Tony Parker Makes Bid For Shaqtin’ A Fool

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the second half of last night’s Spurs/Bulls game, Joakim Noah picked up a technical foul during a fast break, after arguing that he’d been fouled moments earlier. Tony Parker went to the free throw line for the Spurs to shoot the T, and that’s when…something weird happened.

I think the referee asked him to wait just as he shot it, because Parker seemed to try to hold up as he was shooting. And after this play, he was given another chance at the shot (which he made). Still, as I tweeted when it happened, Parker shot a 7-footer…from 15 feet away.

VIDEO: Tony Parker’s Airball


  1. lbj says:

    WTF, worst free throw ever seen in my life worst than Dwight Howard! That’s why they will never beat our king “LeBron” again if in case they made to Western conference champion since Miami just waiting in the East.

    • LOL says:

      LOL, if y’all ever beat the Pacers and pray that y’all don’t hit OKC again either. Cause your “king” looked awfully plain last night on defense.

    • H3atflash136 says:

      Lol you understand that the ref told him not to shoot it, just as he was about to release, right? I doubt that this is the reason they wont beat Miami. I’m thinking OKC against the Heatles if both squads are healthy.

    • Brian says:

      “Your king!!” hahahaha what a loser!!

      You must be a young pup cause Spurs have 4 rings girl!!

      Good luck with the pacers this year.

      • lbj says:

        only 4 rings for 15 yrs since Duncan play as a rookie while our king “LeBron” already got 2 rings in 3 season if we do the math/ratio our king “LeBron” will get 10 rings in 15 season!

      • ... says:

        lbj, i dont knw what to say… its already lebrons 11th year in the nba. Theres no way he can get 10 in 15 season.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Really “lbj”? The Spurs won’t beat LeBron because of one free throw shot during a non-conference game in January? That has to be #1 on the list of stupidest things anyone has seen on the Internet today.

    • Juan Carlos says:

      Lang I think you really like the Spurs, it seems like you cover them a lot.

    • LOLakers says:

      LOL! Nobody stands a chance against the King!!! 3peat, 4peat, let’s make it a 10peat!!!! Miami will be champion until King James retires!!!!

    • wow says:

      um you know that the ref told him to wait right as parker was about to shoot hence why it only went half the distance. When he actually did go for the free throw he made it. so you cant really consider that a free throw attempt idiot. and miami aint making it to the championship because theyre gonna get beat by the pacers bandwagon fan

  2. Lang says:

    Did you not read the story here???

  3. K.D says:

    Lebron got murked by the Thunder and Durant before this game

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    He obviously held it back.

  5. young buck says:

    If the NBA wasn’t rigged, the spurs would have beat miami in 6 games

  6. C4 says:

    How is it the Ref waited until the VERY LAST second before telling Parker to hold up. I be so annoyed if i was the player taking the shot and the ref did that.

  7. sugashayn says:

    Hahahaha “waiting in the east”?

    Yeah right, good luck with them Pacers.

  8. Mad Love For King James says:

    Look, Whoever the #3!! wrote the comment about Lebron James and the Tony Parker free throw is absolutely absurd….

    Tony Parker 18.1PPG/ 6.3 APG

    One Poor Freethrow, albeit a poorly timed, executed call by the ref whilst tony parker was shooting, does not make the spurs any less formidable then last year….they stretched the heat to 7 games and for a while I wasnt sure the heat would win! Everyone seems to forget about the spurs, they just troll along in the regular season and do very well might i add you, they take over the playoffs and are a huge threat to the heat, just as OKC is, lets get real…..the pacers are unbelievable as well right now…..the heat have a hell of a road to travel down especially to the nba championships let alone the eastern conference championship…. Im a HUGE lebron fan and hope he 3 peats, but…. dont ever question the greatness of anytime off one stupid play…?