Nate Robinson Creates Super Bowl Preview In Snowy Parking Lot Using Pineapple

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Denver Nuggets guard Nate Robinson is a native of Seattle, and a huge football fan — he actually played football in college at University of Washington. He is also a vocal and avid fan of the Seattle Seahawks. Which means the last week or so may have been a bit awkward, as Robinson’s Seahawks prepare to play in the Super Bowl this weekend against the Denver Broncos. Still, Robinson can’t go against his hometown team, as he recently explained to the Denver Post

“Even though I’m with the Nuggets, I can’t go against the grain. I’m going with Seattle… Pete [Carroll] recruited me when he was the head coach at USC, and I actually gave him a verbal (commitment),” Robinson said. “I’ve been to a couple of practices this past summer, and Coach Carroll said that he’ll have me hoist the ’12th Man’ flag next season.”

If there was any question where Nate’s loyalties lie, Nate and his friends filmed a couple of Instagram videos that serve as an unofficial Super Bowl preview. These videos represent what Nate thinks Seattle’s defense (and New York’s weather) will make life like for Denver QB Peyton Manning. Also, these videos represent what life would be like if Peyton Manning was somehow forced to use a pineapple instead of a football…

(via TNLP)


  1. lbj says:

    Creating a superbowl preview in a snowy parking lot using pineapple or even a jackfruit will not give you a championship ring you need to play with the king “LeBron” We can trade our future hall of fame point guard to Denver Norris Cole plus future first round picks.

  2. Travis Best says:

    lolz near every post you trollin “the chosen one” somehow/someway

  3. Travis Best says:

    lights – keep doin work; love to watch that heart!

  4. angelo says:

    do these people in the supermarket not know who he is!! He is a freakin NBA player and nobody goes and ask for an autograph! They just think he is a random guy playing football in the street 0_0

  5. Joey says:

    dwyane wade the best player in the nba when healthy without a doubt. No one is like him in clutch situations. He takes over better than KOBE DURANT and THE CHOSEN ONE

  6. Michael says:

    Must create Superbowl with my friends near our local store, yeah

  7. Nate Robinson says:

    This is how i tore my ACL

  8. CRANE TRAIN#15 says:

    I hate the heat