NBA Journal: Patrick Patterson

New Raptor Patrick Patterson takes in the sights at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.

New Raptor Patrick Patterson takes in the sights at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.

by Patrick Patterson, for

Life has been busy since I last checked in with you all.  My NBA season began in Sacramento, but I am writing now as a Toronto Raptor!  Going through a trade and relocating mid-season is a challenge, but I am very excited about where I am.

There were a number of guys at my position on the Kings roster, and I felt like one of the guys who was currently injured would be the go to when he came back, so I was aware of the possibility of being traded.  I also had been hearing rumors about Toronto wanting to move Rudy Gay and had been reading about possible trades online.  I was at the movies with my mom when I received the call from my agent and life got busy from that moment.

I first had to go to the practice facility and grab the things I needed from my locker, like my shoes and a couple of t-shirts.  Then I had to go back to my apartment and pack up everything so I could move.  Clothes were the hardest to pack because it was nice and warm in Sacramento in the winter, and I was headed to Toronto where it was already really cold.  All of my winter clothes were in my house in Houston so I had to have them shipped to Toronto.  I ended up heading to the airport with about three or four suitcases to fly across country to start the next stage of my career.  Luckily, Chuck Hayes and John Salmons were on the flight with me so I wasn’t traveling alone.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, I could see the snow and feel the cold.  There were some people from the Raptors waiting to meet us, we did a few quick videos so the fans could get to know us, and then the transition in Toronto really began.

I have been living in a hotel as most traded players do right after a trade.  We are lucky as NBA players in so many ways, including that we usually eat as a team before and after every practice and game, so I haven’t had to worry too much about cooking.  Plus, there are a couple of restaurants around our hotel that are easy spots to go to and even a grocery store, so I can just walk downstairs if I need anything. For the past couple of days I’ve been looking at apartments and think I have found a new place to call home.

Skyline view of "really cold" Toronto.

Skyline view of “really cold” Toronto.

Toronto is a great city – I had no idea it was the fourth largest city in North America. The people here are great and have been extremely nice.  I have been trying to explore as much as I can but the winter here is brutal!  People rave about the spring and especially the summer, how lively the city becomes, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Transitioning to a new team can sometimes be tough, but this whole process has gone really smoothly.  I already feel comfortable in the system and have the faith and confidence of the coaches and teammates.  An added plus is that I’m around a great bunch of guys including a few fellow Kentucky alums like our head coach, so it’s nice to be around the Kentucky brotherhood again.

One of the coolest things about the trade is that the Raptors were playing in Washington D.C. very soon after I joined the team, and that is where my mom’s side of the family is from.  I haven’t seen some of them in a long time so I just really wanted to play my best.  When the game was over, I could hear people yelling down the hallway and I already knew it was them. I turned the corner and there were about 30 – 35 of my family members grabbing my teammates for pictures as they walked by, and they went into a big uproar when they saw me.  Just to be able to see them and play well for them meant so much to me.

Here’s my #Patspicks Movie Review!

This week I saw “Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones”, and I have to say, it was a pretty big letdown.  I was expecting it to be scarier with more chilling moments that had you on the edge of your seat.  There were so many times in the first three movies where you wanted to close your eyes, but you were still so interested in what was happening next.  In this one, I felt like there were certain times when they were trying to do too much instead of just keeping it simple.  The demon and spirits in this one also seemed more geared towards a teenage audience. I wish they had just stuck to the formula from the previous movies because I really liked those.

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  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Great this is. I’ve always wondered about what exactly happens after a trade. Seems a down to earth guy.

  2. Daniel says:

    Big welcome Patrick! We are really glad to have you on Toronto’s team. Great performance against the Nets! You have a fan!

    • merri says:

      It was heartbreaking when PPat left Houston; he was respected for his intelligence and game, and was very popular. So happy that he’s happy, and we’ll follow him wherever he is!

  3. Kevin C. says:

    Great blog Patrick. Was wondering if you have a nickname that you like? Patman?

  4. Matt says:

    Glad to have you on the Raptors, Pat! Just so you know, this winter has been one of the coldest in 20 years. Typical temps are a LOT warmer than what we’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks – but still below freezing and colder than what you’re probably used to. As you said, the spring, summer, and early fall are when the city comes alive! Best of luck the rest of the season and hope you’re part of the Raps for a long time to come!

  5. Andrew says:

    A great read, I’ve never read about what happens to the players immediately following the trade. A lot of great insight into the life of professional athlete.

    Us Raptor fans are really glad to have you here in Toronto! Looking forward to more Raptors games, and more movie reviews. And I agree with your tweet; you totally should’ve had the NBA steal of the night against the Nets.

  6. David says:

    Hey Patrick. This winter has been brutal across half the U.S. as well – not typical for Toronto, or the U.S. midwest/northeast. Al Gore and others say it’s caused by global warming. Great game last night!!

  7. Bee says:

    Good game last night! Hoping there are lots of those moments to come your way and the team. Boy, we’re glad you came to TO. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of what you’d went through after the trade. Wishing you’ll feel this is home! Good luck and keep winning. You got another fan!

  8. g3ttingbuckets says:

    PDPATT – dude, I’m really happy to hear your transition is going well. I’ve always been a fan of yours ever since you spent a couple seasons grinding it out for the Houston Rockets. You always hustled 110% and Red Nation definitely misses you, but we know that you’re going to make great successes no matter where you go. Great GW shot last night btw!

    Keep working hard and God bless,

    Nick Cooke
    ESPNU Campus Connection @TAMU

  9. WeMadeIt says:

    Good stuff hitting the game winner! Re-sign this man!!

  10. steve says:

    The winters here aren’t usually this bad. This has actually been one of the coldest winters we’ve ever had. Usually its much more tolerable and rarely gets as cold as its been lately.

    Either way, welcome to the team. Obviously the raptors are quickly benefitting from your presence.

  11. Tony Tellez says:

    BIG Raptor fan here from Rochester, NY. You’re playing well, Patrick, it’s nice to see you into a bit of a rhythm. Definitely a great game against the nets! Ill be seeing you guys in February, wont be staying far from those pictures either. I hope you enjoy Toronto as much as my fiance and I do whenever we’re there. Best of luck!

  12. eddiejack says:

    Welcome to the city bro! Toronto fans will always have your back! It’s good to see that you’re embracing the city, it has a TON of cool places to see.

  13. GO RAPS says:

    Dear Patrick,
    I have to be honest I had never heard of you prior to you coming to Toronto. But was I ever amazed at what I continually discovered from you game after game. Next year I hope you get more minutes and become the 6th man of the year, which you can definitely achieve. It’s always a relief when you are on the floor. Keep playing as intelligently and with heart as you currently do. never lose that!
    A raptors fan from Montreal

  14. Bill says:

    Dear Patrick Patterson,

    I will be honest with you; when you were traded to the Toronto Raptors, I did not know anything about you. At that moment, the biggest returns on the trade for me were simply that Rudy Gay was shipped out so that Terrence Ross could get playing time, and that we had gotten a capable point guard to back up Kyle Lowry. The couple of post-trade reports on your play suggested that you were a capable offensive player, but that your defense was average.

    However, in your short time here, you have only proven that I SHOULD know more about you. Your defense is much better than reported. Your shot has a nice stroke to it, but more than that, you’ve shown great basketball sense; it seems you play with a sharp savvy that I would usually expect veterans to have. You’ve demonstrated that you have been integral to the improved play of late, and that YOU are one of the biggest returns on the trade.

    Colour me impressed. As a current undergraduate student, to hear that you have not only completed your university degree but did so in three years and still found the time to play for an acclaimed college basketball program amazes me. I hold a great deal of respect for you, as most players nowadays enter the league with rather shaky fundamentals, preferring to be one and done in college rather than staying and developing.

    Toronto has its roots in hockey. While I have never been a fan of hockey, the mentality of hard work is one that invades every corner of every sports franchise in Toronto. If you continue to play hard, work hard, and do so smartly, the city will embrace and love you for it. You need not put up star numbers – Amir Johnson is the perfect example of a hard worker who the basketball fans of the city take great pride in. I expect great things from you and hope you continue to prove the reports wrong.

    A Raptors Fan.

  15. Mike Whenham says:

    You seem like an outstanding young man…and of course play like a veteran, i was surprised to find out you were only 24. I wish you all the best and continued success in the city of Toronto.

  16. decu21 says:

    welcome to toronto pat, didnt like you much in rockets uniform because you used to burn us with your jumpshots. glad you’re on the team now. im rooting for you to start so keep working hard, goodluck

  17. Brendan says:

    This has been an extra cold winter in Toronto. Its great having you as part of a playoff ready Raptors team. looking forward to the playoffs. Welcome to Canada!

  18. Larry Brown says:

    It was great to read your Blog! We miss seeing you and the family in Kentucky. You are doing great and make us very proud! Let us know when back in the area and we can go out on the town. Tell your family hello.

    Larry and Leona Brown
    Go Raptors!

  19. TorontoBlue says:

    Long time Wildcat fan here in Toronto. We call ourselves the “Northern Flank of the BBN”. I think you met my daughter after the game at the ACC against the Bucks. We are so glad to have you here on the Raptors. Hoping all goes well here for you and also that your family gets up here to see you play sometime soon. Go Raptors and Go Big Blue!!!

  20. Pete Adams says:

    MJ, used to be my favorite player…until my cousin Patrick Patterson came into the league. And I say that because a lot of people don’t know what it takes to BE an NBA PLAYER. If you liked the players of the MJ era, then trust me…my cousin will not disappoint you. It’s not just what you do on the court, and he’s a beast, but its also how you handle yourself OFF the court…he’s one in a million…

    • Tywanna Theresa Patterson says:

      We are so very proud of you, son! Keep up the good work
      and Go Raptors! Love your new blog and journal!