LeBron: I’d Win Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the downsides to social media is that in the constant race to post fast and first, sometimes context and subtlety are hard to discern. I mention that in this case only because we don’t know exactly how LeBron James said what we’re about to read. Was he joking? Was he serious? We don’t know exactly. But for some reason I don’t think he was kidding.

Anyway, just the other day we saw LeBron putting on a dunking exhibition after a Miami Heat practice in Phoenix. Since LeBron’s never actually competed in the NBA’s Sprite Slam Dunk contest, this is about as close as we’ve seen. If you read the comments on that post, there’s an epic argument still raging about how LeBron would do if he entered the dunk contest.

But how does LeBron think he’d do in a dunk contest? The Miami Herald‘s Joseph Goodman says LeBron addressed it…


  1. Guest says:

    so what are you waiting for?

    • lbj says:

      no doubt our king “LeBron” will win the slam dunk contest just like what you saw in phoenix practice game. He just shown his 40% of his dunk skills. The reason why he does not want to join slam dunk contest is because he just want other to have minor achievement in life. He is so generous to other nba player.

      • kiefer says:

        LBJ are your serious. LBJ showed 90% of his dunking abilities first there isnt a wall he can throw the ball at during the contest second he is more of a in game dunker than actually just creating dunks but would love to see him do it

      • Dwight says:

        All talk and no action LBJ. LBJ would never win because his dunks are usually a hard slam and thats why it looks good in the game. Slam dunk contest won by fancy dunks, creative dunks, not hard dunk. LBJ needs to get the “slam” out of his mind.

      • Dwight says:

        by hard, i meant powerful..

      • Jeet says:

        lbj ^^ is the biggest troll on NBA’s posts lol remember when he used to make offers for the heat? Like hey Knicks we’ll give you Haslem, future hall of famer Norris Cole, and Rashard Lewis for Melo….. hahahahahhahah

      • Victor says:

        @ Jeet

        Totally agree with you. I don’t even respond to him anymore because what he posts/offers is just so stupid even he must know he is nuts. “Hey we will give Haslem, Oden, and Cole for George, Hill, and Hibbert.” That is his for real latest offer that I have seen. What a joke.

      • Lebron not a good icon for NBA says:

        I have total respect to the NBA. I just love watching NBA. but the way Lebron filming his dunks on the eve of 2014 Slam Dunk Contest and not participating into it is a total insensitive to the NBA. He is kinda telling the league that the participants on the league are kinda second tier only to his level. Lebron if you show something for your fans to expect something on you do it win or lose. Lebron is not helping the NBA on what he did but he is kinda just thinking for his self-righteousness which is not a good character of an MVP player which will be misunderstood by NBA and fans. IT’S LIKE A MODEL EMPLOYEE IN THE COMPANY WHO THINKS ONLY FOR HIMSELF AND NOT THE COMPANY AT ALL WHO PAY’S HIM FOR WHAT HE’S DOING. NBA might lose respect from the fans and next to it might lose business because at the end NBA is still a business. It’s not a very good example to a league that the whole world watching it.

      • who cares says:

        why you care about the nba so much man lol they make enough money don’t worry about them… and lebron makes mad cake too… and so do all of these athletes… so when enjoy the sport for what it is instead of slurping on a player or the poor nba organization… after the game is done go do accomplish something with your life
        the one thing you can take away from all the nba greats (mj, kobe, lebron, etc.) is the hard work… they can be average players but to be one of the best you need amazing work ethics.. thats what makes them so good

      • Dwight says:

        @lebron not good icon for nba and @ who cares. I’m trying to enjoy the nba but idiotic actions by a certain players just ruins the excitement that I have for this coming nba ASG. Lebron tries to trash talk like the old school legends but he doesn’t realize what made old school legends so great is that they backed it up. All lebron’s dunks in the video is weak! nothing fancy or exciting about it. Put a shirt on! Lebron must have really low self-esteem to put up that video to try to tell himself that he is also good at dunking. 100% guarantee he will lose the contest.

      • chalice says:

        LeBron is obviously joking. If not, he’s a couple fries short of a happy meal. I wish that more “stars” will enter the slam dunk contest (Yes I know Paul George is dunking). The truth is that LBJ has much more to lose entering the contest than he has to gain by winning. If LBJ is somewhat serious, enter the contest and let’s see. Personally, I have not been that impressed with LBJ’s dunking ability with respect to a dunking contest. The last great dunk contest was 2001 with Vince Carter. Blake Griffin was ok, but not at Carter’s level.

      • Try-on says:

        “The reason why he does not want to join slam dunk contest is because he just want other to have minor achievement in life. He is so generous to other nba player.” Such a Joke of a statement….The G.O.A.T aka MJ participated in the dunk contest so what’s your point exactly?

      • “minor achievement in life” lol…that was actually funny, troll haha

    • qwe says:

      Look. Yes, LeBron is a great dunker with tremendous athleticism. The fact is, he still is not in the dunk contest. Nowadays in the NBA they say that they just want to give the younger players a chance, but that’s sort of bologna. I don’t know if their scared, but I think it shows extremely lo character to show off an arsenal of dunks just to show the world that you are the best, but does not want to be in the contest either because he’s scared, is too lazy, or honestly does want give others a chance. I would have no problem with that if he just stated that and moved on, but he had to show off and dunk like crazy. That’s just low. So you show everyone you’re the best, but you refuse to compete. WIMP!

    • boston george says:

      Listen up all u rooks lebron would win u kno y cuz his name remember wen griffin won derozon should have won then…..but no cuz of griffins buzz they gave it to him so u think the league/illuminati lol…. would have lebron loose u on sumthing but he aint in soo all u can doo is wonder ……ps. lebron is a punk for talking and making a short clip of those dunks that suked and for not joining

    • Nba Guest says:

      lebron Losted his High School contest Fact, and he will Lose an NBA dunk contest. He’s not Creative and does one ,One handed dunk ever dunk attemp during the season for a high jumper just simple dunks. And, the dunk in the practice video was Done Already and the off the wall dunk he TOKE FROM JOHN WALL during the nba-lockdown YouTube it Please.

  2. smallguy says:

    Lebron won’t win. Lebron, if you think you could win. Then join the contest. I’ll be there watchin and be happy to see you fail!

  3. Lebron is a great dunker but i dont think he will win if he joined..

    • LBJ the king! says:

      Um Mike do u live in Cleveland? I do and its pathetic really. He gave us 7 years with an ignorant team and coach. Who fires mike brown then lakers do same then rehires him back? Ha tht wuld b Cleveland. I dunt blame him

      • KD fan says:

        You can’t win a competition you don’t participate in. LBJ prove it and let the fans decide, dude after all the proof of the pudding is in it’s eating. Too much talk and no action (and might I add too much flopping) is all glamor and no substance. Is that what you want? If you can dunk half as good as you flop, you have a chance of winning it.

  4. lilJordan says:

    Then, why the **** won’t you join the Dunk contest? Afraid to lose I guess. I have tried for so long to like you, and thought of considering you as one of the greats. But crap like this separates you from Jordan, Magic, Bird, etc.

    • hater pater says:

      dont talk trash if you dont have have the game to back it up. if you want to say your the best at dunking the join the dunk contest

    • YouAreIgnorant says:

      @lilJordan, i don’t understand why people like you make those types of comments. obviously you have nothing better to do than hate on someone making probably 50mil+ a year with nba contract and numerous endorsements. hope you have fun at your $10/hr job tomorrow. in my honest opinion, lebron doesn’t join the contest because he wouldn’t win but because he wants the lesser-famous players to have something… if he joins this then the fans will expect guys like him and KD to join every year and not even bat an eye at the other guys. so ShutUp Ignorant Guy

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        wow your name is the perfect description of you! $10/hr means you don’t have to do nothing. “probably 50mil+ a year” your words, and all because he is an icon that people pay to see means he HAS to perform. He gets paid cause people want to watch him.
        LBJ is a great player but he is a PUNK for teasing the fans year after year. He should have it written into his next contract that he HAS to perform at the dunk contest.

  5. kb8 says:

    smallhuy your nickname tell us everything;)

  6. Birdman says:

    LeBron would win the dunk contest hands down if he were to enter. His aerial ability, his power, his prowess, his athleticism when he gets to the rim, he could pull off the majority of dunks with ease. The only person who could give him a decent challenge would be Blake, now that would be a contest id liek to see.

    • Jolan says:

      I like LeBron, but him and blake are more power then anything. That and being that tall doesn’t give you more of an advantage, nate Robinsons dunks look so much better because he is so short and has to have a way higher vert to do anything at the rim. he is in the air way longer so looks better. LeBron thinks he would win, but besides his power he cant seem to do any dunks the rest of them cant do.

      • asdf says:

        Except Blake has shown it multiple times in the warm-ups that he van pull off a lot of finnesse dunks. LeBron hasn’t shown that and power does not win you dunk contests. And with the guys that are representing the East this year, LeBron would be put to shame performing next to them.

    • Jer_Boo says:

      You left out the part where the judges would be biased toward him like the were to Jordan when he beat Dominique Wilkins

  7. For all Crybaby here says:

    HEY smallguy: can u even dunk? or have you ever been selected for a college hoops? Cry baby! so bitter

    H -AVING
    A -NGER


    • R-Lo says:

      You sound like Gary Busey with your acronym.

    • LBJ the king! says:

      Denial!!!! He’s a beast and clearly the best player

    • Witness says:

      Thats nice bro I like that

    • NBAFan says:

      Yes I could dunk in high school being 6 feet tall. yes i was selected to go to Nebraska state but turn it down because my mother was legally blind and could not support herself, so I had to stay home a get a job.. So I guess I can be a hater and despise the whining Lebron does and his childish antics on the court. What about you?

  8. LeBum says:

    LeBron would only play if he had wade n bosh to help him out

  9. Ryan says:

    If you think you could which i know you can,then join the dunk contest and prove it and do it just like all the other legends!!! If you like dr.J a lot and if him or michael jordan inspired you then do what they did and join the dunk contest and everybody in the world will watch it

  10. Hussain says:

    Now since Lebron James is playin in the NBA everybody wanted to see him in the dunk contest and he said he would do it if i remember it correctly but then he changed his mind and nobody can tell why!

    He knows that everybody wants to see that and plays with the people when he does those dunking exhibitions but again if he really believes he would win it why not doing it?

    For me its just arrogant talk and nothing more cause u cant compare those practice dunks to the all star dunk contest and it would be better for him to just not talk about it since he won´t do it!

  11. Bstarr says:

    Here we go again

    First off all he chickend out & now saying that he could win it all.

    If you don’t want to compete in the contest just shut it king flop!!! Last year Magic offered 1 million bucks for king flop to compete & he rejected.

    Lebron is a joke when it comes to this topic. Don’t mind him & let’s give this year competitors more attention.
    Those guys at least give us what we want to see!

  12. Shorty_Ubk says:

    I’m sure that LeBron can’t win SDC just beacuse of his style of dunking…:) He only makes atletic and hard/power dunks in any video that I’ve ever saw and he isn’t creative for SDC… But in game, he’s one of the top 10 for me even I don’t like him…

  13. Bleno says:

    Lebron could hit a layup for his final dunk and he’d still win, that’s how big the hype would be. I’m sure he could win it though.

  14. Random guy says:

    he wont win, that why he always says “ill be in the dunk contest” but never participates. he wouldnt win, yeah he got hops and all, but doesnt have the creativity that other dunkers have. would you win? stop talking and prove it. i love lebron btw, im not a hater, but i dont think he would win a dunk contest

  15. Yea says:

    LeSCared simple as that

  16. BigMike says:

    LBJ IS A BRAGGART. I’ve been watchin his games since his first in the NBA and I cant remember a single dunk that could be rated 50 points at slam dunk contest.

  17. lebron dunk contest judge says:

    dunk contest is a popularity contest also which means if lebron joined the dunk contest…the nba would declare lebron as a winner before the contest…people tend to forget that m.jordan was about to eliminated from the dunk contest and they just let him back in. what lebron should do is be a judge at the dunk contest

  18. raffy says:

    Lebron is the best player in the planet!

    • Nice says:

      Yes, he is the best player in the planet. He is playing alongside magma elementals and imps, against the humans on the surface of the planet.

  19. PATRICK says:

    If he thinks he can win the slam dunk contest why has he not part of the event… if you think you can win it get in it and let me see what you got otherwise stop teasing fans with exhibitions. I like LeBron as a player (although not my favorite) but im not a fan of just talk back it up with actions.

  20. Kenryumhl12 says:

    You dont need to say it Lebron. As the greatest said ” Just Do It”. No more No Less.

  21. No walls says:

    Unfortunately, there are no walls in a small gym in the dunk contest. While it looked really cool…..doesn’t translate well to the actual contest on All-Star Weekend.

  22. LBJ says:

    Lebron would win merely on his name and status. NO WAY people vote someone like Harrison Barnes over Lebron? he’d win even if he wasn’t the best

  23. kiefer says:

    stop talking about how you would “win” the dunk contest. if you’re not gonna join then stop acting like you would win. Lebron is a great in game dunker. those dunks he did in practice are power dunks nothing was creative except bouncing the ball off the wall which he couldnt do in the dunk contest since their isnt any walls and i doubt he even got it right the first time he tried it. would love to see him in but stop talking about it if you dont wanna bother with especially after he said HE would but then backed out. smh

  24. ingiwtf says:

    To say that LBJ doesn’t have creativity is blasphemous. He is a very high inteligent and creative person.
    And who the heck wants to see LeBron compete againt “Ben McLemore”? or “Terrance Ross”? those guys are jokes compared to him. although I admit I like the P.G. vs. LBJ matchup in a dunk contest. Put Blake and maybe Westbrook or Gerald Green and Paul George and THEN there is a point to him beeing in the contest. Otherwise it’s a wrap for him.

    • Kel says:

      Terrance Ross is a good dunker, what are you talking about? I think LeBron is more of an in game dunker.

  25. Andrew Wiggins says:

    “I will be in the dunk contest next year” when asked what did he think of the new dunk contest format

  26. Al says:

    Jordan, Carter, Wilkins, Erving. All the great dunkers participated in a dunk contest. If you wanna be remembered as one, join and dominate. Dont sit there and say you will win because that means nothing

  27. J Carlos says:

    I can care less about the dunk contest, I believe that Lebron is more worried about Indiana Pacers being the team in the East to beat and actually taking them out of the championship run and being that my boy George is in the dunk contest Lebron is not wanting to do anything with it. But although I am a fan of the Pacers i believe that neither can win the dunk Contest, although i would love George to win.

  28. Javier says:


    he doesnt have sufficient creativity,, The same dunks always.

  29. Itsmeyo says:

    I think he could win , if that would be because of pure hype or skill i don’t know. If he was still in the shape of his Cavaliers days (less muscular) i actually think he could perform the best dunks.

  30. Javier says:

    In slam dunk he needs 3-4 good dunks… Not all is power..

  31. Kobe is #1 says:

    Ok after reading this, it prove that LeBron will never be a elite player like the greats in MJ even Kobe Bryant, LeBron will be great at the game of basketball because of his skills on the court yes, but if the compersion between him and Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant keep coming up it will just be a waste of time because they compeleted and won the SDC and LeBron will not even try so stop saying I’m going to win. If you made that special on espn on where you might play next season big then being in the SDC will make it bigger for the fan and the game of basketball it self. I dont hate LeBron James he a great player dont get me wrong but it just that dude EGO is to big and the move he make or dumb. I really dont think LeBron want to be compared to the MJ and Kobe I think he is his on man, but dont say you will win something and you want even try it.

  32. Kobe says:

    KING LBJ will win this one no doubt about it…if PG 360 and half windmill do it in a game ala VC, LBJ did the between the legs in a game ala Kobe ala Rider, dont forget the IRISH where it all started…he did beat shannon brown though

  33. Javier says:

    LeBrons haters have the IQ of a rock. The reason LBJ doesn’t wanna join the dunk contest is because he knows he would win in a landslide. It’s called bias, I mean not only is he the best player in the NBA right now, he’s also one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Duh everyone is gonna vote for him. And I know you haters think you’re the majority here, but you’re not. He could easily hire people to come up with some sick dunks for him to do, because he can do any dunk, even PG’s 360 windmill. LeBron is simply being generous, and I’m not even joking. It’s too late for LeBron, because he’s already established a name too big for himself. If he were to have joined as a rookie, that would have been different. I even read somewhere, some Lakers fan said that LeBron will never be as good as Kobe because he’s never been in a dunk contest LOL. Did you know LeBron already has the same amount of Finals MVPs as Kobe? LOL

  34. L.A Baby!!! says:

    Yeah, and I’ll be the next superstar in the NBA. It’s all to talk…prove it!
    The dunk contest isn’t about power and strength anymore. It’s all about props and creativity. Lebron lacks both 😦

    • L.A Baby!!! says:

      His played windmills are a great example.

    • Kel says:

      I actually really dislike use of the props. I think it actually makes the dunks less creative. They start doing gimmicks like jumping over people, dunking two balls, or jumping over (sort of) the side of the hood of a car. I’d rather see the old days when Jordan, Wilkins and the like were in the contests. Big time players don’t even want to compete anymore.

      But LeBron better stop talking about winning the contest and actually try and go do it. I’m not sure why he hasn’t yet. That’s an unlikable part of his attitude.

  35. celentano says:

    when lefake enter the nba,saw nothing but arrogance putting on the show! he has to walk the walk before talk the talk!
    lefake knows enuf how the competition weaken to often made for him especialy,le fake shut up & just walk the walk like a real champ!

  36. Jordan says:

    Lebron is like Mayweather their waiting and picking the right guy to play against with once they know they can easily beat the guy then they will join/fight. I don’t hate Lebron i just think he still cheat getting a ring, like he said Jordan could never get his rings without Pippen but Jordan and Pippen started as a rookie together and became superstar together, Jordan didnt go to a team with all star players.

    • john says:

      when pippen came to nba jordan was a super star man and they still need more great players to win it all no nba player can win it alone did garnett cheat to win a ring ? or maybe drexler ?

  37. J says:

    At this point, Lebron could enter the Dunk Contest and do the same dunks he did in that kind of lame “dazzling dunk video” and all the judges would freak out and give him 10s. I really don’t think he could win the contest but worry that he would just from hype alone. Look at how the Heat were reacting to those dunks as if they had never seen better dunks throughout their basketball lives going back to high school.

  38. Calpin says:

    Gerald Green of the Phoenix Suns would upstage Lebron if he entered the dunk off. He has MORE HANGTIME / STYLE / POWER

  39. king flopper says:

    lbj should of stayed with the cavs…enuff said

  40. Sharpie says:

    I hate to bash people but I really hope he has a lot better dunks than he was doing in that sorry exhibition practice video. I said this the other day, the rest of the Heat team need to quit telling him he’s the greatest every time he ties his shoes. They try to inflate his ego at every turn and I think he’s actually believing it. Sorry Lebron, you’re an excellent basketball player, but those dunks you did the other day were pure garbage.

  41. drie says:


    • lbj says:

      Vince Carter is just a pure dunker only he never be a scorer,a defended, a champion, an mvp just a dunker he’s 17 yrs in the nba but no title yet even personal achievement other than slam dunk champion

      • MAN says:

        well,, if he joined Kobe & Shaq to Lakers in his prime (just like what Lebron did with D-Wade & Bosh)…VC would’ve had at least 3 rings..HAHA

  42. smallguy says:

    So what if i hate lebron? I’m just telling the truth. He won’t be crowned as a dunk champion. And yes i could dunk. Officially listed as 5’8. Recruited for a college team. so suck it!

  43. J Carlos says:

    Stop that B.S talk that Lebron is being generous, it doesnt matter if he knows or thinks he is going to win. Its called sportsmanship and good fun for all time and the challenge in its self to do it just like MJ, Kobe and all the other greats did.

  44. drie says:


  45. Jowie says:

    So much hate for LBJ in here. Why blame having Wade and Bosh on his side? MJ has Pippen, Rodman and Kukoc on his side as well but nobody has blamed MJ for having the caliber of team mates MJ had. If Pippen is greater than Wade, and Rodman is greater than any rebounder the Miami has, then how one is going to equate the level of greatness of LBJ to have championship as end result?

    • Nice says:

      Hmm, people like you really don`t understand what all this “hate” is all about. Did MJ leave Chicago? Did he once threaten the front office with a trade for budding superstars? Did he take his talents somewhere else so that he could finally win a championship? No. I remember him fighting every game like it was his last, and it didn`t matter who he had on his side. And for all of you teenagers out there, Pippen was not a superstar when he came to the NBA, MJ made him one of the best. It didn`t care who he was playing with. So it is not about the championships or individual accolades, it`s about HOW these players got them. Some fought their entire careers without whining and others chose the shortcuts, It`s as easy as that. So yeah, many people will dislike (not hate as some of you are very fond of saying, because in order to hate you have to care about that person in the first place) Lebron because of the way he conducted himself as a basketball player. He could have a trillion rings and MVP`s, and it will still be hollow and never reverberate as it should. Especially in a weak arse NBA, as it is now.

      • KDfan says:

        Totally agree. He was hyped up too much even before he scored a single basket in the NBA. The NBA had no choice but to keep up that hype. Now LBJ shoots off his mouth and shows us what he’s really made off.

      • MAN says:

        Very well said…couldn’t put any better than that

  46. Shawn K says:

    Typical Lebron running his mouth, saying he could win the slam dunk contest but wont enter because he’s scared he’ll be shown up. Stop talking Lebron, instead of saying you’d win something, how about you go out and WIN IT?!!

    • LBJ the king! says:


  47. I Bleed Purple and Gold says:

    Kobe did it in 1997!
    Le Bron is all talk about that subject.
    Just enter, win and then you can star to brag.

  48. smallguy says:

    He’ll win if the it is the Travelling Violation Contest or Flopping Contest. Hahaha. Video’s don’t lie.

  49. DjMamba says:

    OK people need to relax .. LBJ is a beast at dunking but I doubt he has anything new.. his windmills, reverse.. tomahawks.. what else?

  50. Macky says:

    Lebron is a clown. If you’d win then show us. All the other all time greats with athleticism competed in the slam dunk contest and they WERENT SCARED OF LOSING LIKE LEBRON IS.

    MJ didn’t win all the Slam Dunk competitions he participated in.

  51. MJ=GoaT says:

    Blah blah. Put up or shut up “King” James.

  52. Rational guy says:

    NATO: No Action Talk Only… Just join the contest already!!!

  53. hondah2o says:

    Unfortunately for Lebron he seems to voice out his opinions quite a lot lately and surely enough actions speaks louder than words. So until we see him join the Slamdunk Contest or see his head up Mount Rushmore in top 4 all time greatest. He is just another great NBA player.

  54. a2k says:

    lebron would win because hes the most popular player in the leaguen people will just vote on the name not the dunks

  55. sirsparhawk says:

    There is no chance he would win, he isnt creative enough. The dunks he posted wouldnt even get him past the qualifying round. He is skilled enough too, just more of a power dunker. If LBJ wants to boast that he would win it, maybe he should prove it like all the greats did.

  56. Flex says:

    Wow, so many individuals in this room making such statements as foolish as “stop talkin Lebron and just do it”. Do you not get it, this man is not only one of the best players of all time, he is a champion, league MVP, gold medalist, All-Star, player of the week, player of the month, player of the year, the most versatile, probably most dominant player of this era and still people want this guy to do more….Seriously, can he let someone else atleast have some crumbs off his plate, like being happy for winning the dunk contest…this man doesn’t need to compete in anything else…when he joins, I think it would be in the final phase of his career because at that point he could afford wasting his time to entertain the fans because he’ll have nothing else better to do…atleast he shows off his dunking talent during pre-game shows and practices so the fans could see that he has great dunking skillz, but really I think he’s already taken over the NBA enough as it is. The dunk contest is about wowing a crowd with magical displays of jumping and acrobatics, almost reminds me of what a Jester would do for the King, well need I say more…

  57. Dictator Kimmy says:

    Lebron “could” win the slam dunk contest not because of his skill, more on his popularity. But he should shut up if he isn’t even entering the contest. There are better dunkers in the league right now, such as PG and Griffin.

  58. a2k says:

    Me personaly i would like to see him in a dunk contest all the greatest players played in there

  59. JS says:

    Of course Lebron will win the dunk contest if he decide to join, not only because Lebron is a pretty good dunker, but also because the dunk contest result is always and always will be fixed, so NBA can simply make Lebron the winner and sell more Lebron related products, and gain more profit, that’s why there are dunkers getting robbed every year.

    Pay close attention that , almost every year, the result are in announcer’s hand with about 10 seconds left on the voting clock, or as soon as clock is over they already have the result in announcer’s hand. Doesn’t it take time to gather info. record them and print the paper? I guess not.

  60. boston rules says:

    Lebron be like I could win it but i ain’t doing it

  61. blah says:

    everyone who hates on LBJ, you need to remember,

    the slam dunk competition now is based on fan votes — so yeah, LBJ has a huge fan base, so it’s pointless to compete.

    if they bring back the old scoring system, lbj dunks would be scored as subpar. and this is coming from an LBJ fan.

  62. realtalk says:

    What would you expect King James say? He would loose??Ain’t that happening..But the reality is…we would never know the outcome until he joins the dunk contest…

    • MAN says:

      better if he didn’t say anything…the person didn’t even ask the question to Lebron.. it was for Wade…

  63. j.moss says:

    Lebron is a great player, but the Slamdunk Contest is about players who are willing to compete against other players. If he thinks he would win, just enter the contest and let the fans and the judges decide who’s the winner.. Anybody could put on a one man show; without competition it really doesn’t mean anything, I’m sure he’s afraid he’ll get beat.

  64. dlapoziomki says:

    you have to participate if you want to win.
    it’s not the first time that few days before all-star game video of LBJ dunkin during practice “leaks” to public.
    first of all doing this is disrespectful towards oarticipants, second…what is this guy trying to do with do “leaks”? this is childish. either take part in actual competition or just stop acting like “no matter who wins i’m still better”

    grow up lebron

  65. DetroitBanks says:

    Most people commenting dnt know sports they just want to talk stuff online to make themselves feel big. But Lebron in the dunk contest will be a show its not about the fans its 5 judges that score last time I remember and most of them are usually legends that dnt wanna see no bull. Personally a guy in his 11th season still jumping as high as anyone in the gym consistently on a nightly basis is scary so no telling ehat he can do in the air. If Blake Griffin can win a dunk contest and he bigger than lebron by height and weight and plays a bigger position also not to mention blake is more of a power dunker then why shouldnt lebron be able to win one. People are just haters but the only thing that is stopping him and he stated this himself in interview bout 3 weeks ago he said he is not a creative dunker thats why he won’t join dunk contest. Besides he have championships and mvps winning a dunk contest will not move him up the list of all time greats….p.s. Im a Kobe fan to death but im also a fan of the nba fair is fair.

  66. giribi says:

    I really don’t see the relevance of the dunk contest. It’s a sideshow. Gone are the days where it mattered and the relevant stars were in it, Joining and winning the dunk contest brings nothing to LBJ career overall.
    Everybody, even LBJ haters have to agree that he is one of the greatest athletes ever, so winning the dunk contest would be perfectly within his capabilities, furthermore given the lack of quality competition that exists today. He could do it, and shut up everybody once and for all, or be consistent with his position and ignore it forever. It’s a distraction, he’s all about competing for MVP’s and rings. Who cares if he goes to the dunk contest?!?!?
    Besides, if he were to participate, he should have done sooner in his career. Today, everybody would expect too much of him. No matter what he did, even winning, it would never be enough to live up to the hype surrounding his participation,

  67. kevin says:

    lebron is funny…all the times ive watched him ive seen 2 dunks….two hand and one hand…not very creative…wish he would just shut up and go along his business..all this is, is just attention seeking cuz we all know lbj is a attention whore remember “good or bad as long as there talking about me”

  68. truth says:

    but not in it, another reason to ignore this clown

  69. chris gonzalez says:

    just the fact that he wants the world to know that he will be one of the best to ever play the game screams please pay attention to me. bro, there is no doubt about it. you already have proven that. are you better than the mamba? nope! And not just because he has more rings than you do. kobe has been clutch far longer than you bud. sometimes less is more. the greatest at anything never say how great they are. they let their actions speak for themselves.

  70. QueensBridge says:

    Where’s your NBA dunk trophy Le-WHIMP. Heck I beat Le-Brick a dunk contest too, but well never know. Because I never attempt to. Brent Barry even has a dunk trophy…A WHITE GUY. SHOW ME THE NBA DUNK TROPHY LE-WHIMP.

  71. J says:

    I’ve seen better streetballer dunkers than in the NBA, they should let those guys join the contest.

  72. Sagittarius says:

    for all the haters out there hating on LBJ yall kno if enter the duck contest he will win look at the ppl in the contest its no one cn beat him but Paul n thts it bt if Blake he nt in there LBJ dnt won to enter cause no competition for him thts all

  73. Buffalo says:

    Birdman said it best. People can’t understand mathmatically what Labron is capable of.

  74. GameBundle says:

    Yes he would!

  75. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m not saying whether I think he’d win or not. I just hate arrogance so I guess I am a hater.

  76. Grievous56 says:

    He wouldn’t win.

  77. Chad Tha Monstaaaa says:

    He would win yet he turns down the invite every year . He cant impress us same old tomahawk and pump .

  78. Matt says:

    Three years ago LeBron haters claimed he wasn’t good because he couldn’t win championships. Now he’s not good because he won’t compete in a Slam Dunk Contest, which is a complete joke nowadays… Cmon LeBron haters, you can do better than that!

    • sirsparhawk says:

      ROFL no1 said he wasnt good then or now. And the people who did are idiots like most fans ( probably kobe fans ) The dunk contest wont make him better in my eyes, it will make him a man who backs up his boasts. What makes him better is if he stopped flopping and crying after every call that he DOESNT get away with.

  79. clooch says:

    Lebron needs to either sign up for the dunk contest, or stop talking about it. To be honest I think he is just scared to take part because he is worried he would lose.

  80. Edub says:

    There he goes running his mouth off again. Nobody will believe you until you actually participate. Just like until you won a ring. He has no right to make some accusations.

  81. joshua king says:

    Hearing all this LBJ stuff in d dunk contest comparing him to the all time greats its funny LBJ dont have what it takes to be a great all d great player been in the slam dunk contest jordan kobe and he list goes on but really you would take LBJ over blake griffin in a dunk contest seriously u must be kidding

  82. Czar says:

    Why not lets see Lebron against Blake for a dunking contest. Lebron is a good dunker but the sprite nba dunk contest is for show. He is mostly power. While Blake can do both but not that much show but better than Lebron. Dont get me wrong, I’m not a hater. I like Lebron as a player not as a show.

  83. DunkOnYou says:

    I think he is afraid to go dunk contest, why because he is afraid to lose. There is better dunker and more smooth then LBJ because if you think about it all his dunk is not that creative and it all mostly power slam. Well terrance ross can power slam it in and all the other contester can too so what make LBJ a difference. And he said he would of went the other years and where is he now? Look at his team, they are doing good and dont really need LBJ he can take off for the dunk contest. But yeah he is all talk the talk but dont walk the walk. I’ll admit he is a good dunker but not creative enough to win.

  84. yeahbut says:

    Unfortunately, even if he did enter, there is no individual winner this year so way to ruin that NBA.

  85. 5280repping! says:

    leflop is a bissssshhhhhh! haa he thinks he would win a dunk championship as well as his hair growing back. haa get in the contest and buy hair implants haha that is for a millionaire

  86. Turk says:

    Vince Carter vs Francis, Tmac, Stackhouse in 2000 was amazing and everyone except stackhouse was amazing. This year if Lebron was to hop in and maybe Blake in the West it will be the best lineup since that one. But no. Blake got rich from Kia from it. Nate Robinson, Gerald Green and Howard got lots of hype from it. Iggy got robbed. Lebron has nothing to lose and only millions of fans to gain. Personally I think PG would outshine him.

  87. cane says:

    lebron would win it easy. the other players in it sucks

  88. John says:

    Yeah you’ll win alright because all you can do is slam it hard and expect it to go in. That dunk is getting old and boring you need to be more creative like PG!!!

  89. IceCheat says:

    He probably would win with the current voting system because he has more fans than other players, but in the old point system, a lot of players could give him a run for his money, and some could even beat him

  90. Narf says:

    Just another annoying-LB-needs-to-be-in-the-spotlight-all-the-time comment….reminds me of when Howard had just finished his superman dunk during dunk competition a few years back and LB had to declare to the reporter “I am tentatively putting my name in for next year’s dunk competition”…simply to steal the spotlight from Howard and then not actually participate. Lame.

  91. TK says:

    LBJ is NATO.

    Don’t just say it, prove it.

  92. Banner18 says:

    Lebron you would lose that’s why you never enter. I mean Gerald Green would destroy Lebron in a dunk off

  93. whitethunda says:

    He has nothing to win and everything to lose. If he wins, everyone will expect it. If he loses, all of a sudden he can’t be considered one of the greatest. He’d win though because of his name alone.

  94. Sann says:

    Really James? LeBron has no confidence that’s why you don’t see him in Dunk Contest. I’m sure he’s saying to himself what if someone else beat me? He’s just talking and bragging… go ahead and put your name in the Dunk Contest and show us you can win it. If you’re not doing that then shut up and just play basketball.

  95. Zeir says:

    If Lebron joined he would win the contest for sure. Maybe not because his dunks were better than all the other competitors but because otherwise his image of being the King would be ruined. Anyone remember Blake’s dunk contest with DeRozan also in it who somehow did not make it to the finals? We all knew no matter what happened Blake was going to win that one. Likewise with Lebron.

  96. justin says:

    First he says he is in the top 4 best players and now this?
    wow you are a comedian lebron

  97. sirsparhawk says:

    Leflop more like it

  98. Rhys says:

    LBJ, this year? Not a chance against Paul George!

  99. Freddy5 says:

    Imagine him in a flop contest! I’m sure he’d win that one too…

  100. wackoslooch says:

    LeBron, what dunk would you do?
    the statue of liberty dunk.. or the statue of liberty with a little bit more power..
    maybe of one leg, or be real creative of two??

    no style, no grace.. all that athletesism and one dunk in his bag of “tricks”
    good luck=)

  101. Ryan says:

    As a LeBron fan I find LeBron irritating sometimes, If you feel so confident do it! Paul George is doing it this year so there’s no excuse that it’s not worth doing. The NBA has done so much for LeBron so it’s sad to see he is happy to watch one of the most exciting events die out slowly. Don’t get me wrong Durant amongst others should also be doing it. Fans should be able to vote!!

  102. Ryan says:

    Also I should say LeBon is a very over rated dunker.. Other than last night’s windmill all his other dunks are just tomahawks. If he did it i think Wade is right ‘we would probably expect something more than he does’ got to appreciate Wade’s honesty

  103. P Wood says:

    I’m not hating, but even if LeBron did a normal standing dunk in a dunk contest, IN THE FINALS, he would win cause everyone would vote for him.

  104. lol Lebron says:

    Lebron, every dunk you do is off one foot. Im not hating, but I can name 5 better dunkers whether in game or messing around like that Lebron video. Blake Griffin….Gerald Green…..Terrence Ross…..Andre Igodaula….Paul George. Seriously Lebron, too much talking nowadays. And dont get me started on this TOP 4 speech.

  105. bd932 says:

    LBJ all the way!!!

  106. Mike says:

    This guy is really getting on my nerves. I suppose he doesn’t want to enter because he wouldn’t be able to cry over getting fouled every time he dunked.

  107. Oscar infante says:

    If you’ll king is so sure about winning the slam dunk contest why doesn’t he try out I’m sure he’ll be one of the best but I’m not sure he can be to creative and that’s what the slam dunk contest is about I’m just saying to be one of the top greatest player he needs to win the slam dunk contest mj did it

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Not at all, winning the dunk contest means you can leap, Dwight won it, does it make him 1 of the greatest centers ever? Dirk never won it yet I cant think of a better PF in the past. It would really just cement his claim. But he isnt even the best player in the league atm, Durant is easily.

  108. nba says:

    Lebron is all TALK! Maybe he will join if the dunk contest if he can take Wade and Bosh with him.

  109. drose lvr says:

    no he qwouldnt idk why lebron thinks hes the best i think paul george would win te dumk contest after that 360 hes awsome and lebron SUCKS at everythinjg i Hate him hes an idiot

  110. john says:

    i doubt lebron would say that when vince carter was on his prime.lol

  111. Toni says:

    HAHAHAHA THATS a FAT JOKEEEEE buddy you cannot do …… that’s why you never went for it because you know its in you that your not gonna win it buuuuuuuuuuuuuuu keep dreaming u think to high for your self slow down

  112. Josh says:

    Talk is cheap. James won’t enter because he knows he won’t win it. He has no flash or flexibility in his dunks. Power yes. authority yes. finesse no. Can he show us something we have not seen before?? no. If yes…shut the front door , lace up and shut up. Then you will have everyone back on their knees sucking your ego. You know LBJ should have his face on his own mountain with a sign that says, “help wanted” and then have a mountain on top with D-Wade’s face and a sign that says, “little engine that couldn’t” pointing DOWN.

  113. Danny says:

    LBJ talked a lot these days. Why not join then we will talk. I wanna see you dunk anyways.

  114. LBJ says:

    I am sure the people that say he can’t win it are the same people that used to say he will never have a ring lol

  115. Adam says:

    then quit being a tool and just enter, or shut up about it

  116. Penmanovic says:

    LeBron will never enter the dunk contest – he’s afraid that if he loses it will hurt his “brand.”

  117. Hal says:

    “I ain’t never seen no talking win me nothing.”- Beast Mode
    Be about that action Bron.

  118. Ben says:

    Lebron have 4 MVP. 2 time ch and u losers talk abot him like than don’t if I was like some people I wouldn not watch tv cuze they can get heart attack seeing the king James

  119. bizzle says:

    I don’t think he’ll win. all his dunks are literally the same. kids not creative enough to win

  120. Shut up says:

    Lebron is great? Really? Stop it man. He left cleaveland and let the whole organization sink as he chooses the easiest way he knows to win a championship. Not to mention that he did that on national tv, that he’ll be bringing his talent to miami. You will never ever be a great player for me lebron. No respect for other player. Talk sh*t. Great traveller and flopper.

  121. MItchell says:

    First off LeBron is a great dunker and one of my favorite players. If fan voting was used, he would definitely win. But if we went to the old system where there were 5 judges, it’d be more difficult for him to win. The dunks from the video were pretty crazy so I know he could win, but you never know what the other guys are gonna pull.

  122. insayne says:

    like dwade said,if lebron were to enter people would expect him to jump over a plane,anything less would be a failure

  123. chris webb says:

    Next year nate rob. Blake griffen and the past 4 winners and LeBron James enter it might be the most watched program maybe super bowl numbers

  124. jugular says:

    hmmmm so what dunk then qualifies as a “super dunk” do you do a 720 backflip or flip like a mountain biker on a slope ?

  125. Mark says:

    As always, he’s so full of himself. Just join. I’d love to be proven wrong. #notgonnahappen

  126. BB says:

    stop blaberrin and just join the dunk contest! arrogant fool

  127. Murat says:

    Do not tell me…Show me…

  128. KDTrey5 says:

    If there was LeBron, Griffin and George I’d like to see the dunk contest. It’s never been the same since Jordan left. Still remember those Jordan-Wilkins dunk contests. Man those were something else. If LeBron, Griffin and George were to join it’d remind of the old days.

  129. Marcus Philly says:

    The only way that fool trash talker ( Lebron ) will win the dunk contest if his girlfriend ( Wade ) iz throwin lobs!!

  130. Weedmoker says:

    James vs Griffin. that would be a contest!

  131. danzu23 says:

    Why don’t this guy go compete? You want to be MJ, be like Mike. Play both ends as well as he played….enter and win and show your stuff in the Dunk event. this dope wants it easy…… 2 rings and he thinks he is god’s gift to basketball. KD is already making a statement that says- yeah really?

  132. it’s better than floyd not fighting manny.

  133. its better than floyd not fighting manny

  134. this is better, than floyd not fighting manny

  135. this is better than floyd not fighting manny

  136. better than floyd not fighting manny.

  137. Jokes Aside says:

    I don’t think LeBron was really that serious. I mean he probably just messing around and wanted to cut in on Wade’s interview. Look at how much they mess around after games lol. I bet they put this up to get attention.

  138. bobo says:

    no doubt lebron would win, and not because he would be the best dunker but because all the little miami fanboys would wet their panties after every dunk he does and vote for him.

  139. James says:

    Lebron is an unbelievable dunker…but that dunk by Paul George is still the best dunk I’ve ever seen

  140. LBJFan says:

    Dont get me wrong. Im a LBJ fan since his cavs days. But he’s acting like MAYWEATHER. too much talking but afraid to lose. im referring to Pacquiao.

  141. That Guy says:

    There’s too much stuff going on about LeBron. There are 152 comments! Some articles get none! He’s really not that fascinating…

  142. james wants to know known more than just being a dunker

  143. sports fan says:

    LeBron currently has two big asterisks next to his name.
    1) Flopping
    2) Never entered the slam dunk contest
    He’s capable of changing these two things and he should if he wants to be compared to MJ & Kobe.
    The only knock against Kobe is he didn’t compete against Vince Carter because he knew he would’ve lost.
    LeBron should at least do one slam dunk contest.

  144. Lebron Lover says:

    I’m Lebron’s biggest fan, but even I know he’d get DESTROYED by any previous dunk contest contestant, easy.

  145. Brad says:

    As they say in casino, you cannot win if you do not bet. Lebron is a player not a lawyer, you cannot win with just saying you will win.

  146. Andrew says:

    Well, I need from you an action, not talk c@ck. U r probably GOAT, but you have to prove with your dunk in Slam dunk contest, not talk loud like most of the people did.

  147. benj says:

    Not until you have won it Bron, this is the part he is scared might not beat MJ.

  148. DeeWadeFan says:

    Lebron James, Blake Griffin and Vince Carter all have very similar dunking skills. In my opinion VC had the most impressive dunk contest performance in nba history so how do you think Lebron could do??? But we’ll pretty much never know unless he competes so all you Lebron lovers and haters (especially haters) please shut up and take your heads out of *****. Nobody will ever know if he would be great or suck so give it a rest. Also as a side note to the haters, terrible basketball players don’t get 4 mvps, 2 championships and break countless records. You can say its all cuz of wade and bosh but MJ had pippen and rodman and Kobe had Shaq.

  149. william Daguiar says:

    He would win but he needs to be out there

  150. Guest says:

    Lebron will never do it true he is good but he’s getting old and full of himself Dwayne wade is the best dunker
    Not to be mean to Lebron but it would be his 1st time he isn’t the best at everything

    • TheKid says:

      getting old???what are you talking about.He is in his prime and his body is not deteriorating whatsoever.He is not the best dunker but lebron is getting there.

  151. Kim says:

    It seems that ever since LBJ won 2 rings, all the haters can hate on now is that he’s never joined a dunk contest??

    How pathetic are you guys really? Geezus!

  152. Dream says:

    He could win? Does he know that Paul George can do 360 windmill through the legs? LeBron is a high jumper, no doubt about it, but that is not good enough for Slam Dunk Contest victory. But hey, prove me wrong. I’m waiting.

  153. joe says:

    lebron just says those things to wind you up, as the british say.. after the mt. rushmore stuff he did back it up by being the clutch man who hit the 3 at the last second to beat home team warriors.. Lebron proves that he is a true warrior.. he gets dissed constantly so he thows down the guantlet.. any one of wanna step out on the floor and take him on full contact? didn’t think so! let him be..he’s just putting you on.. and laughing all the way to the bank.. keep talkin armchair heroes.. 🙂

  154. LAinKolumpo says:

    yeah leBron will win, cause the votes from viewers will allow him to..easy as that.. he just have to any power dunks and the votes are gonna toll up…’nuff said..

  155. Gerrit says:

    Dear LeBron.

    I think you would not win, but if you feel you could…. please feel free to proof me otherwise. If you do need any more motivation, I am more than happy to put a sixpack of Bud’s on the line….. Good luck!

  156. Da King says:

    He’s one of the most overrated dunkers! You want him in the dunk off? Put DeAndre Jordan, Blake Giffin Gerald Green, Paul George & T-ross! He’d either come in last or 5th

  157. Chris says:

    To Lebron, If your not going to do the dunk contest stop saying that you would win. If your so confident do it and stop talking. (DONT TALK ABOUT IT BE ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. skye says:

    They say it would not be fair if LBJ was in the dunk contest because he’s to good. But my question is that if he’s to good why not have the best of the best dunkers like
    DeAndre Jordan
    Paul George
    Blake Griffin
    J.R Smith
    Gerald Green
    Rudy Gay

  159. BxBoy71 says:

    If you think you can win LaBron, then why aren’t you in the contest? It’s one thing to dunk basketballs in a gym with a couple of your teammates watching when nobody can see how many tries it took. It’s another to do it in front of 20,000 fans on a first or second try. LaBron, put up or shut up! He is the best in the game but I give no props for this trash talk. WEAK MOVE!

  160. Nick says:

    I don’t know if LeBron would win the dunk contest or not besides I think he’s only saying this to get people talking which is certainly not the first time he’s done this sort of thing. For me most of the dunk contests over the past decade or so haven’t been as enjoyable as they should be so more high profile players taking part would give it a boost.

  161. Guest says:

    LeBrons just scared that if he lost he’d never hear the end of it. I think he should show NBA fans not tell them.

  162. NG13 says:

    I would win the lottery if I played. I’d win the Pulitzer if I reported. And a Nobel prize if I published my theories on terminal velocity. Next year, for the nicknames game, LeFraud needs to go with #WouldaCouldaShoulda.

  163. 720CROWNDAKING says:

    Im callin ur bluff “KING”. Don’t talk about it be about it. He’s more of an in game dunker but he is capable of winning. All the greats have competed in this contest. I think he’s more scared to lose.

  164. Tray Mcvay says:

    Iv’e never witnessed such hate for a player in my life lol .The fact that LeBron is a beast on court piss people off. He’s not on your team so lets hate what he do. Give that man a break, stop smashing his name. If anything, he deserves respect for enduring and then winning 2 Championships & MVP’s. If he don’t want to join the dunk contest the let him be. It is amusing reading your comments though.

  165. baller says:

    James is one of the best in game dunkers. In the dunk contest he’d be mediocrity..
    Anyway, the Sprite Slam Dunkers would win the NBA contest easily!!!!

  166. Jan says:

    FIrst of all, HELL NO HE WONT!!! LOL, guy has been joking lately even considering himself top 5. Funny guy LeBWrong is. The actual reason why he won’t enter the dunk contest is that he doesn’t want the fans to remember how much he has been nurtured by the NBA to become the player that he is today. They pampered him before coming in to the league and continued to pamper him until he became the face of the league. Special treatments were given to this guy by the refs and the NBA and this molded him to be the player that he is now. What LeBWrong, Shame don’t want us all to remember is the High School Slam dunk contest that Shannon Brown actually won, hands down by the way, was given to LeBwrong. All I am trying to say is that this guy was handed everything and the only way he could win a Slam Dunk contest is for the NBA to remind us of how much they cared for this guy prior to even getting in the league. Conspiracy? I think not. Remember the year LeBwrong was on his way to the NBA is the same year Kobe Bryant was in a legal battle, which was the face of the NBA at the time. NBA diverted that bad publicity and created a superstar. People are easily brainwashed. Argue that.

  167. King james Fan for life says:

    dude whoever said lebron not a good icon for the nba, please learnt to come up with your own set of words rather than just copying from what Stephen A Smith said and just typing every word of it like a fool that you are.

  168. Heat Fan says:

    Guys face it, Lebron is the best dunker in the league so I say to u BACK OFF LEBRON SUCKERS CAUSE HE WILL SOMEDAY WIN THE DUNK CONTEST!!!

  169. Ckid says:

    Lebron will probably wait till there is no competition to Dunk …. Just like he eliminated half his competition by joining his competition to win a championship

  170. Adam says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is all up in arms about a dunk contest. Lebron would win it, I’m sorry. The dude drops golden dunks on a nightly. He’s the greatest athlete to play the game and possibly the greatest athlete alive right now. Let it go, it’s a silly contest that no one watches.

  171. Ahmed says:

    I dont get one thing with Lebron… i get people want to make statements and thats good but Lebron shouldn’t say “he would win” when he wont even participate. Thats like me saying “I would win 20 championships if i played for any NBA team”… you can’t prove it 100% either way.

  172. Joey says:

    Sure, I’d win the all star game too

  173. J says:

    Walk your talk

  174. Drago says:

    I don’t think he culd win it all he knows is windmils and lobs i he knows it.He doesn’t participate beacause he fears emparasment and comparisons betwen the great’s.

  175. Jimmy says:

    this guy’s ego gets bigger and bigger just like his forehead with that ever receding hairline.

  176. shortystump says:

    Once again Lebron proves why he will never be the greatest player of all time in my book. He’s arrogant, cocky, pompous, however you want to call it, but he does not seem like a good guy to me, and most certainly not humble. Look, the “exhibition” he put on in Pheonix was marginal at BEST. Sure, he obviously was not putting his all into those dunks, but still, 80% of the guys in the NBA can do what he was doing. He’s a power dunker, but the reason why we’ve never seem him actually get really fancy in games or practice, is because he can’t! Just look at Vince Carter a few weeks ago when he was just “fooling around” in warm ups, they were still above and beyond what Lebron is capable of. Bottom line, Lebron doesn’t want to be seen losing to millions watching, otherwise, he’d enter. Why wouldn’t he enter? What are his excuses? Surely his excuses can’t be that he’s afraid of getting injured, right? The guy is built like a Spartan and rarely gets injured, and how many people ever get injured in a dunk contest? Hell, I’ve seen Reggie Jackson from the Thunder do better in game dunks than Lebron. That guy is such an arrogant turd.

  177. jwt7000 says:

    If LeBron James goes to the dunk contest, I say Blake Griffin and CP3 should compete against him, because then otherwise it wouldn’t be an epic dunk contest competition if James is in and Griffin/CP3 are not.

  178. Eli. Odell J. says:

    Is this news?

  179. harry says:

    All the great players have participated in the dunk contests. Some of them have won, some have lost. I think LBJ is afraid of losing and losing is part of the game. that’s separate him from great players such as Michael Jordan, The great doctor J, Dominique one the greatest dunker who ever participated in the dunk contests, Koby, Vince carter when he was in his prime etc…LBJ, the world is waiting for you whenever you decide. It’s a challenge!!!!!!!!.

  180. Karlo says:

    Just do it! When Kobe and Mj at their younger prime, they do slam dunk contest. This LBJ that you called is just a show off.

  181. Buddy says:

    LeBron will never enter the dunk contest – he’s afraid that if he loses it will hurt his “brand.

  182. chuvavka says:

    NBA shouldnt post stuff like this..all these years, lebron ID win the dunk contest blabalblabla… teasing ppl thats not cool..

    I guess the main reason he has never and prob wont do the dunk contest is because the prize money is chummpp change.. I mean before he joined the NBA member he was given 100 $ MiL USD from Nike so 20-50k is like cereal change for him.

    Sad but true. Im not a lebron-heat fan but I would get glued to the tv that day to watch lol…

    Hopefully he will be a grown man for once n stop saying this and that .. and just do it before he gets old and will not be able to jump high enough. 😦 !!!!!

  183. LBJ in dunk contest? Yeah right says:

    As much as I’d like to believe Lebron, maybe he could take some advice from KD – ‘dont tweet me, show me’.

    He has announced that he would compete before and then pulled out. I’m sure he would win, but until he ends it doesn’t mean anything. Jordan always maintained that achievements like the dunk contest are an attribute to your dominance.

    You can’t win the contest until you enter, and if it’s that easy, why don’t you sign up for it and not pull out? A top 4 player of all time wouldn’t miss such an awesome opportunity.

  184. Abraham says:

    Of course King Lame would say that. Why talk if you’re not going to give your fans what they want? Who cares if you could. You haven’t yet so whats the big deal.

  185. NBAFANS.J says:

    In order for LBJ to win slam dunk contest he needs a SLAM DUNK CHAMPION, just like how he needs Miamia Heat & D-Wade to win a championship. XDDDD

  186. pussinjersey says:

    Because theres no pressure in Practice. No crowds, No number of attempts to TIME PRESSURE..cmon guys Lebron is athletic and can play ball, but he is a Coward. Not hatin,just a fact. (automatic not top 4 all time I guess)

  187. jb says:

    Just like Mayweather avoiding Pacman…

  188. miamiheatnic says:

    He would win hands down. My favorite player and will always be my favorite player! Go LB06!

  189. Da Beast says:

    He’s scared. He wouldn’t win. He’s a power dunker.

  190. six says:

    what an egoistic attitude lbj has, too much talk. let him sign up and compete in the real court to be judged. posting a video of his dunking skills will not make him the slam dunk champion.

  191. APHX10 says:

    Heat fan here. Love the King too. But LeBron… just like your sponsor’s slogan says: JUST DO IT! Stop telling us that you can win it, and enter the damn thing already and prove it.

  192. deleon3705 says:


  193. toby says:

    dwigh- you are right. lebron will never eina slam dunk contest because he only knows one dunk. tomahawk dunk. he slam the basket with much impact to make it look appealing to fans BUT with no STYLE or less style less finess.. he just know how to slam the basket with his tomahawk dunk noe xhibition or acrobatic style. maybe reverse du k thats all.

  194. toby says:

    kobe and jordan did it. why are you so afraid lebron to join? afraid to lose to naterobinson before?cause you only know tomahawk dun. you slam the basket with impact that would make more appealing to fans but your luckof style acrobatic moves. you only know one dunk or reverse du k.lol. afraid

  195. anthony says:

    its simple guys, the reason lbj wont enter the dunk contest is cos he doesn’t have a creative gene in his body, and for him to say he’d win, that’s a load of bs, sure he is great as a basketball player but the sad reality is that there are better innovative dunkers in the game than lbj and if he enters and loses (which he will) the world would know more of his shortcomings….. he will be a HOF player no doubt but unfortunately he wont hold a dunk contest trophy

  196. Bumbum says:

    How can James win a dunk contest without joining????…

  197. Antonio AV says:

    those lil dunks he did at their practice were super weak.

  198. RealDeal27 says:

    Wow. It’s like a kid answering a (5 x 10) math question and tell the people this is so easy i’d top a math examination but refused to take the exam.

  199. Shut up lbj says:

    Jordan, Carter, spud Webb , Wilkins , Kobe, nate Robinson, Griffin… These men didn’t talk about it . They won it ! Even when a team offer 1 million $ (Magic) , you still refuse to join the contest. I just call you CHICKEN , no matter what dunks you are able to do . Jordan and carter CAN say that they are the best dunkers of all time cause they prove it in the game and in the contest ( and they don’t ). LBJ is actually the best player , not the best dunker.

  200. Shut up lbj says:

    Respect your biggest sponsor slogan : JUST DO IT

  201. Really says:

    You are awesome LeBron…but I believe Kenny Dobbs if given the chance.. would win the slam dunk contest hands down!

  202. get real... says:

    come on lebron please… you either have 0 creativity or you’re too scared of your competition.

  203. Omi says:

    Pfffff… LeBron is perhaps the most uncreative dunker of all time. Yes he can dunk on anybody at anytime… but he’s nor graceful nor glide nor… creative when dunking. Oh yea, but nowadays it’s “enough” to bring out a Kia and jump over it to become the best dunker…
    If LeBron would participate he would get the title just because it’s LeBron…

  204. NBAFan says:

    All talk no action, he would win at a flopping contest, he does do that well, and whining and crying at refs, maybe an oscar can be given to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZpGKC62qvs
    He needs to bring himself off his high horse before someone else does.
    The only reason he would win is because of popularity, not a dunk, he has no imagination, power dunks are not impressive from person who is 6’8′, now if he was 5’8″ or less, that would be a different story

  205. sully says:

    If you think lebron will never be in the dunk contest…… lol you are not very smart. he is only waiting for the right moment. and when he does do it he will shut everyone the hell up. like hes been doing for the past two years!!!!

  206. cirquemedia says:

    75+ dunks never been done in the NBA slam dunk contest!!!! EPIC! >>> http://chrisdarmon.com/UPDATED-50CrappyDunks

  207. ryan says:

    No one (at least me) cares about what you WOULD do…. if you not gonna do it, pipe down.

  208. Cian says:

    My problem with Lebron is that its not about proving anything to anyone, but when you look at all of the greats the pioneers they did these events….Jordan, Bird, Kobe, Dr. Jay. Why did they do them….not because they wanted attention but because they enjoyed what they did and they also loved the thrill of competition. They strive to be the best at any and everything. Let’s be real Allen Iverson was never a good 3-point shooter but he joined the 3-point contest. Its about competition and bragging rights and all Lebron has as far as bragging rights go is MVP awards that he got because the league loves him. There were several of those that he should not have gotten to be specific last years. He did have a great year definitely but last year was the year of the point guard either Chris Paul or Tony Parker should’ve left with that, and at during one of his runs rondo should have gotten one easily. And this year to me its a race between Durant and LeMarcus Aldridge with Durant winning by a long shot, and Paul George standing there waiting for both of them to slip up.

  209. Martin Booster says:

    LeBron you just try ,you not fail, you win, You need to repeat the slam dunk contest award. Thats all,Thats not hard for you,LeBron you are my biggest basketball ispiration and i maybe after 3 or 6 years ,debut to the NBA, and i make you more stronger more powerful.

  210. A LENDA says:

    Tem grandes possibilidades de ganhar, mas uma porcentagem boa pra perder, tem participantes fortes.

  211. Javier says:

    so what are you waiting for?

    the same dunks all time..

    i like LJ but he wont win, Gerald Green, Ross o PG has more creativity.

  212. athrun says:

    He doesn’t even need to qualify to the final round. He will just be voted as a champ w/o dunkin!! LoL!

  213. Mike Kelly says:

    Do a lot of people really watch the Grammys?

  214. Ben says:

    You got the point, if he really thinking that he’ll win so easy…Why not compete. Probably he isn’t so sure to win. So compete e let us see how you are so strong. And if you not win, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a dunk contest, not an NBA Final.

    So do dunk contest or shut up

  215. boubspanks says:

    this reminds me of floyd mayweather duckin pacquiao instead of figthing him for several years. And thats why i would never put this guy in the standard of Jordan and Kobe they way more different. kobe and jordan had great hearts of champions not sitting there and pretending because they wanted every piece of the nba, they enjoyed it and they actually have got it.

  216. Jun says:

    LBJ knows he would choke up during the individual event. So for sure, with the pressure, he knows he will lose.

  217. elohim says:

    er body got lbjbun fever man
    he isn’t that good

  218. jeff says:

    be a Man Lebron, don’t run !!!!

  219. darius says:

    has anyone seen the dunk contest he was in????? mediocre at best. He is a great player and in game dunker but does not have enough flare to win the contest. Lebron are you holding something back?

  220. nabirhood says:

    Ask Jason Terry if he thinks LeBron should enter the dunk contest……… NUFF SAID!

  221. jedine says:

    i’d win a dunk contest….so what is stopping u? show ur skills. just lousy words from LBJ, cause he feels, that Miami is not gonna win Champ this year…hahaha…Put this letter L on ur forehead man….

  222. macky says:

    Lebron is enough to be a best of this era, but dunking contest, he cannot guarantee. he is just wise and intelligent not join
    Think about it, creating extra ordinary dunk is risky move. so I believe he just want to save his health.look if dunking is the reason to keep him out of the championship why he will do that of course wise not.

    stop dreaming that lbj will join dunking.. they have 1 goal… championship… 3peat

    gogogogo! Miami heat!!!!!!!

  223. TheGoldenComment says:

    No, lebron. you are the best player in the league, your powerful super train dunks are impressive in game, basics athletics hammer, BUT, you don’t have the beauty in the air, when your dunk is not spontaneous IN GAME, it’s weirdly robotic, you don’t have a pretty style or pretty moves, you don’t do noting with your legs, there is asolutely no elegance and it’s not fluid at all.(vince carter,michael jordan,gerald green or even the vintage dwight howard say hi to you)
    For a slam dunk contest, you don’t have the artistic skills and you know it, limited air creator; that’s why you never tried.
    You are a posterizer, no a dunk contest guy. and still the best player in the league i say it again

  224. jordan says:

    sully-your a fool. lebron will never win a sdc .he only knows how to make tomahawk dunk n slam the bsket with much impact to make it more appealing. but less style less creativity, ,.the moment youll see lebron drive and make a dunk you will figure out what dunk he will do. Always a tomahawk dunk, lol,

  225. Tom says:

    Sorry just had to laugh at some of these comments – especially the ones about how ‘disrespectful’ it is to make a video of dunks after practice close to the all star weekend.. If you have actually played basketball at any decent level – how many y-hours did you spend after practice with the team throwing up alley-oops etc? because I’ll tell you now we all do it, and we always will do it because it’s fun. You lot are just a bunch of haters, just let the guy continue doing what he does which is entertaining you on a nightly basis. If Kobe was the one doing/saying this (yes I know he already won a dunk comp) – you lot wouldn’t be saying squat. So go enjoy the all star weekend and the rest of the season

  226. denis_hawk says:

    So, that’s why he doesn’t go to any dunk contest, I see…

  227. ric says:

    The dunk contest is about creativity and fancy dunks, LeBron is more of a power dunker.

  228. He would have to put a lot more creativity into the dunk contest than that video showed. LeBron is an amazing basketball player, but those dunks shouldn’t score any more than a 44. If he wins with dunks like that then it is more of a statement of the competition–not his dunking prowess.

  229. OD86 says:

    Hey Commissioner….

    I have a change that you can implement now….just like the ALL STAR game, let the fans decide/vote who goes into the slam dunk contest.

  230. NOfan says:

    Greatness and glory are commanded not demanded! LBJ off late has not only been demanding but flopping and complaining. How insulting it was when Magic had to beg businesses on national television to give LBJ a commercial when other stars already had some (and I won’t name them) and LBJ didn’t.

  231. R$AP Aocky says:

    It doesnt matter whether he enters or not. Lebron can be creative with his dunks and its possible that he could win if he entered. But since he won’t, theres no reason to talk about it anymore. Lets just focus on the players who are in the contest now.

  232. farki says:

    Woulda Coulda Shoulda

  233. jackson says:

    “who is the next MJ” (Kobe or Lebron)
    Lebron is scare…he has something to lose if he doesnt win because MJ won Kobe Won nd if lebron doesnt win…enough said

  234. Omari says:

    Don’t talk about it, be about it Mr. James

  235. Lebron would win by like 300 votes, and no regrets.
    P.S. Paul George WILL win THIS season.

  236. XR says:

    The greats put their money where their mouth is… unless they’re afraid or deem themselves better than all those that have come before them. Jordan, Wilkens, Drexler and so on

    “King” is the right title for Lebron as he surely deems himself one

  237. Adam says:

    All these crap talkers, go to Youtube and watch when Kobe won the dunk contest…the dude MISSED 2 dunks, MISSED and his dunks were weak and he still won. They give the trophy away to whoever they like regardless of the dunk. Lebron would win it in a heart beat because A: Everyone loves him and B: His dunks would be sick.

  238. Dew says:

    Lebron needs to enter already. He is not getting any younger. All the greats did it. MJ, Carter, Wilkins, Webb, Kemp, etc. All quoted for their amazing in game dunks. Let’s go LeBron…show us you are not scared of the big stage!

  239. sammmmmmmmy says:

    should have a flopping event at the allstar game, im sure the King will enter and win.

  240. ABC says:

    Simple answer, LeBron wants more money.

  241. charless702 says:

    I’m the greatest basketball player ever. Combine Jordan, Shaq and Lebron and that’s only 1% of how dominant I would be. I could also beat the Shehawks 1 on 11 by myself. See I can talk just as much pathetic garbage as Lebron. Maybe he should worry about winning those 10 championships first. LMAO. The guy’s a joke. He couldn’t even come close to winning a championship until the Heat bought an all-star team. You could argue he’s not even the best player on the Heat since they’re about a .500 team, in a sorry Eastern Conference, when Wade doesn’t play.

  242. charless702 says:

    I’m the greatest basketball player ever. Combine Jordan, Shaq and Lebron and that’s only 1% of how dominant I would be. I could also beat the Shehawks 1 on 11 by myself. See I can talk just as much pathetic garbage as Lebron. Maybe he should worry about winning those 10 championships first. LMAO. The guy’s a joke. He couldn’t even come close to winning a championship until the Heat bought an all-star team. You could argue he’s not even the best player on the Heat since they’re about a .500 team, in a sorry Eastern Conference, when Wade doesn’t play.

  243. Mike C says:

    Then enter and donate to charity of your choice! How much easier can it be ! How dumb are professional athletes?

  244. Jay says:

    LBJ would never join the contest with the new format.
    NO effin WAY

  245. NBAoldSchool says:

    Lebron will not every show up in a dunk contest. If you truly watch his game, he never shows up when real pressure is on. He simply cannot handle it. He fails more times that not. It is almost always someone else that has to step up to win. Either Dwade, Anderson, Miller, Allen or Batier not James. Sorry but look at all the big wins for Miami, it is always one of those guys. When he was in Clevland, he could not win the big games because somebody else could not do it. He is overrated. He was and is simply the best the NBA could manufacture. NBA talent is poor in general. I mean guys can’t even make their first dunk attempts or score 20 points in a 3 point contest even when they give you 4 extra bonus balls. Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr, Ray Allen would have all had 30 plus given the bonus balls. The whole realignment of the all star weekend it is to cover up just how bad the NBA players really are. Just like they cover up LBJ’s weaknesses. The dunk contest is just one of them. He cannot stand to Greatness without a huge supporting cast. The Dunk contest is just one guy, he would fail every time and he knows it. Great players make others better, In Lebron’s case they make him better.

  246. Je Bo says:

    i like LeBron… wanted him to do this and join win or lose. not joininh may be judged as self-righteousness. Sounds like Gayweather not fighting Pacquiao… do join next year King James!!!

  247. Shenoll Ramadani says:

    Lebron James is the best player in the planet .I Think he will win dunk contest ,three point contest,skills challenge,because he is Greatest player of all times.

  248. Makif says:

    after what i saw yesterday…even a young kid could win this lame SDC…pathetic waste of time it was…

  249. Tom Buh-radyy says:

    IDK guys. Although the Phoenix dunks werent really that special, you have to watch some of his pre-game warm up dunks. Then i think you’d all change your mind.

  250. G-Man says:

    Honestly, every great dunk has already been done before and props are getting silly. The most fantastic dunks are during the game when it counts, especially over another defender. That get’s me jumping out of my seat. MJ’s dunks in the contest were incredible to watch, especially in slow motion, but watching him rise up over several defenders or a 7 foot center with the game on the line is a showstopper!

    • G-Man says:

      So if I was a Lebron fan, I’d rather see him dunk over opponents than in a contest with no pressure. PS. I hope he makes up for his mistake and wins a ring for the cavs…

  251. Dutchman says:

    LBJ is quite limited in his dunking repetoire as he only can set off one foot. Other great dunkers can set off two feet or one foot.

  252. Yann says:

    Lebron James is a great player but he is selfish and self conceited. If he is convinced he would win, then enter the dunk contest! All of the other major stars did it because they understood it is for the fans and they just loved doing it. But with Lebron, it is not surprising. My first look at him was in Rochester NY for the first NBA exhibition game there in 30 years! At that time he was with the Cavaliers, and pretty much everyone who came to that game came to see him play. Not only did he not play one second, which I understand for exhibition games is somewhat not unusual, although in this case an exception could have been made, but he made it much worse by pretending to warm up and enter the game many times throughout the game. Even when the crowd was clearly upset and booing, he kept doing it and having the time of his life, laughing with his teammates. Yep Lebron, you set up the stage for what was coming. Selfish. Egocentric.

    • Nelson says:

      Lebron is just a high jumper that dunks hard. He doesn’t have much creativity hence the reason why he has not participated in the slam dunk contest. If you guys remember his Mcdonald’s All-American slam dunk contest, his dunks where not that creative. The crowd was just at awe on how high he can jump.