Caron Butler Hits The Deck

Aside from a good facial, a good 1-2 to embarrass a defender is the best experience in basketball.

The crowd oohs and aahs. The broadcasters barely contain their excitement. The benches react: one going crazy with reckless abandon (hello Kent Bazemore) and the other exchanging “did you see that?” looks while trying not to show up their fallen teammate. In the midst of all this, head coaches barely break stride on the sidelines as they stay tuned in to the next play. It’s a beautiful thing.

This season has seen plenty of ankle breakers. Out of this plenty, some have even managed to send a defender stumbling as if he was just learning how to walk.

Last night in the Garden, J.R. Smith gave Tristan Thompson’s talocrural region a reason to get some extra tape after the game. Tonight’s moment came in Orlando, when veteran Caron Butler ventured out to guard Maurice Harkless on a pick-and-roll switch and his feet wouldn’t quite cooperate:

VIDEO: Caron Butler falls to the ground trying to defend Maurice Harkless

First rule of defense: Stay on your feet.

This probably won’t make a Top 10 countdown tonight, but it is notable nonetheless. For one, Harkless didn’t set Butler up with an elaborate dance before making his move. It was a simple quick crossover the way you were taught in grade school. And it didn’t end in a step back jumper by the offender. It resulted in Harkless hitting the open man as the grizzled Butler, whether he slipped or not, got caught on the wrong end of a highlight reel.


  1. OKC says:

    Ha nice little gem.

    • sKoTi says:

      This was a nice one I agree. However I can’t understand why everyone is excited about JR’s play as Thompson placed his foot on the top of his teammate’s and was lucky not to heavily sprain his ankle. When somebody guards the dribbler it can often happen even without any crossovers or change of direction and as far as I know defenders don’t have eyes in the back of their heads. I can’t grasp the idea that paid proffesionals can’t distinguish such an action from a real anklebreaker which Maurice made. Furthermore, on the starters segment they all laughed at such a situation failing to notice this petite little detail.

  2. MK says:

    That was weak.

  3. freal says:

    It was clearly just a slip

  4. LAKERS! says:


  5. joenba69 says:

    i’ve seen better.

  6. baller says:

    I don’t care if it’s just a slip, that’s what half of all of them are anyway. he didn’t get his foot down, resulting in rightly being chumped

  7. jwt7000 says:

    I hope this slip play lands in this week’s Shaqtin A Fool.

  8. ollie boombayay says:

    What makes the Butler slip funny is how he desperately tries to grab Maurice for an intentional foul and Maurice just runs through it.

  9. lbj says:

    Falling to the floor wont win u any rings you need to join the king “LeBron” in miami we will trade best defender in league history shane battier for butler.

    Starting Lineup:

    1. Chalmers
    2. Wade
    3. Butler
    4. THE KING
    5. Bosh