherwise just shut up because it’s not like any of you have to wear them. Find something else more important in life to complain about. I’m sure there is plenty.

  110. kdavis says:

    I think they did a good job trying to capture the spirit of Nola with the color scheme and design but for the sake of all that is right in this world get rid of the damn sleeves!!Sleeves just don’t belong period. Let Adidas stick to their soccer jerseys.

  111. dustydreamnz says:

    A grand total of about 5 likes so far…

  112. Felipe says:

    Somebody could tell adidas that this is not soccer….please

  113. Lyly says:


  114. Bigbee55 says:

    jerseys look sick whats up with all the hate?

  115. BlazersFinals2014 says:

    These are freaking soccer jerseys, dis ain’t england

  116. Jeff says:

    Absolutley Awful

  117. daniel says:

    I realize I’m in the minority here, but I really like the sleeves.

  118. Jay says:

    The logo is nice has a nice touch to show the E for east and W for west i just wish that they did something creative instead of going with the same default color scheme they went with the past years. Have where they do the color schemes of whoever is the top team from in their conference ie this year the west should have the trailblazers color scheme and the east should have the Pacers color scheme and since the all star week is hosting in Pelicans territory in the southwest the west should be wearing white overall with the logo in red and stripes in black while the east is in a more darker blue with the logo in yellow with the stripes in white. Oh and please no more sleeves it was alright for the clippers as alternate jerseys but not for Christmas and certainly not for this all star game.

  119. TommyK says:

    Dear NBA & Adidas,

    Please stop the sleeved jersey experiment….it’s not working.



  120. Jack says:

    Get rid of these! No sleeves for the all-star game! It’s a disgrace.

  121. Caydin Griffin says:

    Just use the same design as the NCAA, the team jersey with sleeves and shorts seperately patterned. The NBA don’t seem to get the right idea with the sleeves, they just screw it up and make pajamas instead. The Timberwolves are the best looking sleeved jerseys in the NBA and that is a statement.

  122. Andy says:

    I would bitch slap the man who invented these sleeved jerseys not once, but a thousand times. This is basketball, come on man!

  123. Dmitry says:

    it seems, you are going to look at basketball, and feeling that you watch football… disgusting forms with sleeves

  124. LJKitch says:

    SLEEVES ?!?!
    Why not add turtle necks Adidas ? That’s how absurd these jerseys are !
    Sleeves, boring colors and bad graphics,,, This is the NBA All-star game not some Community Center tournament.

    Re do, and make us go, “What ! that’s DOPE !!! Adidas”… you still have time 😉

    • Sir Kevin Walker says:

      I think the sleeves are for company logos, just trying to get the viewers comfortable with the look.

  125. Davide says:

    I think the sleeves are not a fashion idea neither an Adidas’ idea, it’s all about business. The NBA wants to sell more shirts. How many people wears NBA jerseys now with no sleeves now when the go around? Not many people and usually the ones who do are not very well dressed. The NBA is getting global every day more and the jerseys with sleeves are more appealing to a much broader audience. At least that’s the idea behind in my opinion. Otherwise it would make no sense whatsoever.

  126. fortelas says:

    these jerseys are the ugliest of the history of the nba

  127. joadsta says:

    If it ain’t broke, leave it the hell alone. Adding sleeves to the jerseys is a terrible idea. These jerseys are the worst of all. Hell, even the nickname idea was really dumb. This is a PROFESSIONAL game, not street ball. Keep it the way it was and the way its worked FOREVER. Quit trying to change it.

  128. Making it Rain 3's says:

    EWWWWW! These kinda look like the old ones. These are a total fail. Adidas can do better!

  129. Oberol says:

    It’s not the designers’ fault but whoever approved this mess is to be blamed, ugly all around.

  130. gfgfg says:

    they are okey but the old ones are much better.

  131. Mike says:


  132. ADSA says:


  133. gpeirce says:

    Several thoughts about these jerseys:

    1. The color schemes and front logos are a nod to New Orleans and will make these jerseys unique souvenirs after the game.

    2. The comment about sleeves absorbing sweat rather than having it run down your arm onto your hands is a good one and a valid reason for sleeves.

    3. Covering sweaty arm pits so I don’t have to look at them in 65 inch HD is always a good idea.

    4. Jersey’s with sleeves are more marketable because women will likely buy and wear them in larger numbers. Girls don’t like to wear basketball jerseys since they have no sleeves and are cut so low under the arm. Jersey’s with sleeves will sell in greater numbers than jerseys without sleeves.

  134. Ben says:

    Please no one buy these jerseys. If no one buys them the nba will get the message and stop making these horrible sleeved jerseys. Players hate them, fans hate them. Stop the sleeves please!