Batum Steals From His All-Star Teammate

Last night, the Washington Wizards got over the .500 hump for the first time in four years by beating up on the Portland Trail Blazers. Early in the contest, Nicolas Batum took the liberty to pull something that I’ve never seen done before in an NBA game.

He decided to play defense on his own teammate:

VIDEO: Nicolas Batum rips LaMarcus Aldridge during Blazers-Wizards game

Batum didn’t pilfer the pill from any co-worker. He picked arguably the game’s best power forward and three-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge. To his defense (odd word to use here), Batum could have been protecting the rock from a lurking Trevor Ariza, who is a known ballhawk. Or he could have just wanted the ball and was enterprising enough to take it, teammate or not.

To make matters worse, he bricked the subsequent trey ball and left a host of questions in the aftermath.

Was this his way of showcasing his displeasure of being an All-Star snub? Will this be brought up in the Blazers’ film study session? Does it technically count as a pass? Was Batum inspired by Carlton Banks? Only Batum knows.

Sometimes, defending the other team is just not enough.


  1. jugular says:

    Hilarious hahaha this should be in Shaq’s corner +20 votes on that clip

  2. trolling says:

    Batum, you cannot win a championship with stealing the ball from Aldridge. You need to join the ‘King’ Lebron James in South Beach. We’ll trade future HOF Beasley for draft picks too.

    Sorry, was getting used to see this post and couldn’t resist when it wasn’t there. 😀

  3. BallFan919 says:

    Lol, anyone who thinks Kevin Durant is a better player than LeBron James does not know basketball and this is not the opinion of a Heat fan but LeBron is arguably the most impactful player to ever step onto a basketball court while Kevin Durant is merely a prolific scorer.

  4. Art says:

    Batum, Durant and James are the best.
    Nicolas is best thief. Kevin is best player & LeBron is the best flopper.
    Don’t see consequences for his double flop (or double LeBron if you like) in game against Detroit.

  5. bobo says:

    Loved the Carlton Banks reference lol.

  6. bob Anderson says:

    Battier is better than Lebron and Kevin Battier is best player in the league

  7. bob Anderson says:

    go Boston redskins

  8. bob Anderson says:

    Battier does not get enough minutes. rallen is crap and gets to much minutes

  9. MR.SUAVE says:

    Lets see if Durant can lift his OKC to be the champ maybe hes better on his regular season
    lets check if he can bring his crazy stat at playoffs!

  10. Miami Heat-LeBron James Bandwagoner says:

    roger mason, james jones, norris cole for aldridge, batum and lillard baby.

    SG: WADE
    PF: LA
    C: BOSH

    Strong reserves: chalmers, allen, beasley, batum, oden, lewis, battier, birdman