Magic Johnson Tweets That He Will Stop Complaining About The Lakers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the last few years, as the Lakers have tried to get back to championship level, Lakers legend Magic Johnson has not been shy about sharing his thoughts about his former team. Johnson, who owned a portion of the Lakers before selling it in 2010, has been particularly outspoken in recent years about the failings of Lakers management to assemble a title-worthy team and staff, as well as their game play. Just last week, when the Lakers lost in overtime on a last second lay-up against the Bulls, Johnson tweeted…

Earlier this week, Johnson appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where he was sharply critical of Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni

VIDEO: Magic On The Lakers

Since then, however, Magic appears to have had a change of heart. He took to Twitter yesterday to explain that his days complaining about the Lakers are over…

What do you Lakers fans think? Is Magic right? Should he stop complaining about the Lakers? Or do the Lakers need criticism from one of their all-time greats?


  1. Lakers says:

    Magic, keep speaking up for us Lakers fans!!!! You often voice almost everything I want to say about the Lakers. And your voice is louder than ours so keep speaking!! even though it seems like it doesn’t matter to Jim Buss but i matters to Lakers fans. I like the Lakers but Jim is messing it up big time for what Jerry built. Mike D needs to go and you can just say that straight up Magic!! we wil llove you more. Phil wouldve convince Dwight to stay and wouldve got the system work better.

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      Well i think Magic did the right thing by apologizing, and saying that he won’t complain about the team. I
      agree, cause Jim Buss is trying to make his living as an owner. I never once complained about him, He needs
      time to develop, and Phil Jackson has had his time with the Lakers, let someone else have their time and chance to
      coach the team. and i don’t think he’s returning, nor should he, he has nothing to prove. Us Lakers have a good future
      ahead, i as a fan, am looking forward to it. So Magic has done the right thing, apologize. There’s no use complaining
      aboiut it, i tweeted him and told him that, and also told him, pray and hope that Jim and Mitch can improve our team
      heading in the summer.

  2. purpngold says:

    Magic is not complaining, he is only stating the obvious. Dantoni sucks, everybody sees that, except for Jimmy. This coach is not a championship caliber team, when has he ever won anything? As long as he is the coach, the Lakers will continue to lose. Injuries or not, Kobe or no Kobe, with this coach at the helm the Lakers are not going any where. Jimmy please, change your corporate approach to the game. How long is the franchise and the city going to suffer because of your horrible decisions?

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      Purpngold, just hope for the best in the future, and think about the good things, that can help our
      team going forward. That’s all i’m doing, thinking of what’s ahead, Complaining about D’Antoni won’t
      help matters, It’s obvious we don;t have a full roster, and that in the offseason, we need some
      big guys that can guard the rim, to make teams wonder if it’s a good idea to come inside the paint.
      You saying that Mike is not a championship caliber coach, well if you’re thinking Phil, he’s not returning.
      there’s plenty of available coaches out there that can coach the Lakers, that if Mike would happen to
      be fired. Which is no guarnantee that he will. Phil has had his time coaching the team, give someone else
      a chance to coach Lakers, Phil has nothing to prove. My advice to you from a Laker fan to another,
      just think of what’s ahead, and the improvements that we can make in the summer.

      • Capo says:

        MAGIC SPEAK YOUR MIND all the lakers fans feel the same way. The lakers will never win a championship with mike as their coach. For mr. spencer what are you saying give somebody else a chance? phil has 11 nba championships coaching obviously hes doing something right, this is not a pick up game where everybody gets to play or have a chance its the nba where the best gets to play and the bad gets exposed and replaced thats the way life is and mike dantoni is a horrible coach and does not have one ring to his name and cant run defense to save his life. So phil would have came back and we would of had a ring with dwight last year if he stayed or not

      • Kurarj says:

        I gotta say, man, I never looked at Jim that way. I’ve been complaining about him for what? Since the beginning. Wow. You definitely made a point. I’ll stop complaning about him. You’re right. It must be tough being an owner, indeed.
        Hiring D’Antonni, though, was bound to fail.
        I think you didn’t need to be an expert to see that coming. Come on! He was fired for not doing a good job, for heaven’s sake.
        That was a critical mistake indeed.
        And it has nothing to do with PJax. The Lakers thought they have a great season with or without a coach as good as PJax. That is OKAY! So did I and so did most of us, I guess. We had a more-than-great team on paper!! But they could at least sign someone who was not fired! We have had that experience, witch was CLEARY a mistake too(!), with Mike Brown!
        Really.. I guess I’ll just give up on this thought of stop complaining about Jim.
        My God! Two fired coaches in a row…
        Ok.. I’m definitely going to continue complaining about him.

      • Kurarj says:

        they’d have*

    • Lakers says:

      Offense gets to wins..but defense gets you championships. Who said that? I don’t remember, but that’s exactly where Mike D is..but that’s not where the Lakers want to be at

  3. Someone who used to be me says:

    Complain about coach D’Antoni if you want, but the Lakers even with a fully fit roster are a poor team.

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      Well that’s why i can’t wait to the summer, to see what we can do to improve our team.
      I as a Laker fan, just looking forward to the future. So Someonewhousedtobeme, just hope for the best
      and root on the Lakers with full support.

      • odlanyercar says:

        When the game is crucial and lost its the coach to be blame but when the game is lousy to see its the player itself. Lakers player has no pride at all to defend only the salary they are after of.So they played very lousy in every game as what i observed.

  4. JimmyLakers says:

    Whatever Magic said it was for his love to Lakers. He was a Lakers player and he is Lakers fan now. Let his emotion rolled, he has nothing against Lakers.
    As for Dwitght Howard, he had never liked to be with Lakers even before he came to LA anyway. Any reason: Phil, D’Antoni, Jimmy Buss,.. are all B.S excuses. That was a mistake that the Lakers have to live with and hope that the first pick that they give up for him not turn into a lottery jackpot.

    Go Lakers!!

  5. Drago says:

    That team needs a solid player on every postion to make a dent to the playoffs next year.Brayant is ready for the bench and Gasol will leave because he is smart and sombody wil apreaciate him a loot more than the Lakers in the last 3 years.Nash realy had some bad luck i hope he plays a bit more since he did rest for the last 2 years quite nicely.

  6. pKone says:

    Magic should certainly remain critical of the Lakers.

    Both in organization and in play….

    BUT! He should do it behind closed doors.

    Publicly he should support the organization that provided him the opportunity to showcase his amazing gifts and dedication to the game. Constructive criticism in public would be fine, but keep the scathing comments off of social media. That is how a leader like Magic rolls anyways đŸ˜‰

    • Mr. Spencer says:

      Well Magic did the right thing, Pkone, there’s no use badmouthing the Lakers, Jim, or Mike.
      He should just hope for the best, and think of the moves that we can make in the summer. Magic
      realizes that it was wrong to make an attack like he did, so he did the right thing, I agree with you, do behind closed
      doors, not publicly.

  7. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    America is so pathetic with this whole Denis Rodman thing…

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Sounds like they made him say some of those tweets….

  9. Realist says:

    They need to blow that team up. They should not have resigned Kobe. This team will stink as long as they have contracted Broken Mamba. Lakers fans just need to accept that they will stink for the next couple years. About damn time. Take it in the face Magic. You can’t hog all the talent. Deal with it.

  10. KimshaWorldPeace says:

    This post pretty much nails how I feel about Magic’s comments:

  11. balderis says:

    what magic has done as a lakers coach? team sucked when he was there as one, dont think he is entitled to criticize coaching in this case

  12. dustydreamnz says:

    Phil Jackson wanted the job, unbelievable. The Lakers have missed the Buss, I mean the boat.

  13. Fred says:

    Magic Johnson, people with your history and wealth have a high profile. You obviously have influence. It’s pretty easy to see that there is jockeying behind the scenes–I mean, Phil Jackson doing what Pat Riley’s doing in Miami seems good to me (go on the road in style, and when you want to). And, the fact is, D’Antoni hasn’t really won anything big, any kind of championship. Junior Buss wants to prove himself–that’s a given. Tell us why is it that they don’t put together some sort of brain trust and really toss the ideas around (or do they?). All the intrigue is cool for the media, and for the team. But, dang it’s hard to watch them lose every night. The game is within their grasp, and they trip over their own feet. Kobe playing with this team? Oh, he’s gonna love losing…He’ll be stronger for it. The wise man knows when he’s over his head. He knows when to ask for help, and he knows whom to ask. Unless it is just ego, Phil Jackson seems the obvious choice. Maybe go over his resume and see if he’s done anything for the team lately. But, Magic: my dad told me a long time ago that the only thing worse than working for a boss who never lets you voice your opinion is a boss who lets you talk, but doesn’t listen. Figure out who’s listening, and then decide whether or not to give your opinion.

  14. Gillsy says:

    I agree Magic should be critical and with good reason but do it behind closed doors. He is a professional person and team owner himself he should know better. The Lakers do have a lot of troubles but this is not helping cause they cant be fixed over night. It is true that D’Antoni is giving chances to the team to put up points which is at least good for crowds to see. The team will be better by next year. Kobe will be back after a full offseason, they should have a good pick which I think they will take Smart. Cause he has spent a extra year in school and looks ready to contribute at the point which should be good next to Kobe. Gasol I hope is traded before the trade deadline for some younger forward or centre.

  15. Mike says:

    Magic speak your mind, lakers are losing and we need to change that as fast as possible. D’antoni’s system is very irritating. All the lakers know how to do is shoot threes. If we want to get anywhere we need defense and the lakers are the worst at that. Phil would have put the lakers at a championship level. We would have ran the triangle offense. I love the lakers but we are definitely going the wrong way.

  16. boston rules says:

    He has every right to complain, he should tweet that lebron is overhyped. That would be worthy of nobel prize

  17. Learn English says:

    Magic should first learn how to write and then post comments on Twitter.

    “man cut down the middle an score” and – not “an”

    “because offensively he’s put” he has put – HAS, not “is”

  18. Tony C says:

    It’s so obvious that Magic is showing us the big flaws of non-championship coaches. Mike Brown’s flaw was that he couldn’t see things as they developed in the game in real-time. You need to make real time adjustments in-game so that your team can have a chance to win games. The Lakers ownership didn’t give Mike Brown a chance to develop either. Mike Brown typically listens to criticism and learns from it. But learning takes time and hard work as an NBA head coach

    Mike D’Antoni, since he’s been an NBA head coach, has been trying to debonk the notion that defense wins championships. This notion has existed and held true since people started analyzing championship teams from the beginning of the league. He is unable to see defensive flaws in his system because he is so determined, almost obsessed, with turning around the notion of defense winning championships into “offense wins championships”. Both D’Antoni and Jim Buss are obsessed with matters that are not condusive to the team concept of wining championships.

    The Lakers are in bad shape and Magic is correct in his criticism.

  19. drew says:

    Magic, was the best point guard period.
    But how could Magic complain about coaching a basketball team? He was a terrible coach.

  20. Wiggins says:

    Yes, LA is doing what they need to do as a business organization to rebuild.
    They are tied for 6th place in the upcoming NBA Draft.
    A few more losses, and they could be in the Top 3
    That’s a great achievement for a business.
    Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker,…
    The next Kobe please suit up!
    The next Magic please suit up!

  21. Laker fan says:

    This mr. spencer sounds like Jim Buss. Hey forget about pride and forget about authority, go for efficiency and sign coach Phill. If you dont want him than go for Lionel Hollins; look what he did to the grizzlies defensively.

  22. Laker fan says:

    with the grizzlies*

  23. Gillsy says:

    The thing I find hard about the Lakers is that they are keeping with D’Antoni. They could have replaced him with a number of people over the summer like Phil’s understudy Shaw who he could still call on for advice at the Lakers. Or be still able to hire of other coaches who are on the sidelines now who would be a better fit.

  24. Park says:

    why does complaining have to do anyone any good? magic is the most agreeable person alive and his comments are 100% fair. when even he is offering unapologetic but fair guidance it’s a good indication that the problem isn’t him but in fact with the actual team, and gentler words aren’t going to un-stink a team that stinks. not one thing he said isn’t true and frankly I’ve never heard of a bad team becoming a good team by participating in polite fiction.

  25. me says:

    looks like Magic is being kept in check by some masons why else would say stuff like this?

  26. justsayin says:

    Tough love is holding their feet to the fire till they fly right.

    I know you want everyone to love ya Magic – but dont censor yourself.

  27. Carissa says:

    If anyone thinks Magic Johnson the BEST point guard in the NBA to ever play and has championships thinks he’s wrong for complaining about the lakers you’re probably 1. not a true laker fan 2. on drugs. It’s hard as a Lakers fan to watch the team that has 16 championships and has always had a winning team, now be completely irrelevant to the NBA. Jodie Meeks is the only consistent player to me on that roster. He can shot the lights out everyone else I really don’t care for besides Kobe. Pau is washed up and isn’t the same productive PF like he used to be. He has games where we see the old Pau and then games where he is just a panzy. Nick Young is just a gunner and will shoot anywhere no matter what. And D’antoni allows him too because all he cares about is offense in the first place. Nick Young is not a smart basketball player and will not go anywhere or he would of by now from the different teams he’s played for. Kendal Marshall do I even have to say anything lol. That shot is not working. Jordan Hill – Scrub. Steve Nash- RETIRE. Jordan Farmar- Get it together. Steve Blake- WHERE ARE YOU. Magic Johnson go get a uniform please and help this team. We need a different coach and basically a brand new roster. – If the Lakers go after Carmelo Anthony that would be a joke. Him and Kobe will not ever gain chemistry like Lebron and Wade did. Kobe will not allow a top teer player to come in and basically take over he just wont. He should but he wont. I don’t see a very bright future with the Lakers. #GetItTogether.

  28. Anthony not Carmelo says:

    Honestly next season if they cant get Phil they should go after Lionel Hollins.

  29. Exiled says:

    It is about 20 years cycle, from top to bottom, Lakers’s fan should wait only17 years to establish them self as a contender

  30. celentano says:

    thanks to jim b. i quit following the lakers on screen,have to vomit! jim isnt as his father & never will be as him a championship builder! maybe after 10 years from now the lakers are back on top,if they change on time the lakers organisation!
    jim made a complete fishing team,no play offs! nice investments like kamman… worthless spendings!

  31. Fraekkedrenge says:

    As long as Mike “Joke” d’Antoni will stay coach of the Lakers they gonna keep on being worst and worst… Incredible how d’Antoni doesn’t give a fuss about dĂ©fense. Teams get in the Lakers paint like getting in butter. Honnestly, it’s very hard to watch them getting their a.. whopped night after night. In another hand the Lakers organisation should react to stop this purple & gold nightmare.

  32. Join PS4 COD clam CDCx PS3 and PS4 clan says:

    I agree with that Mike Datoni was a bad pick for the Lakers and they should of let Phil Jackson come back to coach. Regarding the statements about Lebron and Bosh coming to the Lakers is a disgrace to mankind, why would bosh and Lebron come to a Lakers team with a bad coach, terrible role players, and Jim Buss who so far has no idea what he is doing. Pat Riley and Mickey Harrison spend the last 3-4 years finding high level role players to help out the big three to win a title- Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Norris Cole, Greg Oden, Micheal Beasley, Mike Miller, etc. Lebron loves Miami the city and is practically best friends with Dwayne Wade. Bosh loves the Miami culture and food, Wade wants to retire in a Miami Jersey, all of these factors are reasons why Lebron and Bosh aren’t going to the Lakers. The only place Lebron wants to go is maybe Cleveland to give that franchise a championship. Though I’m a die hard Heat fan since 2004, I still want the NBA to be competitive so my advise to the Lakers is to go after Carmelo Anthony, he is an excellent scorer and the mixture of Kobe and Melo won’t out intermediately but when it does it would be scary to other teams. #Heat3Peat