San Antonio Spurs Mascot Coyote Hits Amazing Shot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Sinking a long range shot is always incredible, but hitting a shot from three-quarters court? Backward? While wearing a mascot uniform? Wow.

VIDEO: Spurs Coyote Drains Long Shot


  1. lbj says:

    hitting an amazing shot will not win you a game 7 over Miami Heat. You need to play with the king “LeBron” and this Mascot will get a bonus from Miami organization from winning their 3rd straight ring!

    • That Guy says:

      Shut up…

    • Sharpie says:

      Hasn’t your “King James” been getting his butt the last few weeks? What are you guys 5-5 in your last 10? Da** fool doesn’t even know the real LBJ was a President. Didn’t the Hawks get done crushing you guys? Heck you guys barely beat the 14-29 Celtics. Your team and king James is a joke. Anyway enjoy the two you have because Indiana is going to run the East for a while. Those guys will only get significantly better over the next 5 years. You just better hope your owner can afford to purchase a couple of Indiana’s players once their contracts are up. If not you guys don’t have a chance. Chalmers and Price James are too busy fighting and your best player, D-Wade, can’t even play 2-3 games in a row without that knee giving out.

    • AAA says:

      Didn’t the Spurs sweep prince james a few years ago? I guess you forgot about that. Anyway it doesn’t matter, the heat have no chance against the BIG 5. George, Hill, Stephenson, West and Hibbert. Just like Sharpie said you guys can barely beat sub .500 teams. hahaha. Prince james is a diva. You see him pouting and blaming Chalmers every time he screws up?

      • lbj says:

        when playoff comes you will again the full potential of Miami because that’s what they’re looking for. Wade will just relax and prepare for playoffs together with Oden then they will acquire Andrew Byum since Bynum wants to get his 3rd ring and the only way to make it happen is by playing with our king “LeBron”. This Pacers team will choke again just like what happen in game 7. They are over rated bunch of hard fouler guys. They are like the late Bruce Bowen who just hired to kill players even kick a 3 point shooting guy in the face!

      • lbj says:

        he is pouting Chalmers just to wake up the whole team that’s why they win it. It’s called MOTIVATION fool!!!!

    • L BJ says:

      Three way trade
      San Antonio Coyote + Phoenix Suns Gorilla —> Miami
      Mario Chalmers + Roger Mason Jr —> Phoenix
      Beasley + Suns First Round Pick —> San Antonio
      Miami Starting Five:
      KING James
      Sixth Man: Gorilla
      Coyote has speed, killer range and accuracy from beyond the arc, which is something we need without Miller. The Gorilla is a rookie (Suns replace him this year) and can come off the bench and give Wade the rest he needs for his knees. He can also start in the place of Wade if he were to get injured in the future. The gorilla has crazy athleticism and can become the future of the Heat Post-Wade.
      Can you say 3PEAT!?!?

    • A PERSON says:

      SHUT UP

  2. vinsanefan says:

    The bucks could have used him in their starting lineup!

  3. 503 says:

    Blazers have been doubted since the beginning of the season and still are by most to this day. The best part is, the Rose City of Portland will have a team of Trailblazers sporting NBA championship rings this year! =) Heat.. yeah they have Lebron.. Thunder.. Durant.. Spurs.. Duncan/Parker.. but the Blazers.. have chemistry that is untouched by anyone in the league and not to mention a little something called Aldridge/Lillard/Batum/Matthews/Lopez.. all 5 should be All-Stars easily..

    • Albert says:

      Yeah, and then You wake up 😀

    • DK says:

      I’m not much of a Heat fan but they have more than just Lebron and based on your 5 man all-start roster – you really only have 2 legitimate all-stars there. The 95-96 Bulls who went 72-10 had amazing chemistry also, doesn’t mean they’re entire starting 5 should be all starts. The Blazers are good but I don’t think they have the team this year to win the title.

  4. boston rules says:

    The mascot was later signed by the Jazz

  5. Red says:

    That’s a scary mascot, dont want near that thing.