Kevin Durant Answers Fan Questions On Twitter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There is no player in the NBA these days more flammable than Kevin Durant. With his running mate Russell Westbrook out injured, Durant is averaging 37 points per game in January, the Thunder have reeled off five straight wins, and Durant has established himself as a legitimate MVP candidate. With some downtime on the plane as the Thunder travel to Boston, Durant held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter…


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    I thought Ty Lawson might be the fastest player.
    Steven Adams still deserves more minutes for the Thunder, he’s 3rd in rookies rebounds playing 15 mins a game. Perkins is horrible.

    • TNM Kwame says:

      Maybe u r a stats guy. U only go 4 d numbers? Perk is a ‘glue guy’ kinda playa. He makes his presence felt. His body work, toughness, etc. keep many away from d easy spots on d floor. He is also freeing, creating room for his shooters, as the BIGs r supposed to do. Defense matters n it ain’t only about numbers. He is not d best but he is playing a good role, I think…

  2. ibelle omacha says:

    mister durant it’s very nice to answer to the fans, i will be nice and i will answer your questions too, maybe you need to be fan of someone too, so i’m waiting here ok kevin ?
    ok, i wait. maybe we will be friends like in your movie, just saying it’s not sure. But you have to admit that it’s possible kevin, it’s possible. you will like me kevin, look i call you kevin already and not “durant”. we are in the path of friendship don’t you think ? well ok i have to tell the truth, friends don’t lie to each others, i’m for the spurs i hope they will beat you at the buzzer so we will not talk about basketball i respect your sensibility, i’m sure you secretely prefer the spurs too but hey, you didn’t make the choice to play for the thunders/sonics first i understand, contract duty, i feel you. but if you want to keep me as your best friend think about playing for them, or we will just be “ok” friends.
    ok so, your questions ?

  3. doCJ says:

    Yea shot big stevie adams