Kevin Love Thanks Timberwolves Fans For All-Star Votes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When it became obvious that Kevin Love had a chance at being voted in as an All-Star Game starter, the Timberwolves decided to try and get out the vote. Lo and behold, it worked, as Love moved past Dwight Howard and into the starting five with a surge in votes over the last few weeks.

To show his appreciation to the Timberwolves fans who took the time to vote for him, Love took out a full-page ad in Sunday’s Minnesota Star Tribune



  1. Cheesy! says:

    So was he campaigning for votes?

    Why does Love all of the sudden sound like he will be a Wolf forever.

    Seems like he was always disgruntled with Minnesota’s front office and teammates.

  2. lbj says:

    Thanking the fans will not help you win championships. You need to come to my kingdom in Florida to win a ring. We will trade future hall of famer Norris Cole to Wolves. HEAT BABY!!!!
    Starters-chalmers, wade, king james, love, bosh

  3. letdownwolvesfan says:

    I’m a Wolves fan and he might as well leave. It’s gotten to the point where it’s pretty obvious Love isn’t carrying a team anywhere unless he has another scoring superstar wing player with him. The wolves have a top 5 center alongside him, but they still can’t get it done without a one on one scorer for the 4th quarters and that will never happen if they give love a new contract with the contract Pek already has. Trade him and get value while we can. Get rid of JJ Barea too, man he sucks and has been forcing things way too much costing us any chance we have at the end of a lot of games

  4. letdownwolvesfan says:

    Plus Pek will probably never play a full season without missing a dozen games

  5. That guy says:

    As skilled as some wolves are they need to do bad enough this season to keep their pick and pick up Tyler Ennis as i think he would complete what the team needs… now and in their future.

    • mitch says:

      They won’t be complete now or in the near future with or without him…. they have already won too many games to be bad enough for a high pick and even when they get high picks they screw them up anyways so i’m sorry but you are clueless they need a hell of a lot more than some college freshmen who has done nothing more than score 12 points a game and hit one lucky game winner. I don’t know what you’ve been smoking but pack another one for me

  6. NBAFANS.J says:

    KEVIN LOVE wasn’t campaigning, he was just thanking his fan for voting for him unexpectedly to be a starter in all star game. and fyi last all star game he was a reserve so it was a surprise for him to be a starter. he was just talking about his contract in T-WOLVES he didn’t say to be forever