J.R. Smith Takes A Guitar Solo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At halftime of last night’s Knicks/Sixers game, a young woman performed an unplugged version of The Lumineers’ hit single “Ho! Hey!” From the video evidence we have available, it seems as though her version went off without a hitch.

What she probably didn’t expect, however, was that Knicks guard J.R. Smith would show up and hang around approvingly, and then kick in with a little air guitar. If he’d started singing the “Ho! Hey!” part I would have given him my MVP vote.

VIDEO: J.R. Smith Plays Air Guitar


  1. FoeSho says:

    The only Air JR knows is Air-ball!

  2. euro says:

    that girl is quite good

  3. ibelle omacha says:

    he tries to look more “likable” after the storm, sincerely playing music that he would never listen with a white girl that he could make fun of. nice done jr, i think you don’t understand. EVERY thing that you will/could do now and in a near futur will be analysed and commented the way you presented yourself : badly. (like shaq saying you loose your focus)
    just don’t do nothing, play basketball, don’t flop, don’t talk S, don’t go at the opponent shoes, short, or anything non related to basketball, nba basketball. behave

  4. David says:

    For the people saying he was making fund of her I think he was actually being nice. From what I saw it looked like he was clapping for her and who’s to say he would never listen to this kind of music people would never think jimmy butler would listen to country but he does so whose to say jr doesn’t listen to this music

  5. Exiled says:

    I am impressed… jR didt even. Untie her shoes

  6. jaydee says:

    dude is strange! he should play ball though.

  7. Pipe says:

    This is better than what Westbrook would have done. Westbrook would have taken the guitar and thrown it across the court.

  8. gjaime says:

    i think JR is a good player miami is hes Best Place.