Orlando Magic Mascot Proposes To Kate Upton

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For all the travails that accompany being a world-famous supermodel, I’m guessing fending off marriage proposals is just another part of the job. Particularly for a supermodel like Kate Upton, who has become perhaps the preeminent supermodel the last few years, and even more so when you’re out in public at, say, an NBA game, and there’s a mascot on the lookout for love.

Kate Upton took in an Orlando Magic game over the weekend. She was with her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander, but when Verlander took a brief wander around the arena, that quick opening was apparently all Orlando mascot Stuff the Magic Dragon needed to make his move.

The ring appears to large enough to make Upton consider the proposal. And while Upton seems grateful, she conspicuously declines to answer Stuff’s question…

For his part, Verlander found out what happens when you leave your supermodel girlfriend alone for even a moment…

Stuff eventually attempted to apologize for breaking the bro code, though it appears Stuff was rebuffed by both Upton and Verlander…

VIDEO: Magic mascot Stuff proposes to supermodel Kate Upton


  1. jay says:

    nice stuff

  2. dustydreamnz says:


  3. DatzDaStuff says:

    STUFF should’ve taken off the mascot to let Kate see her muscles. The dude is ripped and he can play some serious b-ball.

  4. starbury says:

    yes dusty..stuff.

  5. hgk says:

    She fine

  6. shilon says:

    goin crazy if i was ver’

  7. Jack Bradley says:

    Stuff should’ve given her the old one-two punch combo of giving out the phone number then giving out the proposal ring then bringing her out to dinner that would’ve sealed the deal for real.

  8. Elijah says:

    The guy behind in the light blue shirt, is he the country singer from ” America has talent”

  9. Jeff says:

    Most guys are hopeless at marriage proposals……at least he didn’t STUFF IT UP!