Kaman Kicks Back

By Jonathan Hartzell, NBA.com

The Los Angeles Lakers only had nine players in uniform on Wednesday night due to injuries to Steve Nash and Jodie Meeks.

Chris Kaman didn’t seem to mind the extra space on the bench, as he took time to lounge during a Cleveland Cavaliers free throw attempt.

Keep being Chris Kaman, Chris Kaman.


  1. lbj says:

    Sleeping on the bench’s seat will not help you win championship. We will trade lighting fast Norris Cole and 3 point king James Jones for Chris Kaman and Kobe Bryant. HEAT FOREVAHHH!!
    Wade, Kobe,James,Bosh,Kaman
    Allen, Chalmers, Lewis, Battier, Oden

  2. Susi says:

    Are you really that stupid? Do you think Kobe would play in the miami cHeat jersey?

  3. Knicks fan 1st/ Lover of the game says:

    your the reason that it shouldnt be free to post comments… and he wasnt sleeping you can see the woman is talking to him

  4. Travis Best says:

    lbj always high – dude on here trollin every post like he is getting paid by pat/micky

  5. bobby says:

    the lady is looking at her watch, Kaman’s face is facing to the ceiling not over at her to talk to her. Definitely taking a snooze. he made almost $40k with that snooze, wish I can get paid like that to sleep!

  6. Ian says:

    Looks like sad Kaman has to talk with his shrink during the game

  7. TTKIN says:

    If you comment on games, at least have the courtesy to watch them. He got up right after this free throw. He wasnt sleeping. Not to mention, Kaman fouled out in the 4th, and clearly the lower right of the screen shot shows it was the 3rd.

  8. laughing with kiwi land says:

    al the fans of heat wil trade the guy that makes comments under the name LBJ
    FOR ANYTHING, even a banana.

    YOURE USELESS, youre daily rants about trade makes you look like a fool.
    KOBE??? WHAT IS THE HEAT GONNA DO WITH A BALHOGGER? Are you trying to help the team or make it break cuz i stil dont know.

    DEEMAN the guy is not high,that would be to easy, he is just very dumb and behaves like a 10 year old
    LBJ Does your momma know that your using her computer and irritating grow ups?

  9. wak9 says:

    “Then Chris Kaman got his nut sack twisted by reggie evans and the whole world witnessed!!!”

  10. Rolling Thunder says:

    DanDummy has not been playing him anyway. Why would he care. If you watch Basketball at all you know DanDummy does not like big men or half court basket ball(7 seconds or less). As long DanDummy is still coaching the Fakers no chips will be brought back to L.A.

  11. dustydreamnz says:

    Kaman should be getting more mins for the Lakers or they could trade him.

  12. hehehaha says:

    D’Antonie is not using him anyway so Kaman might just rest as well lol

  13. To LBJ says:

    LBJ I like reading your crap, its so dumb and annoying its hilarious. But you gotta mix it up man. start talking more crap and get more people angry! lol Seriously, its pretty entertaining.

  14. Basketball Fan says:

    Haha.. Kobe? That guy’s having the time of his life. He’s getting paid to watch basketball games. He’s probably gonna get half of the 48 million doing that. If the heat wants to waste money, sure, they’ll get Kobe.