Sacramento Kings To Have Google Glass Game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just last week we saw that the Sacramento Kings were becoming the first NBA team to accept Bitcoin as payment, and as part of that story we talked about how Kings majority owner Vivek Randivé was focused on having the Kings be early adopters in the tech realm. And late last week, he tweeted another first for the Kings…

According to an ABC News story, during a home game on Jan. 24 against the Pacers, various Sacramento players, cheerleaders and announcers will use Google Glass, and the team will be able to broadcast their footage on the scoreboard during the game.

Here’s some of the test footage the team released. Looks like an interesting perspective…

VIDEO: Kings Test Google Glass


  1. kellogs says:

    wow the kings are so gimmicky now but I LIKE IT

  2. ekin09 says:

    Gimmicky? I think they are just ahead of the game when it comes to tech. Good on them

  3. ekin09 says:

    Gimmicky or just tech savvy? I like it, good on them.

  4. ekin09 says:

    Gimmicky or tech savvy? I like it, good on them.