Heat Continue Videobomb Exhibition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just yesterday we saw the video from the White House where the Miami Heat made fun of their own proclivity for videobombing each other. So no big surprise, then, that last night after a hard-fought win over the Boston Celtics, the Heat were ready to mess with each other all over again during their postgame interviews. But what reporter Jason Jackson and LeBron James probably didn’t expect was that Chris Bosh would make such an aggressive play for the microphone’s wind shield…

VIDEO: Bosh Videobombs Bron Again


  1. Ethan Raine says:

    hahahaha.. that was hilarious!

  2. Ethan Raine says:

    hahaha.. that was hilarious!

  3. Ethan Raine. says:

    hahaha.. that was hilarious!

  4. melo4life says:

    Just play ball, stop doin foolish stuff

  5. OKC says:

    hahahaha.. that was hilarious!

  6. ares says:

    not funny. just goes to show that bosh is trying hard to have his presence felt.

  7. kulangot says:

    hahahaha.. that was hilarious!

  8. dustydreamnz says:

    Video bombing is getting old.

  9. Ryan WhiteA$$ says:

    Videobombing is fun. That ish is hilarious. I be doin it to other people when they try to take a video. The Heat take it to a wholenother level. Each one they have done has been very funny. Keep it up Heat.

  10. Saggy B says:

    The Heat flopping in the video bombs too???