Roy Hibbert Gets Videobombed

By Jeff Case

The Miami Heat’s Big Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have seemingly had the videobombing game on lockdown since joining forces before the 2010-11 season. Heck, we’ve got plenty of proof on this very blog that few teams can videobomb like the Heat can.

This season, we’ve seen the Kings give it a try and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama, got in a nice one (which, of course, came while the Heat were visiting the White House). The team gunning for Miami in the standings, the Indiana Pacers, had one videobomb earlier this season, with Roy Hibbert pulling a little prank on the ESPN TV crew after the Heat-Pacers game in Miami from December. After last night’s Pacers-Nuggets game from Indianapolis, Hibbert got the videobomb treatment from teammates Paul George and George Hill:

VIDEO: Paul George and George Hill videobomb Roy Hibbert after the Nuggets-Pacers game


  1. joanneemery says:

    Video bombing is something you do after you’ve won a championship! The way Indiana looks right now! I think they can beat Miami but I think they’re under estimating the western conference! Same thing happened to the Pacers in the Reggie Miller era! Better watch out!!!

  2. lbj says:

    Paul George is a big fan of our king “LeBron” He even imitate the videobombed of Miami heat team. We can trade 3 key players to Pacers in exchange to George Hill,Paul George and Roy Hibbert. We will trade Haslem,Greg Oden and future hall of famer point guard Norris Cole

    • s2pidyou says:

      You smoking dude?your crazy! George Hill,Paul George and Roy Hibbert for Cole,Haslem and injury prone oden.

  3. heat fan or lebron fan either way... says:

    funny how bad they wanna be the Heat…

    • kellogs says:

      why is videobombing a “Heat thing”?? 12yo girls videobombed before the heat did, so are the heat tryna be 12yo girls??????????????

  4. Frankie Vogel says:

    Copycats and wanna be. Any originality?

  5. THe Heat says:

    WOW, Pacers need to find their own swag, first they imitate the HEAT soccer chant during game (ohhhh oh oh oh ohhhhh oh) and now imitating thier video bombing, Cmon Pacers , i know you want beat us , but stop trying to be us!!! HEAT!!

    • JustTheStr8Facts says:

      I guess when Paul George dunks he’s trying to mimic LeBron too, huh? Derp! (flaps arm against chest)

  6. LeBron iZ DeezD says:

    …funny. But they ain’t DEEZD HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  7. Heatnation says:

    come on! pacers are not COPYING ANYTHING, they are just having fun.
    and heat dominance is over fortunately, bigger teams like Pacers are coming, and also Bulls next year we will all see.

  8. Niani says:

    heat sucks just saying none wants to be heat even LBJ hates heat

  9. theking0522 says:

    They want to be like the champs. To be the best the best you have to beat the best. How about winning against Miami first? These kids don’t learn

  10. timeflies says:

    The heat are not even going to the Eastern Conference Final so the heat fan can shut up. The pacers are the best in the NBA #SweepTheHeat

    • James says:

      U no people keep saying pacers this pacers that last time i checked the got put out 2 years in a row by Miami so till the pacers beat Miami there not on there level

  11. timeflies says:

    That Video bomb had noting to do with the trash Heat and all you band wagon heat fans will be jumping on the pacers wagon when the pacers win a championship this year

  12. LeggoHeat says:

    I’m a Heat fan, but what I don’t understand is how these Heat BANDWAGGONERS talk too much TRASH! The Pacers are rolling, they are entitled to have some fun. It’s not like the Heat INVENTED video bombing… SMH.

    • psoundz says:

      agreed. Im a Heat fan myself, but I can respect great talent like the Pacers. Let them have their fun.

  13. arenee1 says:

    every team plays that song (The White Stripes-Seven Nation Army) in their arena and almost all teams video bombs. I don’t think they are trying to be the Heat. It’s all fun.

  14. Grievous56 says:

    It’s not like the Miami Heat invented the videobomb. So stop complaining, kids. This way funnier than anything the Heat have done anyway,

  15. the m dog says:


  16. LIKEMIKE says:

    funny how everything on gets connected to Lebron and the Heat. And the heat didn’t create video bombing. It was around before you bandwaggoners were

  17. Javier says:

    The Pacers are Kobe, and the Heat are Jordan. There’s always imitations to the best.

  18. grep says:

    lol all these heat fans thinking the heat invented video bombing or something. Just cause a team does it doesn’t mean they’re copying anybody, it means they’re having fun. You know the heat didn’t invent the seven nation army chant either right?

  19. MR.SUAVE says:

    @lbj are you serious with that trade? eventhough the GMs of pacers are 3yrs old
    they wouldnt agree to that hahaha
    what are you eating lately and youve blown yo heads away!

  20. Notbigonheat says:

    less y’all forget! the clippers started this whole video bombing thing…ITS NOT A HEAT INVENTION!

  21. Gt says:

    Are we in April? Not yet but soon. When playoffs time come and the 8 spot seeds are in then we start talking about what is going to happened in the playoffs. Quetions are can the knicks take a spot in april .

    Are the brooklyn nets are going to be in the final four team. Can they make the heat and pacers sweat hell yeah.

    Does pat riley is gonna get a back up 7 footer im sure. Watch hes working on it

  22. Kunjaymaster says:

    Let’s make it clear, if Indiana does it once its no big deal but if they start doing it regularly i don’t care what anybody says they are copying the Heat. Secondly, I did notice how Pacer fans are now chanting also the Seven Nation Army song that NOBODY was doing in the league but the Heat. I doubt this is a coincidence, they are so infatuated with the Heat they are trying to do everything better than them and it just looks really desperate.

  23. Knowz says:

    Lmao that dude said Norris Cole a future HOF haha.

  24. sammmmmmmmy says:

    guess what video bombing as been around a long time way before the heat did it. get a grip guys no one is copying anyone. the heat didnt invent it… heat fans get over yourself….now

  25. dustydreamnz says:

    Videobombing is getting old but that was one of the better ones.

  26. Eddie Alcala says:

    Man shut up the heat sucks its going to be hilarious when lbj leave the heat then ull only have sucky d wade n lame starving Marvin bosh

  27. MR.SUAVE says:

    look what that video bomb this! it lead to the HEAT and PACERS in east finals
    how did yall connect tha? really?

  28. terri walsh says:

    The HEAT is da bomb! The Pacers ain’t not in! That’s why the HEAT beat them two times in the last two yrs to be the champs! They will do a three peat again! That’s my boys! Go MIAMI HEAT!!!!

  29. mismo says:

    Pacers are really COOOOL!

    go Indiana… hehehe