Cliff Robinson To Appear On “Survivor”


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The television show “Survivor” has featured a few former professional athletes as cast members, although most of them lie about their former professions so their fellow Survivors don’t think they don’t need the money. The newest former athlete, however, may not have as easy a time convincing people he didn’t play pro sports, considering he’s almost seven feet tall. That’s right, former Trail Blazer forward Clifford Robinson is officially a Survivor…

Our friend Trey Kerby over at The Starters first reported on this possibility a few months back, and now it’s true. If you don’t remember Uncle Cliffy, check out this package of some of Cliff’s greatest moments in Rip City …

VIDEO: Cliff Robinson’s highlights from his Trail Blazer days

(via EW)


  1. lbj says:

    if he wants to win survivor, he needs to join the King ‘LeBron’

    • Javier says:

      I’m a (real) Heat fan and even I find you annoying. This article has nothing to do with LeBron but you somehow find a way to fit him in. You remind me of the Lakers fans.

  2. pistonsfan says:

    You’re the best troll I’ve seen. you comment the same BS under every article but i lol every time. keep up the good work! “We’ll trade future Hall of Famer norris cole” is the best from you!

  3. Robbie says:

    LeBron travelled