Michelle Obama And LeBron James Posterize Dwyane Wade

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When the Miami Heat visited the White House last week, they apparently managed to squeeze in some time to film a video for the White House’s Let’s Move campaign, along with First Lady Michelle Obama. Whoever put this thing together obviously did their homework, because they managed to hit a couple of memes — not only do we see Chris Bosh delivering a signature photobomb, but the First Lady teams up with LeBron James to posterize Dwyane Wade as he’s giving an interview to Erik Spoelstra. Even with all that, my favorite moment of the video might be at the very end, when everyone is sitting around just eating apples.

VIDEO: Miami Heat For Let’s Move

And, like practically everything viral on the web, the FLOTUS dunk has been immortalized with gif(s):

(h/t SBNation.com for the gifs)


  1. wagedu says:

    Dunk of the year! Yo!

  2. lbj says:

    The President and his wife really likes Miami and the king “LeBron”. For sure they will 3 peat this year!!!

  3. KillerDancer says:

    Eat healthy you fat slobs!
    What more of a clear message do you want?

  4. vensou says:

    This is America Man. Great moment and good motivation for all the youngs out there : work hard dudes.

  5. NBAIQ says:

    LOL. You see even Bulls fans can have fun with Miami Heat players off the court!

  6. Leggo HEAT says:


  7. Brian, California says:

    Damn. Michelle looks great

  8. me says:

    srsly? in these times?

  9. Brenda Smith says:

    Love the Heat and absolutely love our First Lady Michelle Obama. A message with a cause. Eat healthy, play healthy!

  10. kaibaboy says:

    Americans are very lucky to have such a nice first-lady…Also congratulating Usa citizens MLK day…Also go spurs go:)))..also love TD21…Greetings from Turkey…:)))

  11. RPT says:

    Meabwhile when you watch games all they advertise is taco bell, arby’s, carl’s jr, etc. And I wouldnt call that a poster.

  12. kaibaboy says:

    wished if San Antonio Spurs and TD met Mrs Obama…Maybe only Mrs Kennedy shined like this…She is a pure loving soul…Hellos from İstanbul guys

  13. Sneaky Pete says:

    LOL that was awesome

  14. swag says:

    gud juan
    h3at w3ll tree-peat

  15. Rodger Speff says:

    More video bombing for the Miami Heat! Even the first lady loves that!LOL!

  16. Kenard McLawrence says:

    Loved it. Michelle Obama and my bro Dwade and also lbj. hellooooo from Jamaica

  17. Loved it. Michelle Obama and my bro Dwade. shout out to lbj, cb, ray ray and coach spo.LETS GO HEAT. hellooooo from Jamaica

  18. tommy says:

    The best thing i have seen in 2014.

  19. joe holyfield says:

    don’t look now but there is a human being in the White House

    Michele Obama is COOL

  20. Marjon6 says:

    Best 1st lady ever hands down

  21. MD says:

    It’s light hearted and fun. The message is positive with some humour thrown in.

    It wont please everyone because there are always highly strung people that will try and link this to lack of job creation… but the fact is that the message is a positive one.

    Obesity is medically proven to be the cause of a large portion of all health problems and any improvement is a good thing for everyone.

  22. LBJ BEST says:


  23. LBJ BEST says:


  24. Ron says:

    I guess Michelle Obama really like Miami Heat lol

  25. sanjay says:

    yeah she is great!

  26. ibelle omacha says:

    pure politician communication, stop eating like shaq when you are 5.2. obesity in the afroamerican community is terrible.
    Also, look kids i am so cool, i posterize. not like the former first lady right? and my husband is doing to the world exactly what the former president did, but he is not white so nothing wrong, we are cool just remember that. eating apples and a gif where i posterize, and he looks so elegant!! JUST REMEMBER THAT

  27. expert says:

    take that Blake Griffin. watch out Michelle Obama going to posterize BG

  28. Exiled says:

    It is amazing how she look younger than R.Allen

  29. ciyan9 says:

    Get up or get out the way.

  30. hahaha says:

    Wade looking at her like she’s Bosh doing a photobomb

  31. hydlaker says:

    man she is way better than lebron

  32. Tikolo says:


  33. nahor88 says:

    Say what you want about Barack, he and Michelle are the coolest couple EVER to reside in the White House.

  34. MLK-alive says:

    kind of things we need in America (Love & fun)

  35. bd932 says:

    Slam dunk champion right here folks!

  36. BlkHistory says:

    NICE!! Oh, the poster dunk was over Shuttlesworth not Flash

  37. Diego says:

    Look at Rays face like “What the hell is this behind me?!” stank face followed by a chuckle.

  38. rob eeto says:

    michelle jumped liked a 48 millimeter vertical!!

  39. sugashayn says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the Clippers to get their turn to visit the White House next year!

  40. Eli. Odell J. says:

    I wonder how much this cost us all?

  41. Eli. Odell J. says:

    honestly I’m surprised she was there… shouldn’t she be in the Bahamas or Monaco or some fancypants place right now?
    what’re payin’ her for anyway?

  42. boobies says:

    Totally unprofessional

  43. The Voice In The Distance says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! – Michelle Obama to take part in the All-Star Dunk Contest as guest!!!!!

  44. whatbigis says:

    since when do governments have to be impersonal or not positive in rough times. or should they huddle up in a conference room 24/7 until they get it right?
    it was a great promo for stay fit and it put smiles on faces of ppl who need to smile…and everyone needs to smile 🙂

  45. J Carlos says:

    These Miami Heat fans are going to get a reality check real soon, open up your eyes and see that the team to beat in the Eastern Conference its no longer the Heat, its the Indiana Pacers!!! 1st, look at the current standings, 2nd, look at stats, 3rd, look at the team chemistry, Indiana its the most determined team and their actions are speaking very loud! So stop living in king lames world fools, its Indiana Pacers turn this year, and James aint beat that 360 degree dunk by Mr George!

  46. MaimiFan says:

    Now i know why Miami lost to Wizards badly. They were suffering from White house hangover ! lol

  47. Mr Z-Man says:

    Lol look at Ray Allen’s reaction.

  48. ksbdhdgggdshs says:

    do boy

  49. ksbdhdgggdshs says:

    what is up

  50. jimbo says:

    What the…….

  51. Joe says:

    1st lady barefooted yo! That’s not presidential

  52. Roberto Hernandez says:

    Michelle a beast remember everybody eat healthy

  53. Fit4Life says:

    1. If you want to see “not presidential”, google “my pet goat”.
    2. She’s not actually the President.