VIDEO: Compare Paul George and Vince Carter’s slams

Yep, we’re still pretty pumped over Paul George‘s sick 360-degree windmill jam. We definitely don’t see those kinds of dunks on a regular basis, especially during a game.

But we have seen it before.

For many of the younger NBA fans, Vince Carter didn’t earn one of the best NBA nicknames, “Half-Man, Half-Amazing”, for nothing. (Wonder how that would look on the back of today’s nickname jerseys…) Vinsanity was easily one of the best dunkers of his heyday, if not the very best. (Is 2000 really that long ago? Geez.) And his epic 2000 Slam Dunk Contest performance is every reason you need to believe that kind of declaration.

Let’s just hope that George isn’t too big for this year’s Dunk Contest and can hopefully inspire a high-flyer down the line in the same fashion that Carter probably did for him.

As always, check out the Dunk HQ, your home for the countdown of the best jams of the season! Of course PG is in the mix!


  1. steven says:

    While one was in game and deserves a bit more credit,..VC produced a better windmill….full arm extension and great height. VC 10/10, PG 9/10

    • Another Heat Fan says:


      • Lakers says:

        VC got more time to prepare and knew exactly when the moment arises. PG didn’t know he was getting a moment like that in the game until he actually found himself there at the very moment and decided to do the 360 windmill in that very last minute. No preparation versus lots of preparation at home days before coming. They’re both 10/10.

      • Red says:

        @Lakers, in game and more time to prepare eh, let’s see if your Paul Gorge can dunk literally over a seven foot plus player.

      • Enderwilson says:

        While there is something to be said about preparation, we’re judging here simply based on execution. Sure PGs dunk being part of a game deserves recognition, execution wise, there is no real comparison. VC had much greater elevation (head @ rim) and made a difficult dunk look easy. PG made a difficult dunk look… well… difficult.

      • Allen says:

        If you search for VC’s interview on that 2000 Dunk contest he says he went in with a totally different set of dunks but come contest time he switched them all up. VC 10/10 PG 8/10

  2. allan says:

    Carter’s dunk was one full smooth movement. George arm didn’t extend all the way but great dunk.

  3. Buraot says:

    Vinsanity all the way. He got the elevation whereas PG is on his way down when he slam it. I would say VC went up to 2nd floor before he nailed it.

  4. Ole says:

    Vince better dunker, Paul better Player

  5. CrankItUp says:

    VC’s dunk was more ferocious and you can really see the power on it. But PG doing it in a game makes the dunk look even better.

    • jon john says:

      He did it while no one was guarding him.It’s the same thing

      • chris says:

        Its not the same cause it happened so quickly he didnt really have time to think about it and he knew someone possibly could come from behind. So no its not the same as someone that had all the time to know what hes doing and no worry about someone coming from behind having to finish in a hurry.

  6. Old Jordan Fan says:

    Carter’s dunk had more power

  7. shobbbbb says:

    Carter’s extension and power in the dunk is unreal! Greatest dunker of all time!

  8. OBi says:

    Vince Carter jumped so much higher tho…..

  9. freal says:

    PG is amazing and his dunk was done in a game so he gets some points for that alone, but COME ON! DOESN’T EVEN COMPARE TO VC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the extension, the elevation, the air time, the power and the fluidity were ALL CLEARLY superior in Carter’s dunk.

  10. Hartanto says:

    Vince dunk in sprite slam dunk is much better.. He stiil had the time to scream up in the air after the dunk

  11. mgml says:

    i think PG24’s dunk is better coz its unplanned, spontaneous and IN THE GAME…

  12. al says:

    posture and power wise VC’s dunk was better

  13. Making it Rain 3's says:

    PG24 was better. He did it in a game. VC25 had time because it was a dunk contest

    • Making it Rain 3's says:

      And PG24 did one hand dunk

      • Jolan says:

        watch just the highlight of the dunk, VC wins hands down, not even comparable. It was the best dunk of all time. I don’t care if PG did his in game, the dunk was even comparable in my opinion, the only reason people are comparing the two was because PG did it in game (much respect to the dunk it was one of the best, but still not close.

  14. lbj says:

    I will pick our king “LeBron” since he is the gretest in game dunker of all time. PG dunk one time but LeBron doing it every single game for the last 11 season and he will not join slam dunk because it’s just a minor trophy all he wants are mvp’s season and finals mvp.

    • Red says:

      Lebron’s dunk are all power and no grace, it’s all because he jumps high. Oh and he only know 1 style of dunk…boring.

    • chris says:

      Greatest of all time? Have you ever heard of Michael Jordan, Julius erving, or maybe dominique Wilkins? LeBron is great but not best ever in game dunker. And I didnt know LeBron done a windmill 360 every year for 11 seasons thats crazy.

      • jrstyle says:

        No Vince Carter is the Best dunker of all time in game or not, no one compare and vince did lots of 360in game dunk that is way better than pg just youtube vince carter top 100.

    • vcarter says:

      Lebron is the best. High five lbj

  15. VinceKobe says:

    Nobody dunks like VC in the history of basketball…PGs dunk is awkward but licky he still made it.. Vince Carter is the greatest dunker of all time.. That’s it, period!

  16. VinceKobe says:

    VC is still in the air while Pg is already in the floor.. How can u compare that, OMG!

  17. neutral says:

    I admire that PG did it in a game. But VC’s dunk has more “airness” into it.

    There is a difference between their respective head-to-rim distances (and ofc to be fair, it must be compared with similar camera angles).

    Your take?

  18. leeto says:

    vince way more royal

  19. PG says:

    Vinces dunkare way way better… get with it

  20. Don says:

    VC all the way

  21. Frederick says:

    Carter’s dunk definitely had more lift and extension, but I am more impressed with George due to the fact it was an in game dunk.

  22. amare says:

    Vince winnss..

  23. Whacker says:

    Vince Carter is one of the best in terms of dunks and highlights…PG YOU ROCK!

  24. zhiggi says:

    Vince Carter and his numerous jaw dropping in game dunks in his prime cannot be compared to PG’s dunk (although it was pretty nice) but VC in his prime were the best…. hands down…..

  25. SaYO says:

    vince carter’s was way much better
    but man PG!
    great talent

  26. maki says:

    VC is the best dunker! and his dunk is way better than PG..though hats off to PG for the dunk but the vertical and arm extension and the power finish of the dunk of VC is more emphasized compared to PG’s…IF DUnking is the TOPIC then ViNCE CARTER is the KING! ^^

  27. Michael says:

    Vince Carter had that kind of Dunk But not totally 360 see where he start turning,that was only 270 degree

  28. Dj Transition says:

    Paul George’s dunk is crazy. Not better than VC’s I think, (more explosive) but PG’s dunk was during a game!

  29. Zervantes says:

    When I saw PGs 360 dunk, It really does remind me of VC !

  30. Desmodeus says:

    Neither of these dunks are 360s. A 360 involves taking off facing the basket, turning through 360 degrees in the air and then dunking the ball. In both of these dunks (and just about every other dunk I’ve sen described as a 360 dunk) they turned to face the other basket before taking off, turning through 180 degrees in the air and then dunking the ball. Having said that Vince Carter’s dunk is clearly superior to Paul George’s but then Paul George did it in a game.

  31. PG’s was nice, particularly for in-game but Vince is just on another level — a level in which it is no one but himself.

  32. dandan says:

    Let’s go home!!!

  33. Jeffx says:

    Carters was better

  34. whilz says:

    I see the resemblance of those dunks but it clear for me that Vince “Prince” Carter has more elevation and showmanship than “BIG P”..

  35. jo says:

    paul george is no where near half the dunker VC was!!

  36. Crazy Canucks says:

    Seriously? Why are you all comparing PG’s dunk to VC’s? I think VC is one of the best in game dunker since The original Human Highlight film. PG no doubt a good player, perhaps even more versatile than vince with his defensive end effort. But a big nono on dunking, not even the same level as Vinsanity.

  37. Mr. Sykes says:

    VC = Father..
    PG = Son..

    No more explanation…

  38. Chris Lane says:

    great cLip! hope PG joins the dunk contest on febuary and pull up somethin new for the fans..
    just like VC did..

    id love to see PAUL GEORGE, DEANDRE JORDAN, GERALD GREEN, TERRENCE ROSS put on a show, have fun and do it for the fans..

  39. WELL....... says:

    Paul’s was actually a 270….Vince’s was more of a 180; he started turning early.

    However, Vince threw it down, with ease!!! I give it to Vince!

  40. Red says:

    Like I mentioned I don’t like Carter but handsdown Carter gets my vote on this showdown. He almost did the dunk effortlessly and with more hangtime and more grace.

  41. andy says:

    🙂 so silly if you are comparing and so very silly for the person who brought this up …. 🙂 NO COMPARE… on which angle, degree are you looking at ? this is NBA home gage but seems like espn 🙂

  42. Wilson says:

    Are you serious? It’s not even close. VC’s way way more fluid, more lift, effortless, cleaner and more graceful.

  43. Mike says:

    Paul George ripped off his dunk contest dunk, which was a rip off of Vince. In-game it looked a little funny.
    Not dogging him, i couldn’t even do it with a ladder. But VC is among the (probably) 3 best dunkers ever. His version of this slam in 2000 was f’ing ridiculous, So smooth. So smooth.

  44. LAinKolumpo says:

    Sick and slick. PG’s dunk was more intensed and KABOOM!

  45. Manny says:

    and the winner is half-man, half-amazing

  46. The Voice Of Reason says:

    People saying PG’s dunk didn’t have the elevation, extension etc…
    Um…anyone realize that this was at the END of game? His legs and arms would have been tight and knotted up! Vince’s dunk was his 1st in a contest where he would have been fresh and loose. Not saying that PG is a better dunker but seriously, respect for pulling that out after playing 40+ minutes.

  47. Queen James says:

    Everyone’s saying that PG’s dunk is somewhat better because it was done in a game… come on have you seen VC’s in game dunks??? Nuff said

  48. John says:

    VC hopped back up when he landed! This guy is the best dunker of ALL TIME, HANDS DOWN.

  49. elyboy says:

    This people saying, vc didnt do it in game. Lets see PG dunk over 7’2 Center.. yep. not gonna happen.

  50. Rob says:

    Carter’s looks like a cleaner windmill, but when you consider that George did it in an actual game I would vote George.

  51. VinceKobe says:

    I agrre with you ELYBOY..let PG dunk over 7’2 center in a real game,let see…it sounds so funny for PG…

  52. Ray Liufau says:

    Let’s see if PG can leap over a 7 footer now. lol

  53. Raptor says:

    Vinsanity 15

  54. smcgphoto says:

    Carter is listed at 6’6” George is listed at 6’9″

    George’s dunk was sick but Carter’s was better AND he doesn’t have George’s height.

    Gotta go with VC.

  55. smcgphoto says:

    Carter is listed at 6’6” George is listed at 6’9″

    George’s dunk was sick but Carter’s was better AND he doesn’t have George’s height.

    Gotta go with VC.

  56. beny says:

    Seriously – VC. More relaxed, more natural, let the dunk come to him. PG almost looked like he had to rush to get it in before his hang fell. Don’t buy the in-game vs dunk-contest advantage much. If anything, that made it harder on VC because people were expecting something great and he exceeded those expectations.

  57. Chen says:

    Let’s go home!!! VC wins!!

  58. Chad says:

    PG’s dunk was great but there is no argument here…VC hands down.

    The elevation, the power, the full extension hammer windmill, the grace, the landing finish, the swagger look all was superior. It was perfect.

    PG looked like he struggled, or at least tried very hard to get the dunk while VC did it effortlessly.

    The in-game is overrated because it was a breakaway, no one was guarding him and pacers were up by 20.

    Anyone that plays basketball would know you are actually more explosive in-game, from the adrenalin and the fact that your body is fully warmed up.

    The pressure of dunking it in in a dunk contest is definitely more because you are expected to do a dunk – and a good one.

  59. vc says:

    yes Paul George’s dunk was in game but I bet VC could have also done that in-game, but it would just be too rude lol. Overall these two shouldn’t even be compared. VC is #1 on the dunking list with many other names that separate him from PG.

  60. GOHANs says:

    carter’s dunk was awesome, but PG24 was unbelievable! carter’s dunk was his first jump of that contest, PG24’s dunk was what??? i dont like 18th FG in the 4TH QUARTER! His legs was not as fresh as Carter

  61. Dballer says:

    just go youtube and you can find tens of VC’s IN GAME dunks that PG can only dream off… talking about reverse 360, 360 windmill in games, and dont forget about those over somebody dunks by VC… sorry but VC in his top days was three times better dunker than PG can imagine…. not considering only dunk contest…. and how about olympics in SYDNEY??? Did you all forgot??

  62. Split decision says:

    Carter gets votes for elevation, hangtime and originality. PG (although clearly having ripped the dunk off from VC) gets points for spontaneity – because he does it in an actual game, is tired (as someone else commented it was late in the game). But being of an older generation, my personal favorite dunk is always gonna be VC’s from 2000.

  63. Zeeshan says:

    Vince Carter is the best dunker Ever !!!!!!! Handsdown!!!!!!
    MJ & VC are my Favorite Dunkers…

  64. Ryan says:

    VC’s was better, but credit PG for doing that in a game.

  65. MELO4LIFE says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? PG is a great player and a great dunker one of the best in the league in both categories. But comparing his dunking skills with VC is just crazy, if anyone is close in my opinion its Gerald Green.

  66. EDUARDO says:

    Carter is (was?) a great “violence” dunker. But the guy who create this style (and maybe the better) was Dominique Wilkins.

  67. George says:

    While Vince’s dunk has more arm extension, George’s body spins almost 360 while Mr. Carter started turning his body before take off. My vote is for the Pacer.

  68. JayEm says:

    PG had the same dunk in the dunk contest and it was beter than his in-game dunk, they should compare that one to Vince’s

  69. jay says:

    VC all tha way, dat dunk was jus too vicious. though it was in da slam dunk contest, VC def put it down. props though to PG, in-game windmill too nice. air canada rules

  70. Kemo says:

    Yeah, Vince was better because it was made with time and preparation but PG’s dunk was aired during regular season so how’s that?..

  71. hellon says:

    Vince wins it all,it can’t be compared.

  72. James says:

    VC – Incredible height power and smoothness, however, very planned
    PG – To be able to pull that off in a game, especially making a statement to Blake & DeAndre, takes balls! Flawless dunk

    Jason Richardson still best dunker of all time for me

  73. TTKIN says:

    Vince has the better dunk no doubt. But he also has the better reaction after the dunk.

  74. JS says:

    PG’s dunk was awesome but has nothing on Vince’s dunk. Vince’s was effortless and a full windmill

  75. Stretch says:

    PG Dunk was good, and he can get some points for that. But to compare his dunk to Vinsanity is just crazzzzy. VC has more hops, he was looking in the rim, he had more power, and full extention of his arm. VC might be the G.O.A.T of dunks period….

  76. IloveGSW says:

    This article is silly, and so are the comments.
    To the people saying PG is a better dunker because it was in-game, GET A FREAKING CLUE KID.
    Go to youtube and search for Vince’s dunks, it’s was unbelievable in his prime.
    In-game windmills, 360s, literally jumping over a 7 footer, and just posters that will never be seen again in my opinion.
    Vinsanity is what got me to play basketball when I was a kid, and this guy still inspirates me every day..

  77. IloveGSW says:

    For amazing NBA and VC videos/compilations, visit MaxaMillion711’s youtube account!
    I’m not joking when I say some of these vids got me tears in my eyes!!

  78. VC fan says:

    If you guys talking about in game dunk, VC dunked over a center in olympic game and that is the best ever dunk in a game

  79. Dion says:

    It looks like carter jumped higher but keep in mind PG is much taller and would not have to jump that high . And his was during a game . Im pretty sure VC practiced that many times

  80. BJ says:

    On dunk alone – VC easily takes it. Look at where his head is when he throw it down, still at the rim, and he throws it down with authority. PG is already half way down and almost squeezes it in there before he touches down. VC just has better elevation and hang time.
    Impressive to do it in a game, though lets know forget many of VC’s in game dunks. Somebody up higher said it best. VC better dunker. PG better player.

  81. DLebron says:

    Vince Carter’s slam was better. However, PG’s in game throw-down was impressive…he duplicated a Slam Dunk Contest jam while in game with 2 defenders running behind him.

    VC score card: 10-+10+10+10+10 = 50
    PG score card: 10+10+10+10+29.5 = 49.5

  82. CrankItUp says:


  83. kwtz says:

    vintage VC!

  84. chris says:

    I think we gotta wait to see george do it out of a game to really compare. Carter is one if the best of all time and his dunk is obviously better. But in a game you have to kinda hurry up and it was so spontaneous. So I think we have to compare them if he does it in a dunk contest.

  85. justsayin says:

    Is everyone forgetting we HAVE seen PG at a dunk contest – and his showing wasnt in the same league as Vince’s.

    So enough of “but, but, but it was IN-GAME!” Everyone oversold this dunk. Then I saw the clip and was underwhelmed.

    Still – I was saying George would be a really good player before he broke out – so not a hater.

  86. Paul says:

    I think it’s probably a tie. Both of them had a nice 360 windmill dunk so it hard for me do decide.

  87. az says:

    Hahahahahaah pg n vc is noting man let’s think hereafter.

  88. mr-nba says:

    why do videos like this turn into hate debate , cnt we just agree both dunks were amazing , vince carters given the fact it was never seen before in a dunk contest nor game , and paul georges in terms of circumstance i mean fast break in a game situation it was epic , but yh vince carters dunk was smoother , but both were epic dunks

  89. half man half amazing says:

    hey, if dunking is the question..VC hands down,telling PG dunk it in game?oh men,have’nt you see VC’s other in game dunks?PG a better player (too soon to tell).Try looking back at VC’s nos. his 1st 7-9 years..and what?how long VC’s in the the way,Top 30 in scorin.

  90. rob says:

    PG was better. Look at Vince, he was already had his back towards the basket. It wasn’t a full 360. PG was a full 360 in a game

  91. paul says:

    VC all the way..PG’s dunk is great but he only done it once. best in game dunker? still VC..highlights all the way.. best player? VC is proven while PG is still blooming..

  92. REALLY????? says:

    Just ask Paul George who`s better him or VC?

  93. Marcos says:

    Ok let me put it this way. the difference between these two dunks is that whenever you pause on Vince Carter dunk it looks like an amazing poster full of style. I tried the same with Paul G. and it looked great most of the way. however, her looked funny at some point. Vince all the way. His dunks are just pretty and smooth.

  94. Student of the game says:

    Vince Carter had a lot of in game 360 dunks better than this. Go to youtube and search for vince carter top dunks.

  95. blogger says:

    its obvious come on! Vinsanity is way of better than PG24. PG, made that ferocious dunk without guarding him. and come on! its 2013 already. during VC’s time, you cant do that due to hard defense. VC can do facial or anything with a guard. try to check when he boom alonzo morning with a dunk. VC more power dunks and more expression

  96. Singaporean says:

    credit to both, PG did it in-game, but obviously VC did a much better extension and leap.

  97. Vologodian says:

    VC is much more elegant, while PG did it in game!

  98. Lim says:

    Vince is the best, PG is not good enough to compare with Vince.

  99. juju says:

    i doubt we will ever find a better in-game or all star dunker than VC, there’s no comparison. include that dunking over the seven footer Olympic game, up to now, i still can’t believe that happened every time i watch it

  100. antojustin says:

    Has to be PG for the simplest reason that he is doing it in the game… whereas VC must have thought about that for maybe a day before the slam dunk competition…. Not to take away anything from Vinsanity, he never, ever, did it during a game…

  101. battwwef says:

    For everyone who thinks PG’s dunk was better than VC’s needs to go get their eyes and brains checked. Simple as that.

  102. Jono says:

    you can’t compare a contest dunk to a game dunk. different take offs, different speeds and different meanings and circumstances.both great dunks and dunkers in their own right.

  103. PG24 says:

    PG’s move afterward was better. I agree that VC’s dunk was better, but he had the time to consider what he was going to do. if PG did this dunk in the dunk contest after as much practice that VC probably had, his would be equal to VC’s, maybe even better.

  104. Dashawn says:

    VC did the same dunks in game to

  105. Ryan says:

    i wanna see PG do it in the contest and maybe we can compare it with VC’s.

  106. MiLo says:

    Go to 0.57 and pause the video. Look at Vince’s feet and compare to Paul’s feet. Vince did a 180 rotation, Paul more like a 270. And…. PG did this dunk ingame. So —> PG > VC

  107. Janno Orit says:

    Paul George is the next Vince Carter!

  108. dstyle50 says:

    VC all day!!

  109. Scott says:

    Vince Carter is the greatest dunker of all time. His style and his power make him the greatest in my opinion. Lots of great dunkers that are close. I believe Vince could have done this dunk in a game as well. Vince had many dunks in game that are far superior to either of these. PG you are amazing. That was the best in game fast break dunk in many years! Go Blazers!


  111. NOOOO BATISTA from the WWE is the best DUNKER of all time and he would beat MJ,PG,VC,LBJ,and Dominique Wilkin any day and hit them with BATISTA BOMB

  112. Vice says:

    Why do so many people say that just because PG did it during a game he’s better then VC.
    Does anyone not remember VC’s plethora of insane in-game dunks? Pretty sure VC has a few in-game 360s.
    Did you not see in the clip that PG did do this dunk at the dunk contest? He’s done this dunk before and I’m sure he practiced it.
    VC one of the greatest dunkers ever.

  113. Enderwilson says:

    Look, the only reason we’re making this comparison is because PG produced one of the first in-game dunks that could compare to the greatness of VC. Really what we’re doing is comparing a current good player to one of the NBA all-time greats. Good for you Paul George. Enjoy the compliment by comparison.

  114. RA-V says:


  115. javier says:

    More extencion and more Power.. Vince Carter

  116. Chris Hazel says:

    You gotta remember Vince did it in a dunk contest where nobody was running behind to potentially block him like Paul was, but Vince raised the bar in slam dunk contest though.

  117. Bulls FAn says:

    Shaq’s face shows us the winner clearly

  118. Mern says:

    VC way more better!!!

  119. E says:

    No comes close to the dunks Vinsanity pulled off in his prime. NO ONE!

  120. VCMJ says:

    VC is VC … is just one man who can be compare to Vince if we talk about dunk – MJ … Vince and Michael dunks = ART
    I enjoy PG , he can dunk … but he is 2,03 m hight … Vince is 1,98 … and he is stile in air when PG in on tge ground …
    when I watching Vince in air … so amazing … this emotion …. real skywalker…
    He should be Hall of The Fame !

  121. Dutchman says:

    Anyone remember Shawn Kemp?

  122. LEBOSS says:

    Vince Carter is three inches shorter and would therefore get more elevation on his dunks. Furthermore, VC pulled out more windmills in congestion, not only during a fast break.
    VC 10, PG 8
    VC best of all time

  123. VC15 says:

    Really…. a comparison between (in terms of dunking) between the greatest dunker of all time Carter and PG a great player but not a great dunker. Dunk from Carter was the greatest dunk ever perfectly executed great extension brutal force more swagger etc. The dunk from PG is difficult because he has no jumping power and he stood on the ground almost when he dunked it mainly because of his long arms. So gtfo and give Vinsanity his due.

  124. ssssmokin says:

    Hats off to PG for pulling that off in a regular game but if you watch closely, PG just manages to flush it in in the end whereas VC had way more elevation and a full arm extension on the windmill. Great dunk nonetheless.

  125. Birdman says:

    Vince Carter dunk is better no question, planned or unplanned. Vince Carter slam dunk champion and voted best dunker of all time PG not. When Paul George can jump over a 7 footer come talk to me.

  126. vcarter says:

    Oh snap you people forgot Julius Erving.