Throwback Thursday: Jordan’s Top All-Star Moments

VIDEO: Michael Jordan in the 1988 Dunk Contest

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Today’s TBT topic: Jordan’s Top All-Star Moments

By Jonathan Hartzell,

Michael Jordan and the term “slam dunk” are practically synonymous, thanks in large part to Jordan’s performances at the 1987 and 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contests. Today marks the 26th anniversary of Jordan’s dominating performance in the dunk contest finals against Dominique Wilkins.

To celebrate the anniversary, here are Michael Jordan’s top All-Star weekend moments:

(NOTE: Click the “caption” icon in the gallery for details about each moment.)

Gallery: Throwback Thursday: Jordan’s Top All-Star Moments

What’s your favorite Michael Jordan All-Star moment? Leave your comments below!


  1. Bruce Crane says:

    Mj was the best

  2. haha says:

    aint nobody gonna be like MJ… well maybe LBJ … after 2 more champs..

    • Jay says:

      Don’t you ever disrespect the GOAT like that. Jordan is the best there was and ever will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeffx21 says:

      You mean 4 more. He’s only won 2.

      • Common Sense says:

        Still wouldn’t matter, it’s too late. Jordan won 6 championships in 13 years, James won 2 in 10 years. Even if he wins this year, the next, the next, and the next, it would take 14 years to get 6, and his father was not murdered mid season. Nevertheless, if James wins a 6 peat, that would sure be sumpin’ wouldn’t it?
        He might not be the GOAT, but hes GOOD:)

  3. Andrea says:

    Those are in-game dunks for LeBron !

    • dredog23 says:

      Andrea LeBron dunks on guards ok lil lady lol and Jordan ducks on centers 🙂

    • MJ says:

      In game dunks for LBJ. You blind? What have you been smoking? LBJ only have one power dunk move

    • lemon says:

      lebron cant do those dunks! he can only do power dunks. nothing more.

    • Viper139 says:

      Are you sure your eyes were open. LeBron is a great leaper and a strong guy as well, but he never showed he can dunk from the free throwline or double clutch with his Body all twisted up and the head at the rim.
      LeBron is impressive by all Standards except MJs…

    • geezmoz says:

      MJ achievement is to dunk on everyone bigger than him, LBJ dunks on smaller players and makes it look like an achievement…

    • Vic says:

      LOL I hope your joking. He couldn’t even do some of those dunks. He does have more power than MJ, but would lose on style points.

    • Common Sense says:

      yeah, but he learned them from MJ.

    • mecena says:

      Yes, you’re right. Also some of Vince Carter’s dunks were better.

    • MJ is the GOAT says:

      hmmm… it’s not like dunking means that he is the best player of all time… Plus, Lebron is taller. On top of that, MJ’s flashy dunks are 100x “flashier” than LBJ…

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    Legendary video. Wilkins right up there with him. Jordan was the best player I’ve seen.

  5. anthony says:

    lol if these are “in game” dunks for the queen, why is he so afraid to do the dunk contest? He keeps on saying he will do it next year, but each year he wusses out. Lebron isnt, and will never be at the level that MJ played at

  6. KINGJAMESSS says:

    lol lebron james can do those in game, so…

  7. JUN says:

    MJ – GOAT !!


    When LBJ wins 4 more (and I wish him the best as he is a very good player) – We’ll re-visit GOAT conversation.

    For now, its a wrap !! MJ all the way !!

  8. Abe says:

    I acknowledge MJ was the best at his time. However, let’s give credit to todays generation too. Many also do even better than these MJ dunks. Like PG, BG, DH and LJ. In addition pls reveiw thelas 3 year dunk contests. Although the article is About MJ, all the comments given above depicts as if there were no better dunks have been seen since then.

  9. bless says:

    2.Black Mamba
    3.Slim Reaper [Kevin Durant]


  10. sart says:

    MJ didn’t have a mediocre 1997 all star game.. he had a triple double that game! the first triple double ever in an all star game..

  11. Javier Palao says:

    My favorite moment is 1991’s rivaly with Magic, amazing ASG!! The other one is the 1st triple double ASG (1997).

  12. heat all day says:

    lebron is way better than Jordan its not all about championships. kevin durant sucks, kobe sucks, and finally so does jordan

  13. jayjay says:

    im a big fan of MJ..but men the free throw dunk of MJ is just a in-game dunk of Lebron, when he got a fastbreak versus milwauke bucks

  14. Peggy says:

    There will never be another ‘Slam” contest to match MJ’s.

  15. #30 says:

    LBJ lied before, he said he will join dunk contest , still no LBJ

    MJ was 6’6..dont compare him to LBJ

  16. prime king pangsiw says:

    ,no one like michael jordan,he is still the best.!!!

  17. Hans says:

    winning 72x in regular season?
    aint no body got that talent now. not even kobe/LBJ/KD

  18. jb says:

    Mj had some air for sure but no one puts it down like LBJ

  19. Old enough to remember says:

    As per my handle, I’m old enough to remember this.

    MJ was the crowd & home favourite.

    Nique was the best dunker with the best dunks that night. Nique should have been awarded the trophy.

  20. Xerxes says:

    LOL!!! LEBRON have the height power and athleticism but he cant float like JORDAN!!! he cant DUNK like KOBE!!! he is just smashing the ring . . he cant FLY like a butterfly like KOBE and JORDAN!!! that’s why he aint competing for slum dunk contest!!! JORDAN even chooses KOBE over LEBRON so dont DISRESPECT the LEGEND!!!

  21. Moe123 says:

    Thats was great dunk competetion. To be a great dunker you have to be an artist at it. Ive watched the recentt dunk comnpetions and it is garbage. Blake Griffin jumping over (the hood of a car) or Howards Superman stunts with the cape and everything. Players show off in a game but the real stage is the dunk competion. I challenge Lebron and Durant and many players alike to join the dunk competition. To be that athletic and not in the Dunk competition is an insult to all fans. Why not Dunk on the biggest stage and show the world. Then we will see who is the best artist. (props are not going to win it for you) Just you, the ball and the rim. The last great artist was Vince Carter. Thats what it is all bout. Thanks MJ, Dominique.

  22. Venkoff says:

    MJ is still the best player that ever played the game. LBJ is closing on him, but sill behind. But to be honest these dunks doesn’t look spectacular anymore. There are may be 10+ guys right now in NBA that can do that.

  23. ivan says:

    one and only

  24. Chris Lane says:

    look at the air
    look at the hang time
    look at the flying motion
    MJ the definition of a basketball god..

  25. Tage says:

    Top All Star moments ? This film needs to be ALOT longer then…

  26. standout says:

    LBJ doesn’t even have the guts to be in a dunk contest.. coz he knows he’ll loose.. And you proclaim him better than MJ.. What a silly joke.. LBJ will be a great player but definitely not the greatest of all time.. That seat is already taken.

  27. Leonard says:

    The greatest dunker!? Air Canada!!!!! No one else!! When he dunks in a game it’s like a dunk contest!

  28. Mike says:

    The All-Star weekend is a complete and utter waste of time. It’s simply a circus where dough-heads go to be entertained by bright lights and pretty colours. All of the All-Star players are crucial to their team’s success, which means those who need the most rest, are usually the ones who don’t get it. Tim Duncan is a perfect example (despite not being selected this year): the poor guy struggles to hold his body together year-in and year-out, and yet tens of thousands of morons insist that he plays in a meaningless game halfway through the season. Kobe Bryant is currently suffering the most serious injury he’s ever had, and yet his “fans” want to see him play in the All-Star game. Chris Paul has just returned from a serious injury and is the only chance the Clippers have of going deep into the post-season, but his “fans” want him to prance around like a clown in front of a horde of semi-retarded spectators.If you’re a true fan, you would boycott the All-Star weekend.

  29. MR.SUAVE says:

    Why you people always compare LBJ to MJ
    LBJ is better than MJ in other things
    and MJ is better than LBJ in some reasons

    They are both the GOAT but still hands down to MJ because hes the first
    than LBJ
    LBJ is the GOAT in FORWARD position
    MJ is hte GOAT in GUARD position

    that fair for all you die hard MJ and LBJ fans

    but still much respect for MJ because hes first than LBJ
    (eventhough im a big LBJ fan)

  30. orgy says:

    jordan the first to record all star triple double stats…

    he is the goat no doubt.

  31. MIKE23 says:

    Yes, I agree that nowadays some of the dunks equals that of Mike and Nique. But the difference is how they execute it. Especially for Mike, how he hangs it’s like a bird flying. Dr. J and Brent Barry also dunks from the free throw line but MJ make it more beautiful with a pump before dunking it. Which makes it awesome!!!

  32. Mr Net Breaker says:

    dr. j said the trick to dunk from the free throw is not to dribble the ball
    well that works for dr. j he didn’t dribble
    but Jordan did dribble making a more difficult dunk
    still was easy for Jordan flight # 23
    jordan dunk was better look at it in slow motion
    you will get Goose bumps
    not to mentioned the hang time
    today players don’t dribble the ball
    they just throw the ball against the backboard and dunk
    that’s to easy
    jump holding the ball before lift up that’s hard
    that’s how a men dunks
    dunk like you are playing in a game
    don’t take 20 steps that’s a travel
    nba players are tall they they only have to jump a little bit for a dunk
    but they don’t jump from far like Jordan did
    they go under the basket and jump a little bit up
    please twist and turn

    Dominique was good
    carter is good
    dr j was also good
    and many others
    but in my opinion the best dunk is Jordan flight
    the first one

  33. Nba fan says:

    Lbj can dunk better than jordan nawwwww never in a million years jordan whole arm was over the rim and he had to duck his head to get under the rim lebron has never had this kind of hang time not in his whole career the only person I can honestly say in my opinion that was better than mj was Vince carter so saying lebron is a better dunker than jordan is like sayin he’s better than Vince carter who dunked over a 7footer in game somthing lebron will never achieve in his lifetime

  34. Mark says:

    Love the noise from the rim everytime he dunks. Don’t get that anymore.