Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 13

VIDEO: Check out the latest nominees

The competition was especially tough this week so vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Kaiser says:

    You can t have worst dunk ever twice…

  2. conejo says:

    I think that voting for Derrick Williams is a little not fair – he tried to do something extra for fans. of course, he didn’t succeed and it looks pretty funny, but the whole rest are an examples of clunky plays.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      It’s actually not fair to all of the nominees if not most of them. And being funny is the whole point of this. No matter what the intention is.

  3. Sumphoneo says:

    We miss you JAVALE!

  4. Edub says:

    This season hasn’t been as good without Javale. This week I felt like there were tons of plays that should have been on Shaqtin’, maybe I should start tagging them.

  5. jwt7000 says:

    Javale McGee may be out of the season but there’s still more Perkins. As for Derrick Williams, he tried McGee’s showtime dunk two years ago and failed.

  6. LeggoHeat says:

    Get well soon JAVALE!

  7. Jesus M says:

    Shaq ts doing a great job with is funny and mark the need for good humor he has always has.Congrat. Shaq

  8. silexu says:

    Indeed Perk is doing a great work replacing JaVale. And guys, as you ask for him to come back, when he will come back and if will not do anything to qualify for this show, then you should reserve a slot for him just to show his good plays.

  9. Heat Fan says:

    Where is Melo’s fail shot

  10. p.o.w says:

    we need the reigning mvp back. GET WELL MCGEE

  11. Rock says:

    Perk, aaaaaall the way !!!

  12. mike says:

    Derrick remember u are not T-MAC !!!!

  13. Aguilo says:

    Derrick William was funny!!!!

  14. Mr.allen says:

    Derrick Williams got the number one vote just on the fact his team was winning by a large margin, and he tried to show the opposing team up and failed horribly.

  15. Rodel says:

    where’s JAVALE? the man!!!lol

  16. Admajorem says:

    Javale has a really great contender. PERK!

  17. boston rules says:

    everybody vote perkins because in itself its shaqtin a fool that he plays for the thunder and yes they are right the cavs do stink and have done since lebron

  18. bob Anderson says:


  19. Shivam says:

    Only if Derrick Williams made that dunk, It would probably be highlight play.

  20. I love this! says:

    Where is Kaman?

  21. Michael says:

    Proof that the Lakers are trying to throw the season. Like Chuck said, there are players in the D-League that can play while others are hurt. The Lakers should be fined for not having enough players.

  22. Kalbo!! says:

    Javale better watch out. When he comes back, he’ll be in a tight competition with Perk.

  23. Mike says:

    We Need Our Reigning Defending MSAF (Most Shaqtin A fool) JAVALE MCGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the prime minister of shaqtin a fool and a regular member

  24. priadr says:

    I vote for Shaq’s hat.

  25. charles barkely says:

    stop picking on javal mcgee when hes not even playing. when he comes back, ill tell u how wrong it is that a fact a nba player such as mcgee is famoues for being on shaqtin a fool rather then being an nba player. and their are other players who are on it besides javal mcgee[i dont know if you knew that so your welcome] and their not so famoues cause shaq dosnt make such a big deal. lastly if their was a show like shaqtin a fool when shaq was playing basketball he will be on it every week starting number 1. espically when he was bouncing team to team at the end of his carrer. and you know what the show will be called, wait for it…… CAN YOU SHAq it. you better lower your ego shaq or god might have to do it on his own. yF

  26. charles barkely says:


  27. julian says:

    cmon javale your 15 percent of stock is going away

  28. Heat Fan says:


  29. jeff says:

    it’s okay javale, Perk will cover u all season long