Memphis Grizzlies To Give Away Neck Tattoos

Memphis Grizzlies v Sacramento Kings

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It took him until his fifth NBA team, but forward James Johnson seems to have finally found an NBA home this season with the Memphis Grizzlies. As an energy/hustle guy off the bench, Johnson perfectly illustrates what the “Grit And Grind” Memphis Grizzlies are all about.

At first glance, one thing stands out about Johnson: He has a huge tattoo on his neck that reads “NAYMIN 3.9.13.” Johnson got the tattoo in honor of his son born on that date, six weeks premature. After fighting to survive, his son pulled through and is now coming up on his first birthday. As Johnson told “Life changed for me after that. Life wasn’t about only me anymore. After that day, the head on my shoulders was different from what it was before.”

So to honor Johnson and his contributions to the Grizzlies, the team will give away 5,000 “GRIZZLIES” neck tattoos before their home game on February 21. As Grizzlies COO Jason Wexler told ESPN, “The tattoo he got wasn’t a symbol of toughness. It was a transformational moment in his life, and that resonates with our fans and fits in with everything we are.”

An image of the faux tattoo is below…



  1. SSminnowJohnson says:

    Getting James Johnson was the best move the grizzlies have done in awhile.. props to who ever scouted him! all they have to do now is let him loose.. can you say, more minutes?? Grizz nation baby! peace

  2. Guest says:

    Having a neck/face tattoo will not help you win a ring. You need to join the “king Lebron”. We will trade future HOF Roger Mason Jr for James Johnson… sound familiar anybody, lol

  3. Naymar Johnson says:

    James had very little contribution to Sacramento. The reason being he was overweight and did not play defense. He has not lost weight and really worked on his shot. Congrats to the grizzlies

  4. One of the more interesting marketing strategies. Would’ve thought the Heat having Birdman on their roster would be first to capitalise on Neck tattoos. Wonder how this will go on the impressionable youth of Memphis 🙂