Lakers Honor Late Owner Dr. Jerry Buss With Bobblehead, Video

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Fans in attendance at last night’s Pacers/Lakers game were given a bobblehead doll. But instead of a doll depicting a former Lakers player, this doll was in the image of longtime Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss. Dr. Buss, who would have been 81 this week, was one of the most successful owners in sports history, winning 10 NBA titles, 16 Conference titles and 18 Pacific titles in Dr. Buss’s three decades of ownership.

So to honor Dr. Buss, who died a little less than a year ago, the Lakers gave fans a bobblehead in his image, and released this cool Vine of the bobblehead at USC (his alma mater), at The Forum, with a statue of former Lakers announcer Chick Hearn, and with a few championship trophies. (Also, the music on the video is Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk,” the signature song of the USC band and a staple at the Staples Center.)

VINE: Lakers Honor Dr. Buss


  1. lbj says:

    Lakers are done! Jerry Buss is done! Kobe is done! Nick Young is done!

    • cwp says:

      This is supposed to be a moment of celebration, not bashing. Let’s act like grown-ups.

    • KGP says:

      ha that was a pretty cool video. Too bad idiots have nothing better to do than troll

      • whats up says:

        Bobbleheads are stupid, Grown ups should not play with them. Typical of the last team in the west (if kings win today) lol

    • and lbj's a bum says:

      Show us your championship rings bozo. No?? Just as i thought … you’re nothing but a sorry sap, loser that hasn’t achieved a thing in life.