The Best Game Winning Buzzer Beater So Far This Season?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here at the All Ball Blog, we like to recognize whenever someone makes a game-winning buzzer beater (GWBB) by breaking out something we call the Horry Scale to try and give each shot some perspective. I’ve taken my lumps from you guys this season, as I’ve tried to figure out just how many Horrys to dole out for each shot, but that’s fine: What I love about the Horry Scale is that you, our readers, love these shots as much or more as we do. You understand how improbable and how exciting they are, and you like celebrating them along with us.

That said, Horry Scale shots have to be game winners with 0.0 remaining on the clock. Which is why some last-second shots this season have not qualified — I think Russell Westbrook has made two shots to win games, but both times there were fractions of a second remaining.

The other rule that is not explicitly stated but clearly implied, is that Horry Scale entries have to be NBA game winners. Otherwise I’d be over here writing about high school and college games all day and night.

With that stated, the following shot does not qualify for the Horry Scale, since it took place in a Euroleague game between Anadolou Efes Istanbul and EA7 Emporio Armani Milan. But it was a former NBA player, ex-Nets point guard Zoran Planinic, who took the incredible shot. Anadoulou Efes Istanbul was down 2, with about 2 seconds left when Planinic launched from three-quarter court. And, well, check it out…

VIDEO: Planinic Euroleague Game Winner

I know some of you have disagreed with my ratings this season, but to me this is obviously 5 out of 5. Heck, I might give this one 6 out of 5. Incredible shot.

Oh, and as pointed out on Daily Picks and Flicks, Planinic ain’t new to this. Check out this shot from his days in the Swamp in Jersey…

VIDEO: Planinic In Jersey


  1. ibelle omacha says:

    mister whitaker needs a little help here. you can leave a response. (please….)

  2. Lang, I personally like Dusan Kecman’s 2010 Adria League final between Partizan Belgrade and Cibona Zagreb three quarter court GWBB with 0,6 s on the clock even better, consider it one of the best GWBB of all times.

    Especially for the fact that the opponent team’s already celebrating on the floor.

    Zagreb’s Bogdan Bogdanovic (All-Eurobasket Team 2013) had brought Cibona two points in front with only some split seconds remaining on the clock.

    Everybody was wildly celebrating, the TV cams were even off the game when Kecman was pretty much the only one realising that there was still some time left and threw his historical almost full court length bomb to drop.

    Partizan won that game 75 – 74 and the Adria league title for a fourth time.

    You’ll find it on YouTube, it has some 700+ k clicks.

  3. Red says:

    Heck yes this is one heck’a buzzer beater, beat any nba buzzer beater so far.

  4. Phil says:

    Hoory Scale? Forgot one attribute! It must be a playoff game!

  5. Phil says:

    And Horry didn’t hit any lucky half court shots. He was set up on the perimeter with the game on the line!