Metta World Peace Writes New Children’s Book

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Knicks forward Metta World Peace is not new to the literary game, having co-written a book of bedtime stories for children last year. But yesterday on Twitter, MWP announced that he’s done it again, co-writing a new book for children called Metta’s World Peace And Love Stories. Let’s let Metta explain…

(via TNLP)


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Strange guy but good on him I guess. Maybe he’s trying to reverse past demons?

  2. Common Sense says:

    It might not be the source you would expect it to come from, but more of these books need to be written. So I say, “Good Job Metta” and “God Bless!”

  3. lbj says:

    writing a book will not help you win championship ring. Join the King in Miami and all your winning aspirations will come true. We will trade future hall of famer Norris Cole for Metta World Peace.
    Starters-Chalmers,Wade,World Peace,James,Bosh. 3PEAT BABY!!!!

    • Guest says:

      Good grief, LBJ! Must you comment this on everything? You’re so cocky, and obnoxious that I’m starting to believe you might be the real Lebron.
      On the positive side, good for Metta World Peace?!?! Even though it definitely comes from an unlikely source, good on him and hopefully this book accomplish’s Metta’s intentions.

    • Guest says:

      *sigh* he’s already got a ring