Shaqtin’ A Fool: All-Star

VIDEO: Check out the most foolish moments from All-Star weekend

Shaq unveils a special All-Star edition of Shaqtin’ A Fool. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Ikon The Hologram says:

    It was good as always but, when I saw “Ben Shaq-Lemore” I thought they put the moment when McLemore made the dunk and Shaq was about to clap hands with him and McLemore kneeled down to be given a crown. I don’t know if anyone else nnoticed that. There were plenty of missed dunks and Shaq should’ve been on Shaqtin’ A Fool, not McLemore. 🙂

  2. Nbafan says:

    LeBron referring to himself as “king James” what an ego driven up himself w@nker!!!

  3. OKC says:

    I swear Snoop had a few shaqtin the fool moments lol.

  4. jwt7000 says:

    I am still stunned by the trophy fail which dropped to the ground.

  5. Go Heat says:

    What about LeBron’s elbow hitting the backboard, which was the reason he missed the dunk?

    • YouAreIgnorant says:

      not really a shaqtin moment. most guys would be saying i wish my elbow could touch the backboard than saying wow i hope that never happens to me.

  6. Michael says:

    What about Nelly sippin his mix drink from a straw until he saw he was on camera then switched it up. Funniest part of the weekend to me.

  7. dwayne says:

    funny as always shaq

  8. Jardel1022 says:

    Where’s Kyrie irving’s failed inbounds?

  9. Sam says:

    Where’s Kyrie Irving’s inbound