Ricky Rubio Plays Ball With Kid From Stands

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There was a delay during the third quarter of last night’s Wolves/Jazz game in Salt Lake City. And as officials and ballboys worked to get the halfcourt area cleaned up, Jazz mascot Bear brought a young girl who was sitting courtside out onto the floor. She wandered over near the Minnesota bench, and next thing you know she’s practicing bounce passes with none other than Ricky Rubio as her coaching partner. Not sure if that’s included in the ticket price or what, but it’s a nice perk.

VIDEO: Rubio’s Cool Assist


  1. BBall fan says:

    The mascot is like “HE’S THE ENEMY GET AWAY FROM HIM!”

  2. tinocoius says:

    Que grande Ricky….

  3. fabel says:

    Well, that’s the most effective I’ve seen Rubio play in weeks

  4. Uxio says:

    Rubio looks like a nice guy, Hope hell comes utah!

  5. KillerDancer says:

    If anybody doesnt love this, you just have no heart

  6. RJ says:

    Did the girl teach Rubio how to shoot afterword?

  7. ibelle omacha says:

    Lebron did that already,smh this rubio guy just wants more spotlights ? he neekd to play with the king lebron, if he goes to the heat we can trade one of the potential next g.o.a.t norris cole and beasley (mip candidate)

    • rocket says:

      OMG!!! GREAT IDEA. Why dont they also trade udonis haslem and Shane the best defender in the league for kevin love