Ben McLemore May Attempt 720 In Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — An oft-heard trope from people complaining about the dunk contest is that by now, every dunk has been done before. This is not verifiable, although it may seem to be true, if only because we’ve seen many of the same dunks performed over and over. But there are still dunks that have been performed in venues other than All-Star Weekend that have yet to be even attempted in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Sacramento Kings rookie Ben McLemore is on the West squad for this weekend’s upcoming Sprite Slam Dunk Dunk Contest. We know he’s incredibly athletic, and from what we’ve seen in games and on social media, we understand he’s a high flyer. He also appears to have an understanding of what works and doesn’t work in dunk contests, as McLemore discussed with Celtics Blog after playing the Celtics this weekend…

“Not yet, I’m still working on it. Still planning. I still got time, I still got almost a little over a week to plan and get prepared for this great event coming up.”

He is known for his absurd vertical leap and ability to finish in traffic, but when asked if his style is more aerodynamic or high-flying, McLemore told CLNS Radio, “A little bit of both.”

“I’m definitely a high flyer. I can get high. I just want to show my athleticism out there on the floor and bring a lot of excitement out there.”

Being both aerially dynamic and a high leaper, the current holy grail of the slam dunk, the 720, has come under consideration.

“I was thinking about that, nobody has put that up,” McLemore told CLNS Radio. “But we’ll see.”

Now, the 720 dunk McLemore referenced has never been completed in an NBA Dunk Contest. But hardcore hoops fans may recall it being performed back in 2006 by former And 1 tour member Air Up There. We know McLemore can dunk. But can he do this? This just might be the game-changer the Dunk Contest has been waiting for…

VIDEO: 720 Dunk


  1. MY says:

    Well there are 27 dunks they can choose from

  2. ?????? says:

    not to put down the incredible athletic achievement of that dunk, but it was not a 720. from where he plants his feet to where he dunks it, it was barely a 540. this has been my problem with most dunks. the vince carter reverse 360 windmill is still my favorite nba dunk contest dunk of all time, but even that wasn’t a true 360. let’s just call them what they are.

    • master says:

      Wow somebody here is hating too hard.

    • go play kids says:

      possibly your problem is your bad at math. but most likely your a hater. yes he did a quarter turn before lift off. so technically it would be a 630 degree turn. so next time you see him in the streets you try telling him it was only 630. if he punches you out i’ll give him $90 to make up the difference.

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    Technically it wasn’t quite a 720 but amazing dunk.

    • Dappa says:

      Uhm,.. masters in dunking wrote above.. not a 720?, have you ever seen someone.. who jump off two legs of the floor with his feets tops pointing to basket for 360? no you haven´t .. than stop being smart , did he spinned twice in the air? yes he did.. than what? no 360.. no 720 .. LOL, have to first play bball, then writing stupid-smart coments..

      • Learn2Math says:

        I take it you either never took geometry or just didn’t do well. Having ended up dunking on the opposite side of the basket from where he jumped, he does one and a half spins. Thats a 540. He might land forward again making a 720 but that’s still not a true 720 when his hands touch the rim. Not to mention when he is at a 540 at the rim, he can just push off it just enough to finish as a 720 when his feet hit the floor. Once again, feet to rim, the way dunks are judged, its a 540, not 720.

      • Truth says:


      • Vic says:

        Your grammar is horrible Dappa so shut up.

      • laughing with kiwi land says:

        yeah and youre a pro

      • Jorge says:

        I think it is not because his feet are not squared with the basket, but rather that he did spin his body only 540. Its a 540 reverse dunk if you will 😛

      • Mark says:

        You should also have proper grammar when attempting to bash someone online.

      • Dwight says:

        Kobe did a real 360 one handed him and see what a full rotation is.

  4. TONY says:

    Why doesn’t the NBA bring some of the And1 dunkers against the NBA guys, that would be a nice contest.

  5. hfri19 says:

    people above… so what if you count the actual degrees covered in a circle is doesn’t add up to the 720, come on. It was an amazing dunk and I haven’t seen anything close to that ever.. not vince, not MJ, not any of the nba’s great dunkers have even come close to attempting something with that degree of difficulty

  6. master says:

    Nobody has done a real dunk over a car yet.

  7. Derek says:

    It was technically a full 720 as he is landing!

  8. G DOG says:

    Yeah not a 720….still good though.

  9. Skater says:

    Any of the Air Up There’s competition dunks would be game changers for the nba contest.
    360 reverse
    360 behind back
    360 through legs
    Any one of these would blow the roof off in the nba contest.

  10. mostvalubalecommentEVER says:

    ok ok ok you don’t need to stand up because you feel honored by my great presence, just relax.
    Now the nba slam dunk contest, 720 SOOOooo special dunk and all of this. hemmm…meeeeeeehh… any basketball player (professional or not) knows that the NBA players would be totally destroyed by random super dunk guys (youtube, hundreds of them, too much names)
    so please. really. please. s-t-f-u- (and don’t forget to bring a boat on the court, like a kayak boat with byron davis in it)

  11. Henrik Jensen says:

    and so what?, who cares if its a real scientific 720 or not, it looks cool thats what the dunk contest is all about

  12. kevin says:

    wow…talk about over analyzing a dunk

  13. D says:

    I remember this video from awhile back. Freakishly athletic. But it wasn’t a 720 then, ain’t a 720 now…
    I wish McLemore the best, mad props if he can successfully complete this dunk.

  14. fact says:

    540 on the dunk, 720 on the landing.

  15. Richie says:

    Dunk was cool af though.

  16. cirquemedia says:

    Believe it or not, I’ve been sending Ben McLemore dozens of tweets (check his twitter account)… He’s read my page, so has most of Adidas… 75+ dunks never been done in an NBA dunk contest here:

  17. cirquemedia says:

    I’ve been bombarding McLemore and Lebron for months now on Twitter… I know people at Adidas have seen my page too… 75+ dunks never before seen in the NBA dunk contest (McLemore and Adidas can take all the credit they want, check McLemore’s twitter account for the last 6+ months, I know he’s seen my “list”):

    Lebron is too full of pride to enter, he knows he will lose. The NBA needs more players like Paul George and McLemore. THE END.

  18. cirquemedia says:

    Glad the NBA dunk contest has already had a ton of hype this week and year and real all-stars – it was worth the effort. THE NBA DUNK CONTEST IS BACK FROM THE DEAD. Fans should be happy…

  19. 540 reverse not 720 says:

    720 is nice to hear and hype a great dunk! If you are watching realtime he spun so much you would be amazed. But I agree to the others here saying it’s not 720, it’s a 540 reverse dunk from the slowmo, his face was facing away from the basket. Again great dunk. So 720 technically hasn’t been done yet which I want to see McLemore try and do.

  20. Whocaresifitisa720 says:

    Who cares if the dunk is really a 720…To me the player flies high, twists a lot in air and ends up dunking successfully, which is rather cool. If someone does it in the dunk contest, no matter what it is called, it will still send a ripple in the crowd.

  21. GameBundle says:

    Ok. so somebody has done that dunk before.

  22. bd932 says:

    Nice dunk

  23. jo bzh says:

    hi, i see marc milic dunking over a car( jumping over the roof) in the 90’s when he play in slovenia.

  24. LBJMVP says:

    it was a 720 now stop hating, period

  25. Smart As$ says:

    All you guys do is to be some jerks who wants to be a know it all. All you do is watch and over criticize when I bet you can’t even do a single dunk that can participate in one of these events. Regardless if it is a true 720 or 360 dunk it is pretty awesome that some people (NBA or not) can do those dunks. We don’t have to be critical in how many degrees did he really make coz if that is the case then might as well base it on just plain numbers and disregard the way that pulled it off. Just imagine it being done that way, “Winner since he was able to jump 20.53 ft away from the rim and was able to turn 375.9 degrees slamming the ball at 50mph” Is that how you want to score a slam dunk contest? So stop the hating and just enjoy the contest.

  26. Mud says:

    I don’t see any hate. They are right, it’s not a 720 and shouldn’t be called a 720. In fact, the feat is nearly impossible to do because gravity will not allow you to stay in the air long enough to spin twice before dunking. One should not get credit for doing a “720 dunk” when he didn’t really do it. AUT720? Never happened, and never will.