Terrence Ross Gives 51-Point Ball To His Mother

VIDEO: Ross goes for 51 Points

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Perhaps it was a bit overshadowed by Carmelo Anthony‘s 62-point explosion just one night earlier, but on Saturday night, Raptors swingman Terrence Ross had himself a huge game, going for 51 points and 9 rebounds in a loss to the Clippers. This after scoring a combined 4 points in the week leading up to the game, averaging 9.2 points per game on the season, and sitting on a career scoring high of 26 points in a game.

After his big night, Ross announced that he was going to give the game ball to his biggest fan and former coach, his Mom. And since Ross had plans to see her at the Raptors next game, at Brooklyn, he just carried the ball to the meeting himself. Thanks to Twitter, we can report that the presentation has been made.


  1. John Cena says:


    -JOHN CENA wuz here!!!!!

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    Previous high score of 26? Wow.

  3. Bee says:

    Congratulations! May this be one of too many! Good luck in the succeeding games to come.

  4. TTKIN says:

    Dont really know Ross and thus have obviously not been impressed with his game too much…but if he’s giving the game ball to his mom, seems like a good guy to me. keep that 3 pt stroke goin.

  5. elicute says:

    keep loving your game brother ! I really like what you did for your Mother !

  6. Rip City Sonic says:

    Keep up the dedication Terrence! Big Fan here! Great thing you did there!

  7. Rhedz says:

    Im a fan of derozan and ross from day 1 humble people and love for the game and family..what can i say…raptors are in the playoff picture and hands down to the team for the work they have put…too bad they aint gonna make the finals..but i would want to to face heat in the east finals. Gratz to ross for an awesome performance…im sure he will be an all star nxt season if he continues to dominate. Im a fan ross, im watching you so goodluck brother! Beat kobes 80+ points nxt time..hehehe