Corey Brewer’s Breakaway Jam Falls Short

By Jeff Case,

Breakaway dunks are the stuff of excitement and showtime (remember what Paul George did a couple weeks ago?). But for the Kings and Timberwolves the last few days, they’ve been the stuff of embarrassment and plain ol’ dunk fails. On Sunday night, Derrick Williams of the Kings tried to go for some Dunk Contest flair and ended up, welp, not coming anywhere close to that.

Then there was last night in Minneapolis as the Wolves hosted the Lakers. Corey Brewer leaks out (surprise!) for a fast-break bucket off a Lakers miss and catches a dandy outlet pass from (double-surprise!!) Kevin Love. He’s got a couple steps on Nick Young, so he takes flight just inside the key … and … #DunkFail!

VIDEO: Corey Brewer can’t quite finish off the breakaway jam



  1. it’s normal….especially if the game is already decided…the guy’s just having fun

  2. Brain32 says:

    I’ve seen far worse…

  3. mudzahadin says:


    • laughing with kiwi land says:

      yes cuz you can dunk every ball you see.
      I bet when you jump, they cant put a newspaper under your feet so…

  4. lbj says:

    Failed dunks will not help you to win championships. We will trade future hall of famer Norris Cole and the triple threat James Jones to Kevin Love and Corey Brewer. GO HEAT 3PEAT!!!