Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 11

VIDEO: Check out this week’s nominees

The competition was tough his week — see who made the cut and vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Javier says:


  2. Crazy Canucks says:

    The look on KD’s face sums it up!

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    How bad is Perkins?

  4. Mark D. says:

    What! No Air Bargnani……

  5. Celtics Fan says:

    Why didn’t they put the failed Bargnani dunk here?

  6. Poster says:

    Perkins the new Javaleee Mcgee!

  7. Konrad says:

    When JaVale Mcgee will be back he will have tough competition againstt Perk 😀

  8. Jonathan says:

    I was looking forward all day to seeing Air Bargnani on here. So disappointed.

  9. dwayne says:

    perk taking javale mcgee place lol

  10. Paul says:

    Perk lmao!!!

  11. jwt7000 says:

    Air dunk by Baragnani should be mentioned next week since that was yesterday’s play. As for Perkins, yep he’s the new Javale McGee this year.

  12. edl1979 says:

    Just when I thought this was turning out to be a weak Shaqtin’ a fool, Perk saves the day.
    KD’s reaction is the icing!
    Where was Air Pasta?! I guess because he actually got hurt they decided not to show it?

  13. jack west says:

    tragic bronsin

  14. --yongqin says:

    I thought Blake was silly, but Perk? Even more stupid. These simple mistakes would never happen if players didn’t think they were Point Forwards/ Centers when playmaking and ballhandling aren’t in their skill sets. Smh.

  15. LeggoHeat says:


  16. Dorson Ottley says:

    Whatever happened to Bargnani?

  17. Huh..? says:

    Should’ve replaced Dieng with Bargnani, Dieng looks like he was at least trying for an alley-hoop rather than a 3..

  18. Flavio says:

    Perkins ia a new Javalee ahsahshashahsahshahash

  19. pejta24 says:

    perkins is the king !!!

  20. jake says:

    perkin shaq$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  21. wooo says:

    What the hell perkins doing?

  22. aqw says:

    Perk won that HHAHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Eli. Odell J. says:

    my oh my…. Perkins….

  24. fool guy says:

    perkins shaqtin a fool legend

  25. Sharpie says:

    All of should be on the next Shaqtin-A-Fool for putting Washington Wizards vs Utah Jazz, when they really played the Denver Nuggets.

  26. Sharpie says:

    Damn I honestly feel bad for Perkins. Honest to God it’s not even funny anymore. I’m surprised he’s a starter and that he gets minutes. Perk isn’t even 30 and over the last 4 years he’s been on a huge decline. Dude makes JaVale look like Michael Jordan.

  27. check says:

    Perkins F****** SUCKS

  28. Tavis@T.O #raptors says:

    Perkins trynna run PG oh no is Nate Robinson in Denver running Center

  29. Uncle Twinkle Toes says:

    might as well change the name to Perking A Fool

  30. Saggy B says:

    Philly D (4on1?)

  31. Savannah says:

    Perkins is such a fail! That made me laugh so hard!

  32. #future#1onepick says:

    perk is gonna win shaqtin mvp this year

  33. elnomany says:

    As much as you try to be tough, you looked so stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.!

  34. elnomany says:

    As much as perkins try to paly tough, this play looked very genuine for him!

  35. elnomany says:

    as much as perkins tries to look tough, this play had zero thoughness!

  36. jeff says:

    Perk is Shaqtin a fool MVP this year

  37. Richard says:

    why perk? that’s stupid but not funny