Andre Drummond Channels Bill Russell

Doc Rivers recently said that his starting center DeAndre Jordan carries qualities of legendary center Bill RussellThough it’s no surprise for coaches to veer into the realm of hyperbole to unlock potential of their players (think of Mark Jackson’s declaration of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson being the best shooting backcourt in NBA history), Rivers isn’t wrong. DJ is springy, he lives on the glass and deters weak and strong forays to the basket alike.

There was another element about Russell. The Lord of the Rings is praised for his ability to turn a block into a turnover, making defense offensive and piling on assists from the defensive end. More than anybody, in the process of altering shots his own way, Russell altered the way practitioners and fans viewed defense on the hardwood.

On Monday night, there were plenty of stout rejections, but it was the Pistons’ young pivot Andre Drummond who demonstrated to a new generation the art of turning a block into a quick two:

VIDEO: Andre Drummond swats Nando De Colo’s attempt to the running Brandon Jennings


  1. Guest says:

    One play doesn’t mean anything but I think that Drummond is farther along to being closer to Russell than Deandre
    In addition to great defense, Russell had a refined post game. Deandre’s good for the flash, and is a better rebounder this year but other than that he’s still the most raw athlete in the NBA today… just my 2 cents

    • lbj says:

      Drummond will be like Bill Russell if he will join the king “LeBron” in Miami. He will learn a lot from the king on how to be a good player, consistent player, lovable player and be an mvp’s someday!

  2. yawdy says:

    Drummond will be one of the best one day soon…all he needs more experience

  3. Dyluxxx says:

    Deandre is good for flash but he also led the league in field goal percentage last year, so flash or not he gets the job done. Drummond is very good though he will be an all star in the future, granted the east doesn’t have the as much talented players as the west. If Deandre was doing what he was doing this year in the East, he may be an all star.

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    Drummond could be one of the all time greats with the right coach but give him 5 or 6 years.

  5. Bill Russel says:

    Andre Drummond is only 20 years old. TWENTY!!!! What’s the age of DeAndre Jordan? 25? 26? What the hell. Andre Drummond is a STUD! Full of potential than any other bigs out there.