Dwyane Wade Answers Questions From Fans Via Twitter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As the Miami Heat continue their title defense, in chase of a third consecutive title, perhaps the most-watched subplot involves Dwyane Wade. As Wade battles a sore knee, he’s been regularly sitting out games, including four of the last five, which mean the Heat have been playing at less than optimal strength. Without Wade, or even with Wade playing at less than one-hundred percent, it’s just not the same Heat team. So as Wade fights through this season, all eyes are on he. And this morning he took a break from the battle to have some fun with his Twitter followers and answer some of their burning questions…


  1. Sneaky Pete says:

    First comment, say what??

    Haha dwade my man, hope you feel better and win that 4th one.

  2. Boca_Fan says:

    Great answers, great guy!!!

    Someone should have asked what he’s singing tonight at Shane’s event, can’t wait for the clips!

    All the best D Wade to you, Gabrielle, and the boys!!!

  3. MR.SUAVE says:

    Wish Wade will play more so when playoffs comes his knee is pump and warmed up!

  4. Alan says:

    Met Dwyane with my 12yr old daughter in nov. Coolest moment and realized what an awesome person he is. Thanks Dwyane for the memories.

    Canadian Gatorade Guy!

  5. ALVIN JONES says:

    I THING GIVING WADE…rest will help him 2 play like 06. wade”’lol