LeBron Holds Dunking Exhibition At Heat Practice

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERLeBron James has for years publicly flirted with the idea of joining the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but he’s never actually committed to the event. Which doesn’t mean he can’t throw down with the best of them. After the Miami Heat practiced today in Phoenix, LeBron took the opportunity to work on a few dunks. Lucky for us, cameras were rolling…

VIDEO: LeBron Dunking After Practice

(via Deadspin)


  1. lbj says:

    These dunks will kill Paul George 360 windmill!!

    • HF15 says:

      Only one of them looked decent, the rest were lackluster. The in-game 360-windmill by Paul was better than any of these.

      • Boastfulness is not an MVP says:

        lbj fan above WHEN DID YOU TAKE YOUR MEDICINE? THOSE DUNKS WILL KILL P.G’s windmill?!! LOL!!! …. STOP DREAMING Lebron.. STOP PRETENDING!!.. If you’re really a great player you should have the courage to compete.. the reality is YOU ARE AFRAID TO LOSE!!.. YOU CAN’T BE IN THE CONVERSATION between Kobe and MJ.. Those two guys love to compete win or lose and both Kobe and MJ won the Slam Dunk Championship.. but you Lebron, you are afraid to lose that’s the reality of it.. YOU DON’T HAVE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION.. THE REASON ONLY WHY YOU WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS ALL BECAUSE OF D.WADE.. YOU ARE NOT A COMPETITIVE PLAYER not like KOBE and MJ.. That’s make Kobe and MJ different from other great players!!.. GREATNESS IS NOT ABOUT SHOWMANSHIP Lebron it’s about being competitive and having a heart of a champion win or lose.. YOU ARE JUST MAKING A FOOL TO YOURSELF Lebron!!.. just stop pretending.. you should’ve 2 season MVP’s only and KOBE should’ve got 3 season MVP’s which Kobe deserved it’s just that the MEDIA and NBA doesn’t like KOBE but the whole world knows that only and KOBE AND MJ are ion the conversation and media and NBA is just forcefully squeezing your name in the conversation of the greats.. BOASTFULNESS is not a character of an MVP player.. I understand because you’re not really an MVP..

      • above me in an idiot says:

        wow someone hates on lebrons greatness so much they just had diarrhea on this page
        lebrons on of the greatest whether you like it or not… just like mj and kobe… so stop slurpin on kobe and get a reality check

      • LBJ the king! says:

        And I hav also seen Many of lebrons in game dunks tht wer way better than all of these. Its jus fun practice. Did u watch his dunks Xmas day? He can fly

      • pKone says:

        PGs 360 “in game” dunk was a nice piece of athleticism and improvisation on the fly!

        However, you will notice the quotes around “in game”…

        There was no contesting of his dunk. It was clear and easy and he had at least as much room as Lebron did in his post practice dunks.

        No if PG had split defenders into a windmill 360 or even had a opponent in his face a little, that would have been an in-game slap down 🙂

        I also agree with HF15, the off the wall dunk was nice! But the rest were just a bit of play.

      • Lebron TOO OLD! for Slam Dunk says:

        The OLDEST PLAYER to win the Slam Dunk competition is Blake Griffin at age 21 and Lebron is what now?.. if he plans to join the Slam Dunk next season he is already 30 years of age and turning 31.. my goodness!!.. I don’t think if he can still jump that high.. LOL!!! If he force himself it will just cause him some injuries at the end.. I can’t imagine that Blake Griffins UNCLE won the Slam Dunk just because of politics.. LOL!! Maybe they can also ask the 40 yr old Steve Nash to join the Slam Dunk competition next season.. LOL!! by the way don’t you ever compare LBJ FOOL fans Blake Griffin dunks to Lebron.. Lebron is not even close to the creative and athletic dunk of Blake.. Lebron’s dunk is just power and it will not win the Slam Dunk without creativity.. He’s like an electrocuted monkey when he jumps.. LOL!!

      • Witness says:

        Boastfulness you’re just a blind hatin idiot man LOL . You made absolutely NO sense with anything you just said

        Lebron too old. You sound like a 10 year old kid as many LOL as you have in your hatin comments. Just trollin. GTF outa here

      • Desmodeus says:

        The oldest player to win the slam dunk contest was 21? Really? So Nate Robinson didn’t win it at 25 in 2010? Dwight Howard didn’t win it at 22 in 2008? Harold Miner wasn’t 23 when he won it in 25? The list goes on. Seriously mate you’re an absolute idiot.

    • Brydon says:

      None of these dunks were even close to that 360!

      • pKone says:

        Why not? PG’s 360 was completely uncontested?

        Athletic? Hell yes!

        In Game? Technically… he had about as much space as Lebron had in his practice gym to dunk that 😉

    • johnny says:

      to bad hes a wussy and cant please his fans

      • LBJ the king! says:


    • paul george says:

      paul george could do that any day. im just hoping the dunk contest wil be good this year. its been boring the last few years.

      • LBJ the king! says:


      • LBJ the king! says:


    • Fred says:

      You’re an idiot if you believe that..These dunks are super basic for a 6’8 dude.

    • kevin says:

      haha…its sad when the best part of the dunk was throwing the basketball…the dunks alone although powerful..were bland, generic

    • slaw says:

      What u been smoking

    • Freighttrain says:

      It is just to easy for him to win the SDC no challenge no need for taking part ever i guess…….

    • ncsportsman says:

      You must be blind because the windmill george did was far better than any of these. Lebron has no style or grace when he dunks. His legs and body are stiff and uncordinated and honestly looks like a silverback gorilla putting it in the hoop…LOL

    • LAinKolumpo says:

      not at all.. these are just power dunks. griffin’s a better dunker.

    • Truth says:

      Lol. Ok, Heat fan.

    • MJ says:

      Are you kidding? There is no creativity behind these. I’ve always thought that Lebron could win the dunk contest if he wanted to but if this is the best he has then he has no shot. Stay outta the dunk contest Lebron if you want to preserve your legacy.

    • shut up lbj says:

      uhm you must be crazy to think these dunks would beat PG’s windmill
      all Lebron does is throw down a tomahawk,i dont have a recent memory of him doing something flashy

    • Michael says:

      Ehhh, I don’t think so

    • sherif says:

      @ibj, paul george did that in a game so we have to appreciate that. the first two dunks of lebron’s were really nice but the last two were very average. this coming from a lebron fan as well

    • i'm not sure about this guys comment says:

      you are joking right?if not, you are a moron….

    • TheGreenLife says:

      Shut the hell up. PG’s 360 windmill was by far the best dunk of the year so far, and the competition isn’t even close. LBJ’s dunks don’t even crack top 5 of the year

      • LBJ the king! says:

        hello dunt y guys get that it so happened tht cameras wer rolling during a light practice? Come on…. U all can’t b this dumb. We hav all seen lebron dunk. Anyone memebr Xmas day?

    • Johnny says:

      lol, no they won’t… reverse windmill 360 hasn’t been done since Carter, the arguably greatest dunker, did it in a dunk contest…

    • lame says:

      LOL wut…those were just regular dunks, any nba player can pull that off…lame

    • cwroberts says:

      …did we watch the same video??

    • Chase says:

      These dunks aren’t in transition during a game either…

    • mark says:

      i dont think that i respect lebron he is amazing but paul gorge dunck was crazy and lebron knoes that and lebron is a show off he is good mello is better

    • anthony says:

      mediocre dunks…..wnt win the contest

    • fsfs says:

      How would these dunks kill George’s 360 windmill dunk? He does not know how to be creative with his dunks and he mostly does power dunks. Nothing against him, I think he is currently the best player in NBA but I don’t see him winning a slam dunk contests with these dunks, although he could win it by votes due to his popularity.

    • Mystery says:

      The most challenging thing was timing it. Dunks were nothing spectacular. A 360 windmill looks much better, by far!

    • xyco delubyo says:

      thats correct..lbj will kill all contenders!!

    • Kaderius says:

      yes they would

    • samson says:

      Nothing particularly special. I am sure he can do much better.

    • VC15 says:

      All these dunkers suck…. Vince maybe a questionable player but he is the greatest dunker of all time…. in game and dunk contest.

    • Dude.... says:

      No. Just no. Ingame nasty vs kinda nice practice dunks? No

    • lbj won't win says:

      no wonder he doesn’t join… he’s all power… no style.. he can’t win

    • Baller says:

      Are you kidding lol, these are such basic dunks all he is doing is ooping it to himself in nice ways. His dunks are what he does in game nothing special

    • ron ron says:

      joking right?

    • D says:


    • MohamedMiraoui says:

      ……What planet do you live on bro

    • KF says:

      windmill dunk hurting his head!

    • Kd. says:

      I hope you are not serious.

    • Jiggs says:

      Nah… its like in game dunks. Nothing spectacular. PG’s dunks way much better than LJ. Boring dunk.

    • OffTheWall says:

      To be honest, LBJ is a supreme athlete, he has major ups, originality and most importantly; style.

      However – George’s 360 WINDMILL (HELLO?!) is the best dunk mid game since some of Carter’s stupid antics. Dunking on someone is the best thing you can do, and we already have plenty of those (LBJ, Blake, Ross, Barnes, George, Howard, Bryant….the list goes on) but in the contest of the pure dunk..? LBJ is too old. I don’t think he’d win it. There’s simply too many athletes out there who work on their ups more than him. Sure, he might win by votes alone…but everyone knows that being the dunk champ doesn’t make you the best dunker.

      Just my 2 cents. I’m glad LBJ shows us what ‘he got’, but the bottom line is, if he ever enters the dunk contest, he’s a fool for risking injury and humiliation. the only way is down for him. especially in that tournament.

    • Widows Peak says:

      You disgust me! He just did tomahawks (they were great btw) but nothing fancy just powerful

    • Boastfulness is not an MVP says:

      STOP DREAMING Lebron.. STOP PRETENDING!!.. If you’re really a great player you should have the courage to compete.. the reality is YOU ARE AFRAID TO LOSE!!.. YOU CAN’T BE IN THE CONVERSATION between Kobe and MJ.. Those two guys love to compete win or lose and both Kobe and MJ won the Slam Dunk Championship.. but you Lebron, you are afraid to lose that’s the reality of it.. YOU DON’T HAVE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION.. THE REASON ONLY WHY YOU WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS ALL BECAUSE OF D.WADE.. YOU ARE NOT A COMPETITIVE PLAYER not like KOBE and MJ.. That’s make Kobe and MJ different from other great players!!.. GREATNESS IS NOT ABOUT SHOWMANSHIP Lebron it’s about being competitive and having a heart of a champion win or lose.. YOU ARE JUST MAKING A FOOL TO YOURSELF Lebron!!.. just stop pretending.. you should’ve 2 season MVP’s only and KOBE should’ve got 3 season MVP’s which Kobe deserved it’s just that the MEDIA and NBA doesn’t like KOBE but the whole world knows that only and KOBE AND MJ are ion the conversation and media and NBA is just forcefully squeezing your name in the conversation of the greats.. BOASTFULNESS is not a character of an MVP player.. I understand because you’re not really an MVP..

      • Chris says:

        Dude, check your freaking name first? Boastfulness is not an MVP? Are you kidding me? You mean to tell me that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who you seem to exemplify as champions, were not boastful? Your name in itself already tells me you don’t know what you’re talking about. And the Heat won because of D Wade? Don’t get me wrong, D Wade is a great player, but you mean to tell me that the Heat won a championship because of a few great games by D Wade? Are you completely eliminating Lebron’s spectacular performances and him averaging 28 points and 10 rebounds a game during the stretch of the playoffs? Are you completely eliminating the fact that he was able to save his team from elimination on numerous occasions? What your narrow mind can’t seem to contemplate is that all great players won championships with another great player by their side. Lebron deserves all the accolades he has and more. You just seem like an idiot child who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Do yourself a favor and think before you post your opinion. Or better yet, don’t post it at all and keep the hating to yourself. Hating is for idiots like you.

      • Whateva... says:

        you and millions other with this thought process irritate me. so based on your logic we should nullify dang near every championship where the original 10-12 guys were drafted by the same same team you won the championship??? So let’s take Jordan and Kobe since people like to compare Lebron to them. I’ll give you the first 3 rings but the next 3 rings were bought by you standards. Dennis rodman, Kukoc, Ron harper and a slew of non big name players were not originally bulls. Kobe’s rings were with non original lakers Shaq, Horry, Fisher, Glen Rice, etc. Paul Pierce had KG a timberwolf and ray allen a supersonic to win his ring, You guys just fell into the media trap that pumped lebron and decision up and you joined the bandwagon of hate for no reason at all. he was a free agent and did a legimate move by going to another team. many greta players did that but lebron is singled out. it makes no sense by your logic. your argument is faulty!!!

      • Flex says:

        Actually other than the moronic points you tried to make, Miami won the last championship because of Ray Allen…Just saying…However, so many individuals in this room making such statements as foolish as “stop talkin Lebron and just do it” or “those dunks were lame, just power”. Do you not get it, this man is not only one of the best players of all time, he is a champion, league MVP, gold medalist, All-Star, player of the week, player of the month, player of the year, the most versatile, probably most dominant player of this era and still people want this guy to do more….Seriously, can he let someone else atleast have some crumbs off his plate, like being happy for winning the dunk contest…this man doesn’t need to compete in anything else…when he joins, I think it would be in the final phase of his career because at that point he could afford wasting his time to entertain the fans because he’ll have nothing else better to do…atleast he shows off his dunking talent during pre-game shows and practices so the fans could see that he has great dunking skillz, but really I think he’s already taken over the NBA enough as it is. The dunk contest is about wowing a crowd with magical displays of jumping and acrobatics, almost reminds me of what a Jester would do for the King, well need I say more…

    • dq says:

      All he can do is tomahawk….

    • Jacob Bryant says:


    • Da Beast says:

      He wanted competition in the dunk contest, he’s got it. He still won’t get into the dunk contest because he’s scared. He can keep up with his pre-game and post-practice dunk shows. No one cares.

      • Witness says:

        Riiiight. No actually EVERYONE cares that follows the NBA, just like YOU or you wouldnt be in here hahahahaha

    • Witness says:

      Whats AWESOME is that all the Paul George fans out there can now get told AGAIN that his dunk was not even CLOSE to a 360 it was *180*. ANYONE can CLEARLY see pausing the video that BOTH of his feet are facing the OPPOSITE direction of the hoop BEFORE taking off.. THAT makes it a 180. Sorry guys. W E A K.

    • tit says:

      nun of those were better then paul george

  2. Kunjaymaster says:

    With the power in those dunks he doesn’t need to do anything new and still win it every time.

  3. You have got to be kidding says:

    Am not sure if the author meant this article as a joke. There is absolutely nothing special about these dunks. Common, very common..

  4. shortystump says:

    Weeeaaak!!! Those were weak at best! He never enters the slam dunk contest because he doesn’t want people to see him lose. I did better dunks than those in high school and I never even went on to play college ball.

  5. Paul George says:

    Wow Lebron you totally put me to shame with those super complicated throwdowns! Touche

  6. TONY says:

    Lebron is a grear leaper. The problem is that he is too stiff and has no style or charisma when dunking, I believe that he knows that and that is why he doesn’t compete in the contest.

  7. Colby says:

    None of these dunks were special at all.

  8. GameBundle says:

    Lebron should be in this year’s dunk contest. Face-off against Paul George.

  9. Kyle says:

    Okay just get in the dunk contest already!

  10. hfri19 says:

    lol, now wonder he doesn’t enter. that was weak. I figured he did something crazy, so I was excited to see the video. Hahaha and the lebron fan above is saying that will kill georges 360…. i hope you are being sarcastic

  11. rokec says:

    Nothing special…no one of these dunks are something spectacular…I think he had a few better dunks than he showed here.

  12. ncsportsman says:

    Cant really flop and fake an amazing dunk so I don’t think he will be entering a dunk contest anytime soon. He looks so stiff and uncordinated when he dunks.

  13. realdunks says:

    foo is whack! no show

  14. haroon says:

    lebrons dunk r all lobs to himself and the dunks arent really amazing

  15. scott says:

    i hope ur joking, none of those dunks r even close to the paul george 360…..
    oh, and ur not smart !!!!

  16. dgs says:

    Yeah Bron, you can rip off the rim, you’re a beast on power no doubt. But how about a between the legs, windmills, 360? Is that why you don’t sign up for the contest?

  17. Kd says:

    sorry LeBron but that wont win u a championship. you need to come play in okc with kevin Durant. we’ll trade future hall of famer point guard reggie Jackson and serge ibaka for lebron

  18. Tajci says:

    The best ever

  19. Brian says:

    It’s only power full dunks. It’s not difficult

  20. Elly says:

    Didn’t see anything extraordinary here

  21. Yeos says:

    Any one notice he was wearing Adidas sweats?

  22. LeBron iZ DeezD says:


  23. Steven says:

    those dunks were absolutely nothing special. no spins, no windmils, nothing. Im a knicks fan and i still think no one can beat Gerald Greens windmill allyoop during a face break down 4 in the 3rd

  24. CP10 says:

    A giant of a man, a whole head taller than D Wade, and Wade’s already 6’4.. my God..

  25. somedude says:

    I don’t understand why he never signed up for an All Star dunk contest…He said he would one year and then pulled out..Atleast this year is gonna be a good one.

  26. papilloj says:

    These are normal dunks.

  27. MJ says:

    Not really.

  28. Jack says:

    Actually, those dunks are pretty weak in comparison to some of the ones he does in game.

    PG24’s windmill takes the cake though.

  29. duckas says:

    pretty average dunk by his standards…the last one- reverse dunk—-very subpar

  30. mark says:

    im sorry but i never saw lebron get 62 man lebron is still very good he has 2 rings

  31. mark says:

    lets go somone answer no com,e back

  32. Ernie says:

    These dunks weren’t even that impressive. Why would ESPN send me a notification of this!?!?!?!

  33. Steve says:

    Now we see why Lebron hasn’t signed on yet. These look a lot like his awesome dunks in the game but nothing that special for a dunk contest. He certainly wouldn’t hold up to Carter, Dominique, or his Airness. It would be a big let down to see the second best player and first most hyped player in the league do mediocre dunk contest dunks. Of course the judges would likely give him the title anyway, and the fan voting would be a joke.

  34. javier says:

    Just want to call the attention

    The same dunks like always..

  35. heat all day says:

    true story bro paul george cant handle lebron james boss dunks

  36. whats up says:

    lbj, hows that? just average dunks

  37. Agudo says:

    Too many distractions with LBJ at the moment. If he intends on winning another championship, he needs to block all that other BS out.

  38. QueensBridge says:

    I could throw the ball 50 feet in the air, do a cartwheel 10 times, jump and catch the ball in the air, put it under my leg and then dunk it with my tongue…WHEN IT DONT MATTER. Bron is a great dunker…when it dont matter. I’m a great dunker too when it dont matter. WE’RE ALL GREAT DUNKERS WHEN IT DONT MATTER, unless its in a dunk contest. Why dont the NBA just let Bron dunk against the commoners/amateurs…like the commoners in his commercials. He’s the man of the people, but he’s even more afraid of the commoners showing him up and effing up his precious brand. Lame-bron.

    • LBJ the king! says:

      You all make me sick. U really think those r the dunks lebron wuld do if he was in the contest? Please u guys r ignorant

  39. MPfromCali says:

    Even though basketball fans have been wanting to see it, I don’t wanna do the slam dunk contest, but 2 weeks from the all-star break I’ll record an exhibition of me doing dunks and post it. —– Am I the only one who thinks this is disrespectful to the other competitors and fans? In bad taste…

  40. j says:

    average dunks … just good timing

  41. mike says:

    I see why he never committed to the dunk contest, mostly just power dunks, no finesse

  42. notimpressed says:

    Not impressed at all. No finesse at all. All muscle and no dunking talent.

  43. Daddy says:

    LBJ can’t dunk, Nate Robinson dunk better than him!

  44. mike says:

    lol they acted like they never seen these dunks before…..YAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNN……

  45. bhayes says:

    Not even close to what he did pregame last year. PG24 and Damian would destroy these dunks.

  46. James says:

    These dunk are not fancy at all. that’s why Lebron is afraid of taking the dunk contest.

  47. TheAll-Star136 says:

    Dunking at the Valley of the Sun! He should join the Dunk Contest.

    He has:
    2 NBA champions
    2 NBA Finals MVP
    4 MVPs
    10 time All-Star
    Scoring champion in ’08
    Rookie of the Year in ’04
    2 Gold medals

    Why not adding “Slam Dunk Contest Champion” in that list?

  48. Tony C says:

    Give it a break man, Lebron’s not joining the dunk contest at alstar break!!!

  49. These dunks were intense. Need more videos like these!

  50. eruohtar says:

    LBJ (The commentot) is on something illegal. How does a weak reverse, something that JR smith does nicer IN GAME kill Paul George’s imitation of a dunk that helped vault Vince Carter to be known as the greatest dunker of all time?

    Really, I respect LBJ (The King) but it’s just getting lame. Every year around the dunk contest, before and after, there’s some video of him doing dunks or claiming he’ll do next years, or claiming he’s thinking about doing next years, but really, John Wall’s dunks were better than his in that summer league game and I think Lebron understands he has no shot. He’s just smart about it trying to put his name in the conversation every year but he KNOWS if he actually participated in the real thing, it’ll be something that Kobe and MJ did that he attempted and failed at. Right now, he’s just being smart by not even attempting it and leaving people to wonder.

  51. Carmelo Anthony says:

    I can do does in my sleep

  52. J3doubleFG says:

    I like how the team trying to hype up the dunk. Paul.G doesn’t need his team to back him up, the people knows what’s good.

  53. wtf says:

    crazy hops and power but creativity is lacking big time.

  54. Ram says:

    LeBron will join the Dunk contest when he turns 40.

  55. LakersWillWin says:

    To be honest, I was expecting more. Still love Bron though.

  56. 2nd comment says:

    im a heat fan, but lebrons dunks are one handed behind his head types most of the time, paul george can get fancy

  57. William says:

    His first dunk was a nine but the others were eights and less. Even his team mates reactions tell you.

  58. JJ says:

    Why is he so scared to be in the dunk contest?

  59. Meccii says:

    Until someone else jumps over a player in a game and dunks Vince is the best period.

  60. NoCreativity says:

    At least I’m not the only one that’s not impressed by this video.
    I’ve said this since Lebron entered the league years ago, he can’t/won’t win a dunk contest because he lacks creativity. That’s why he will never enter the contest. He gets high and dunks hard but that’s it… nothing more.

  61. bambam says:

    half ya’ll so stupid.. his head at top of the rim and hes literally barely trying.. PG cudnt even win the dunk contest when he joined.. for lebron itd be a joke..one or two good pg dunks in his career to lebron 100s

    • LBJ the king! says:

      I kno!!! He was barely trieng! And all these ppl believe he was really trieng hahaahhhhh u all make me laugh. Watch his games.

  62. ALBSSSSSS says:


  63. FBJ says:

    The King has power and force, he does not need finesse. True ballers will judge the contest. And you will see his best dunks, not practice. Why would a player as wise as the King tip his hand before the contest?

  64. Prince Clover says:

    Come on Lebron.. go for it.. U running out of time..

  65. sathv says:

    pathetic; he will never compete because he’s smart enough to know he will lose.

  66. Mike says:

    Lame. So MJ really is the greatest…

  67. Jan says:

    Reason why LeBron wont enter the dunk contest is because he doesn’t want fans to remember that the only dunk contest he won was rigged… Which Shanon Brown the former LA Lakers actually won… LOL…. this man has been handed everything before he even came to the league… The league needed a superstar to divert the attention away from Kobe Bryant at the time of his troubles… You fans are clueless if you dont see that…

  68. jan says:

    still,, WEAK!

  69. #30 says:

    VC, MJ, Richardson, G.Green

    For me : The best NBA dunkers of all time.

  70. joe says:

    all you know it all armchair wannabes – blah, blah, blah.. who gives a F about your opinions? get a life!

  71. hobbel22 says:

    Did I miss something? Everyone is responding as if LBJ claimed that his was something. This was just him throwing down some dunks after practice. Way to go blowing this out of proportions.

  72. Trucka says:

    These dunks are very difficult to do. Not because of twisting body in air or moving the ball around in air-time. Catching is very important part, and did you see how hard that last dunk was ? Dunking is not flashing in the air and then just putting the ball in the basket, this is dunking we are talking about. It’s got to be hard.

  73. hobbel22 says:

    Way to blow this out of proportions. This was just some practice fun, this comparing to PG is ridiculous.

  74. Polak from Poland says:

    even 360 of PG-which I called Dragonfly, are not even close to 360 of Spudd Webb or Nate Robinson, because of Height of these two “not tall” players, PG and LBJ are way above 6″, Nate and Spudd are below 6″ so there are differences !

  75. Jeremy says:

    When I read this comments because LeBron doesn’t compete in the dunk contest, therefore he will never be like Kobe or MJ. I got another bone for you: LeBron didn’t go to North Carolina to school, therefore he will never be like MJ. Does LeBron speak Italian and Spanish like Kobe? Not even close.

  76. Sharpie says:

    Well apparently my first comment was too mean to publish so I’ll tone it down a little. Nice try Lebron. Keep practicing at those and maybe some day you can play in the dunk contest with the rest of the men. Anyway let’s get back to reality. After this video I think we can all tell why he’s never entered the dunk contest. I also wonder if the entire Heat team strokes his ego and tells him he’s the greatest every time he ties his own shoes. I’m all for giving credit where credit is due but come on. He’s a really good basketball player but his one trick pony dunk is nothing special.

    • cool says:

      why not all those haters above perform those dunks as well… let someone cam you… i am not a LEBRON fan but pls have some respect… these dunks are for fun only… you haters i bet cant even jump high as LEBRON jumps.. you all noobs… only know how to judge people… if you aint got nothing good to say… shut your mouths and respect the dude… ohh yeah, one more thing… HE IS A NBA PLAYER WITH TWO RINGS AND CN BLOCK ANYONE… WHUT ABOUT YOU HATERS? ARE YOU EVEN A PLAYER? CAN YOU EVEN LOB SOME ALLEYOOPS TO YOURSELF THEN DUNK THE BALL CATCHING IT IN MID AIR?!


  77. mike.pl says:

    and that’s it?

  78. blaz says:

    These dunks show LB has some impressive range, he can catch the ball far from a basket at alley oop and still get the dunk. But that is all. If fully healthy it is more likely that DWade would win SDunk contest.

  79. KC says:

    He didn’t say that this are the best dunks he could do, its just a practice game for christ sake stop hating on him. Give him some respect and we all know he’s an athletic player and we all want to see him compete on Slam Dunk contest.

  80. LEBOSS says:

    As a result of lebron adding 15 kgs of pure muscle to an already monstrous frame, the king no longer has the flexibility to do aerobic dunks. In his earlier years the king could glide through the air like P George, but he has bulked up to master the more important facets of the game.
    Lebron is still No1.
    leave the dunks to VC

  81. k33n says:

    whoever says these dunks could ever compete with pg’s 360 has absolutely lost his sanity. lebron has shown way more difficult dunks in pre-game warm up’s…however lebron didn’t say those dunks would beat anything….the hype comes from his fanboys as always….give him some credit all he did was having some fun at practice. lbj fans would probably also think he could win the 3 point contest only because he managed to throw a piece of paper in the trash from 2 feet away. calm down people there isnt really any debating about this.

  82. Sakuragi says:

    Nah!! nothing special with those dunks. Yeah! really, those are too common or say average.. just like what Rodman said he’s just “average”. Poor Lebron. He was just made by hyped.

  83. mark says:

    lebron sucks and non of his dunks come close to pg and they never will lets go knicks

  84. Balong says:

    I think that dunk will destroy PG 360 Windmill dunk
    And LBJ is the Greatest Player Ever!!

  85. cool says:

    why not all those haters above perform those dunks as well… let someone cam you… i am not a LEBRON fan but pls have some respect… these dunks are for fun only… you haters i bet cant even jump high as LEBRON jumps.. you all noobs… only know how to judge people… if you aint got nothing good to say… shut your mouths and respect the dude… ohh yeah, one more thing… HE IS A NBA PLAYER WITH TWO RINGS AND CN BLOCK ANYONE… WHUT ABOUT YOU HATERS? ARE YOU EVEN A PLAYER? CAN YOU EVEN LOB SOME ALLEYOOPS TO YOURSELF THEN DUNK THE BALL CATCHING IT IN MID AIR?!


  86. Sheed says:

    Paul George windmill 360 wasn’t as great as vince carter’s. It’s all about form, just like in gymnastics. Shouts outs tim hardaway jr, ricky rubio, jackson (okc), david lee, dwight howard (is doing a great job in houston) and all others that are overshadowed by the superstars. We love this game

  87. MJ says:

    Nothing special with this. First one, is that stupid power dunk that I’ve seen so many times. The rest are garbage.

  88. think first before leaving comments says:

    Lebron just did this just to have fun and not to show off. You guys are becoming insecure that he’ll beat PG’s 360 and be on the top plays. Stop this guys. Stop this lame comparisons. Just appreciate his dunks, no matter how simple it was for you. He’s just trying to entertain his teammates, not to compete.

  89. John says:

    All of you scrubs hating on lebrons dunks are too funny.I would love to see a better angle of these dunks: It would be great to see the ball the whole time.

  90. Nba fan says:

    These were very normal dunks nothing spectacular about so I guess we can tell the fans swinging on lbj sack

  91. Xavier says:

    Dunk are simple

  92. smallguy says:

    Lebron is about 6’8 and that is what he could do? I’m officially listed as 5’8 and can do a better dunk.

  93. sally says:

    Boy George can do 14 windmills but will never be as good a player as Lebron. He will be good but he will not hold a candle to the things Lebron can do. EVER!!

  94. Guest says:

    I remember after the 2009 dunk contest (great contest that year), LeBron went on the record and said he would participate in the dunk contest in 2010. It came around and we all felt robbed because he wasn’t in it. Even Magic offered him a million dollars to participate in a contest. Lebron, WHAT MORE DO U NEED? We’ve been robbed for too long, one is just all I ask!

  95. christopher mcmichaek says:

    With those dunks lebron would not win in any dunk contest. Point blank!!!

  96. Gerrit says:

    Stop paying attention to this or get him into the dunkcontest, this is nonsense. He’s actually fooling and mocking the fans in this way!

  97. HonestoPromise says:

    LeBron is only a power dunker, no finesse in his dunks. To say that any of these would kill PG’s 360 windmill (in-game) is just a dumb thing to say. That 360 windmill is a rarity.

  98. Mike says:

    What does this mean for fans? So he’s saying he’s too good for the dunk contest? I don’t think its right that he is teasing fans like this. Its bad PR if you ask me.

  99. Jason says:

    The best part of the video is his team mates looking at the video laughing at him saying those dunks are weak! Matt Bonner comes with more flare then that. The dunk contest thanks you for not disgracing it by entering!

  100. Mike says:

    You guys are all dumb, hes just having fun he was trying to be creative, i can make a top 100 dunks of lebron james career and i bet you that PG24’s 360 wont compare to lebrons best of best.

  101. jessica says:

    dewayne wade looked better just standing there looking at his phone

  102. PG Monster says:

    Too simple. I can even do those while sleeping. -_-

  103. cirquemedia says:

    FYI, I completely agree with 99% of the “stiff, boring, Lebron dunk” comments… Paul George or Gerald Green are far superior dunkers. Lebron did enter a slam dunk contest! And it was LAME >>>

    He could have done one of my dunks, including a “fireball” dunk, but chose to not man up and enter the dunk contest:


  104. LeBrick says:

    Those dunks were crazy weak…. I seen dudes at my rec center that put on a better show. Lebron is too shook to enter the dunk contest because he knows he will lose. He is not even the best dunker on his own team, I’d put money on Michael Beasley over Lebron in a dunk contest 😉

    The Truth

  105. Andy Chen says:

    These dunks suck…. No handtime, no creativity. Only thing he got is power.

  106. LS says:

    Please, if LeBron wants to “dazzle” fans, compete in the real dunk contest during allstar weekend.

  107. Danny says:

    This clown is always doing this but never joins the dunk contest. They forget without the fans this sport would fail to exist he wants to show off his dunks in practice and warm ups but is afraid to lose in the actual contest. What happened to the days when it was an honor to be in the dunk contest? The history of Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter and Spud Webb.The problem here is that ESPN is always shows this footage. I say ESPN should never show a LeBron highlight dunk again until he is in the contest. If he doesn’t have a vehicle to show off his dunks nobody will care.

  108. rakehell says:

    his pregame dunks before are better than this..

  109. Andy Chen says:

    NBA is so stupid to promote Lebron by showing these “easy” dunks. Now we all know why he is afraid to enter dunk contest.

  110. J says:

    Im 5’10” and the simple one-handed dunk I can pull of is more impressive than these when you think about the height/reach differences.

  111. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    LeBron is a great mature complete player. If you like winning I’d take him on my team anytime. Slam dunking IDK, after what I saw he doesn’t wow me there. I’d be the first to admit if I’m wrong. I read comments about it. LJ should have done it a long time ago like first season, and tried every season until he won it. There is no shame in trying. Even if LJ waited this long he should try and prepare to loose or win. No matter the outcome he is still two time NBA Miami Heat champ and I would be happy to walk off the court loosing the Slam Dunk but even happier walking off the floor an NBA champ.

  112. Heat23Peat says:

    Heat fans lets be serious. I am a big heat fan and even bigger Lebron fan but lets be real. The dunks were basic and paul george’s dunk was much better. That being said when Vince did it it was way better and it was barely a 360 when george did it. As for who is a better dunker between the 2. They are both game dunkers but lebron has more vertical and his dunks generally look better. That being said PG has had some crazy dunks himself. In conclusion, they can both ball and it will be an exciting eastern conference finals! CAN’T WAIT!

  113. GeeMoneyyGessler says:

    Watch at 3:39 and yall see that he really has dunk game

  114. Haters Everywhere says:

    Yea and his run from halfcourt dunk one foot in front of the free throw line isnt anything…..

  115. Michael says:

    PG”s highlight dunks come in the flow of a game.. LeBaby’s come in practice.


  116. Rapsin4 says:

    Terrance Ross has the best dunk this season on kenneth faried which is MUCH better than paul georges 360 windmill. Search that dunk up. It was nasty and the raptors bench reaction was priceless.

  117. Deon Julian says:

    Stop hyping lebrons dunks me and my homeboys always do these same dunks. They’re average dunks. His creativity in the air is garbage. The dunks he do do looks nice, but he wouldn’t win in a contest.

  118. Mark says:

    what is funny is how his team mates react to the dunks..like they saw somebody doing a 720..hey wade and rashard!! when you were in your prime..your dunks was actually more impressive than that.

  119. J says:

    The other Heat players’ reactions to those dunks were ridiculous. I agree, as someone else said, it shows how much Lebron’s ego is likely stroked at every turn. I am not taking anything away from him as a player. He is the best in the game, just not the best dunker. Posting these dunks only weakens the argument that he is the best.

  120. Gerardo Perez says:


  121. JBC says:

    He makes dunks look to easy but he knows the camera is on so why should he put on a show for his non fans? Why you even watching if you hate LeBron? Can’t you not get enough of him? Y’all some haters that can’t stop hating lol. If you hate LeBron then dont watch his stuff

  122. For all Crybaby here says:


    H -aving
    A – nger
    T – owards
    E -veryone
    R -eaching
    S -uccess

  123. cp10 says:

    These dunks are **impressive** because LJ made ’em look __EASY__

  124. VC15 GDOAT says:

    “is that all bron?” I bet VC can throw that dunk easily even he’s 37! even he’s 37, his dunks were really powerful.

  125. T.N says:

    LeBron is my favourite player in the league, but none of those dunks are dunk contest worthy. He has nothing on P.G nor T-Ross.

  126. oops says:

    NOTHING EXTRAORDINARY.. he knows he won’t win in the dunk contest.. he just don’t want to admit it.. there are even a lot of smaller guys who could do it a lot better..pro and non-pro.. and NBA.COM? stop the hype..

  127. Devin (Heat Fan) says:

    For anyone to say that any of these dunks even come close to PG’s 360 windmill is ridiculous. LeBron is not the best dunker ever or currently for that matter there have been much better dunkers and will be better dunkers. I feel that LeBron should compete in the dunk contest. But saying LeBron needs to do it to add to his legacy is ridiculous by that logic KD and Melo need to enter as well. I will admit LeBron has never been known for flashy dunks he has always been a power dunker. He is a great player who with a rookie of the year award 4 mvps 2 finals mvps and 2 rings a slam dunk championship is nothing to him. As a LBJ fan i acknowledge that he is not anywhere near as good a dunker as PG. Paul George can keep doing his in game spectacular dunks but if he can’t beat LBj and the heat in the ECF and win a ring who will care about how amazing his dunks were.

  128. Whateva... says:


    Yeah LeBron is scarred when he punishes and creates havoc on the league night in and night out. You guys are ridiculous…SMH

  129. HOUSTON ROCKETS says:


    • weezyt says:

      Lies you tell,,,,MJ did have help and with all his greatness,,,look at his current situation Charlotte Bobcats!!!

  130. krytyk says:

    pretty weak stuff

  131. riqrre says:

    Nooo critiquen estupidooos no saben los dificil que es

  132. aaaron says:

    First, these aren’t impressive dunk contest dunks…at ALL. Personally lebron knows he isn’t creative at dunking like he only has one dunk he really does…prolly why he isn’t in the dunk contest…
    Second, why are you doing this stuff, like dunking and showing off if you’re never gonna be in the dunk contest….MAN UP LEBRON

  133. supreme says:

    If you any guys non ball players Lebron is one legged jumper. He can only jumps high off of one leg. He is smart not to get in the slam dunk contest because he knows he can’t win. Look at Jordan, he could jump off either leg equally high. dominque willkins, well he only jump off two. When your able to jump off either leg high you can be creative. Lebron can only basic dunks because like I said he is only a one legged dunker. Observe him when jumps off two not as high. No,way he is a better dunker than Paul George. Oh yeah, I forgot Vince Carter he could do it with either legs. He could problaby win still today. kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Devon says:

    I’m a realistic fan of LeBron. He’s great but I don’t see him doing anything creatively crazy to win the slam dunk contest.

  135. JFK says:

    I Can´t believe these dunks were put in the best-dunks conversation. LJ is a great player, but these wouldn´t make it to the second round of the dunk competition

  136. briansikasa says:

    Why are retards arguing over a dunk in the game compared to a dunk in practice? If Lebron was not a great player then he wouldn’t even be on peoples lips. Just 1 little video has people arguing. Lets wait for the playoffs and see if dunking really matters.

  137. dman says:

    plumdog and Gerald green would wipe lebron away in any dunk contest? lllllaaaaammmmmeeeeeee LEBRON DUNKS

  138. nba says:

    Weak DUNKS! Lebron is just starving for attention!

  139. R-Lo says:

    He’s no Vince Carter back in the day. VC for life!

  140. m.dot says:

    Lebron doesn’t have any finesse. He was a franchise player in Cleveland who joined a franchise player from toronto and another franchise player from Miami in order to win a ring. who is he kidding. if he’s a real champion he would of stuck with Cavs and built his own supporting cast. those dunks are regular dunks. nothing special. Big ups to Paul George and the Pacers who will knock miami out of the playoffs,

  141. Bill Russell says:

    4 lame dunks. Those weren’t worth sitting through the 30-second vodka commercial. THOSE are why he doesn’t enter dunk contests! Ooohhh… he threw the ball off the wall, wow…

  142. neutralizer says:

    for starters, its not LBJ’s fault for nba.com showing his dunks. so what if he can’t win in the dunk competition. Yes, many players can do those dunks, non-pro and pro, but it LBJ’s dunks are more significant because of his status.

    and for those who are saying that he can’t compare to MJ and Kobe. But of course, they have different positions hobo. MJ didn’t win a championship. He had pippen, Kobe had shaq/gasol. Comparing PG with LBJ is stupidity. Its obvious that LBJ is a better player. cheers!

  143. rfitzwright says:

    Lame. I’m a huge Lebron fan…

    …but lame.

  144. Witness says:

    Whats AWESOME is that all the Paul George fans out there can now get told AGAIN that his dunk was not even CLOSE to a 360 it was *180*. ANYONE can CLEARLY see pausing the video that BOTH of his feet are facing the OPPOSITE direction of the hoop BEFORE taking off.. THAT makes it a 180. Sorry guys. W E A K.

  145. Flex says:

    LBJ is the best player on the planet, his dunks count for every player posisition in the league, why you ask? becasue he is the only player who can actually play every single position out on the court and dominate. can PG do that? can Kobe do that? can Jordan do that? so who cares if he’s not the best dunker in the planet, still the best player and would still win the DC on his status alone anyway…as a matter of fact my man would win doing a 360 finger roll layup!!! Why casue I’d still vote for him thats why!!!

  146. KINGJAMESSS says:

    hey lebron haters, can you dunk? i bet you can’t even touch the rim haha so stop hating

  147. dustydreamnz says:

    Nothing great, why is he not wearing a top?

  148. Attila the HUN says:

    There is nothing spectacular about these dunks. No elevation, no hang time, no explosion, He’s like a tall horse that seems that he jumps high but in reality he’s just tall and have long hands…LoL…

  149. Garry says:

    He is more of an in game dunker. You take away the fancy throws, the dunks are nothing compared to what this years dunkers can do. Its the creativity in the air.

  150. Mattmc says:

    Creativitiy… 6/10, Style 5/10, Power 9/10, Difficulty 7/10..

    Total 7/10

    Sorry but I don’t think dunks like this would be anything special in the dunk contest. It looks like the same few dunks we’ve seen Lebron doing since his rookie season. He clearly spends more time on things that matter in basketball as oppose to dunking which sets him apart from everyone else. Overall, he has few moves.. he focuses a lot on power which makes his dunks look clean and crisp. Either than that I don’t see much of anything that would generate a “Wow Factor.”

    Predictions for NBA dunk contest…final between 1. Terrance Ross 2. Paul George

  151. Like says:


  152. NBAfan says:

    Why not join the slam dunk contest instead of this attention seeking round about way of doing things? You have the tools Lebron, but do you have the guts to put it on the line?

    stop making videos…you’re the man, so be a man and join the contest.

  153. Bulls4life says:

    First off I’m a bulls supporter, so I’m no heat fan. But you all talk like Lebron can’t dunk. The guy is a monster! And the 360 spin, watch George do it, he only just made that it to the net, watch Lebron last year vs the hawks, same situation, Lebron gets so vertical he doesn’t need to slam it, which he easily could have done but didn’t. Lebron could easy win the Dunk Contest, the guy is a vertical machine. And this was just mucking around, go watch his dunk highlights and that should quieten you down.

    Besides do people really even care about the dunk contest anymore? It’s been dying the last few years… MJ was far greater than Kobe, but Lebron is a different sort of player so you can’t really compare the 3. But MJ’s legacy is forever, no one has or will change the game like he did. Plus he starred in Space Jam and that movie still rocks haha.

  154. Antonio says:

    Put your boots on and go to the frontline…

  155. worst is floyd doesnt want to fight manny

  156. SOLAME says:

    WOOOH! Those dunks are so LAME! LBJ said he will win the dunk contest if he joins. So much talk men just do it if can faggot.

  157. CL Speedy says:

    King James, blah! He is paid and required to go to practice, but to showcase a dunking display makes me think that he is only in the game for the all mighty dollar and not for the joy of the game. The dunks on the clip were intense, but lacked quality and inventive creativity. It was nice to see him playing around, but I have seen more creative thought from Dwight Howard than in Lebron has yet to show. He’s an athlete, yes, but a showman I am afraid he falls short

  158. NBAFANS.J says:

    Theses would not win in dunk contest. There is no feelings in his dunk and full of show off. GB TY

  159. Melrose (@L_Melrose) says:

    Nice dunks, but LeBron…DON’T EVER WHERE THOSE SPANTSZ AGAIN! (The S was for shorts). 😛

  160. Yaskovitch says:

    None of these dunks were all that impressive, even by game standards. The finishes were bland. The throws off of the wall were pretty cool but those elements wouldn’t be options in a dunk contest.

  161. Aha says:

    nate robinson the only 3x nba slamdunk champion, hahaha..

  162. ihatemiami says:

    those dunks would be lucky to get a 7 in today’s dunk contest, all you brainwashed miami bandwagoners must not understand what an offensive foul is because lebron commits like 6-7 a game and never gets called. DURANT is the best pure basketball player in the game, lebron is a great athlete no denying it but he should stuck with football where you’re allowed to stiff arm people.