Anthony Davis Shows Off Own Dunking Skills

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — After seeing LeBron‘s post-practice dunks the other day, at least one other NBA player decided to show what he could do on the post-practice dunk tip. After a New Orleans Pelicans practice in Milwaukee, Anthony Davis did his own off-the-wall dunk, with a windmill thrown in for good measure. His teammate Anthony Morrow captured it on Instagram, and added the caption, “@antdavis_23 said put my in the Dunk Contest Wassup @kingjames #gopels”

@antdavis_23 said put my in the Dunk Contest Wassup @kingjames #gopels

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  1. smallguy says:

    Nice! What i liked the most is the added caption. Clearly better than LeBron’s.

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    The reaction was stupid but Davis is an amazing talent. I didn’t believe the hype at first but having watched a few Pels games lately I do now.

  3. eezynee says:

    Regardless of what kind of dunk or how difficult it is when guys that are 7ft or close to that dunk it just doesnt look as cool as the 6ft to 6’3 guys

  4. Mark says:

    “Put you in the what??!”
    “In the dunk con-“

  5. Notbigonheat says:

    I must be blind or something, but that ball just hit the rim…its not a dunk if it did not go thru

  6. RB07 says:

    Hahaha all that hype about the LBJ dunks and how he would win the dunk contest just because he did some dunks off the wall. I guess we can say AD will win the dunk contest if he participated because this one was a lot better then the LBJ dunks.

  7. chuvavka says:

    Reason why he wants to go to the dunk contest is simple because he is hungry for moneyy :).. as lebron came in the league with a set $100 mil USD…so them 20-50 K or w.e first prize gets is nothing thats like cereal money .

    BUT yes put him on the contest and NBA SHOULDN’T put lebrons stuff dunking saying he would win if he has no intention of showing up. Im Not a lebron-heat fan but Id def. get glued to the TV to watch !!! IT s like telling a baby I got ice cream . i got ice cream but never gives…

  8. Boere says:

    Lebron’s a loser because he never showed up for the dunk contest.

  9. boobies says:

    If Lebron thinks he can win the dunk contest then why the hell does he not enter already?