Carmelo’s 62: Players React On Twitter

By Nick Margiasso IV

Carmelo Anthony may have scored 62 on Friday night — breaking his own, the Knicks’ franchise and the Madison Square Garden points records in the process — but he also did something else. He broke the Internet … especially Twitter.

As always, folks reacted with all kinds of hot-blooded hyperbole on The Big T (not a real nickname for Twitter, but it should be), not least of which were Anthony’s NBA co-workers. Here’s a roundup of their love for Lala‘s boy:

…and some Knicks perspective…


  1. jcyrus says:

    scoring beast machine…MELO..

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    The guy gets alota stick but you only gotta look at his numbers. His rebounds have been huge this year too. He hasn’t been getting a lot of help either so is probably in career best form.

  3. Fan says:

    And people say he shouldnt be an allstar …

  4. Javier says:

    Gotta love Melo. But the rest of his team needs to stop Shaqtin a Fool so much and pick up the D!!!

  5. Fan says:

    Bernard King said it right.

  6. RA-V says:

    0 asist machine…

  7. kingmelo62 says:

    Melo is crazy. Now bring Knicks to PlayOffs king MELO.

  8. chemik81 says:

    LOL, 62pkt but 41 min in blowout ? with super good team Bobcats… LOL LOL LOL… Try it with better team.

  9. ibelle omacha says:

    when a ballhog shooter takes 40 shots at every single game, sometimes, he actually makes a decent % of them and finish with an (illusion) performance. tonight was good mister anthony, but the previous 35 times at 9/32, 10/34, 9/28, 5/21 are the real player

  10. Mo says:

    @chemik81. 1st of all it was 38 min, not 41. 2nd, 38 min is under his avg. THats cause he was taken out with almost 8 min remaining (he could have had 70-80 if game was close). And 3rd, the reason it was a blowout was cause of Carmelo. So ur comment is obviously irrelevant.

  11. chemik81 says:

    1st. He played 38:39 (in the morning on it was written that he played 41 minutes)
    2nd. He was taken out with 7:19 remaining.
    3rd. 2 days ago lost with Philla bravo! they are the heroes!
    4th. 62 points It’s a good feat, but not with weak Bobcats in blowout when Melo played 39 minutes? in 35 shots with 0 asist. bravo! let’s go Knicks. Playoffs are yours! (maybe next year) πŸ™‚

    • HATERKILLER says:

      1. that’s right
      2.that early in the 4th quarter
      3.Yes the “TEAM” is struggling really bad
      4. 62 pts on the 7th best defensive team on the league ( the bad because they don’t score a lot) and don’t hate just because he had a carrier game – hater

    • C4 says:

      1) 62 points in 38:39 minutes is pretty damn good.
      2)taken out with 7:19 to play, so he didn’t even need most of the 4th quarter to get to 62.
      3)What bearing does a lost 2 days ago have in him scoring 62 today?
      4) Do you know how much stamina it takes to hoist up 35 shots and 10/10 from free throw line while you concentrating on being accurate? Please, try running around for 38 mins against anyone and be that damn accurate.

    • mel says:

      I wonder if all the people talking about him doing it against the Bobcats said this when Kobe went off for 80+ against the Toranto Raptors. Scoring like that is impressive against any NBA Level competition. …Or even in the gym alone.

  12. ld317 says:

    I still go with Michael Jordan’s 55 pts as the MSG highlight, He just got back after being out of the league for 2 yrs & despite taunting by Spike Lee

  13. Bee4Three says:


    Wake up dude. The Bobcats aren’t that bad anymore. In fact they are one of the best defensiv teams in the L.

    And it was a blowout because of Melo. Its not like he scored all his point in garbetime. the game was still in reach at halftime.

  14. Q says:


  15. Waldemar says:

    melo the greatest πŸ™‚ durant can suck, chemik81 either πŸ˜›

  16. Patrick Maccarone says:

    Great INDIVIDUAL performance. That’s why the Raptors are a playoff team and Knicks aren’t. Melo has to go. The ball stops at Melo all the time, and so does Knicks offence. Stop being selfish, teams win, individuals lose. Knicks might have a good piece or two, but for them to move on, Melo has to go. And it’s not like Melo has won a title or anything. Teams that share and move the ball and are unselfish have been and will be a nightmare for the Knicks all season. For Melo, if he gets his individual stats, he’s happy. Look at the team’s record. He’s definitely talented, but it goes to show that selfishness doesn’t work.

    • KNicks says:

      This is the current knicks. There isn’t any other offensive weapons besides MELO. Jr and shump are still struggling with their shots. This is why melo needs to be selfish and put up huge amounts of shots because he’s the only one capable of creating and making shots. He may be forcing shots at games from time to time, but this man is trying to carry the team. If he had any other superstar playing along with him, like the Heat, Spurs, OKC, knicks would be a very different team right now.

  17. SC_01 says:

    It was nice, but no KB24. Do it in 3qts and don’t play the entire 4th. Then I’ll be impressed. Bobcats have 7th best defense in probably the worst eastern conference I’ve seen in decades. Not that impressive!

  18. T says:

    why did they take him out? should of let him get more points

  19. Brian woods says:

    Melo killed it in knicks gard. He is a good player it take a lot energy to what he did on that floor

  20. Dee Now says:

    melo’s a magnificent scorer but not a winner. Great scoring performance against Bobcats.
    the bottom line is: he does not make a team better.

  21. nyk says:

    Melo destroyed the competition. Nobody is winning titles alone Melo needs more star power. Lebron, Wade and Bosh. KG, Pierce and Shuttlesworth. Nowitzki got lucky and stole 1.

    • Ceezmoneyallday says:

      Dirk got lucky ??? Lol that team was stacked that year . Chandler was a defensive force that year and he is a one time all star , Marion was a 4 time all star , Jason kid hall of gamer top 5 point guards of all time , Jason terry proven 20 pt scorer in the NBA , Peja has been an all star , JJ barea was magical in those play offs . So by no way did dirk do it by him self he had an all star team .

      • anthonyburton says:

        Don’t waste your time trying to educate this fool man. Anyone who has any kind of basketball knowledge KNOWS that Miami Heat team that went against the Mavs were outmatched clearly. Miami had no chance at winning that series. Starting PG Mike Bibby, and they did not have any size whatsoever. Dallas was just a bad matchup and probably might have repeated if they kept that team together or at least would’ve met Miami again. Nonetheless, Miami was overmatched vs the Mavs.

  22. Saggy B says:

    Wow.. And he could barely walk (it ain’t like he plays any defense)

  23. Saggy B says:

    Bring back hand-checking (Go Bernard King!!)

  24. gjaime says:

    my Men Melo the bigest shooter, it make me back to London.