The All Ball Crossover Contest (Vol. 1)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Throughout this season, perhaps you’ve seen our ongoing series, The All Ball Posterized Poll. In those posts, we examine which NBA players have been victims of the most vicious dunks.

We are proud to continue the tradition of highlighting the best of the best (and worst) with the new All Ball Crossover Contest. From time to time, we will check in and look at some of the best ankle-breaking dribbling exhibitions we’ve seen. We want to see the greatest moves, of course, but we also want to take note of who got shook.

So who broke out the best crossover in this edition of the Crossover Contest? We culled this selection of videos, and’s Zettler Clay is providing the written commentary to accompany what you see.

Check out the videos below and vote at the bottom of the post …

Zettler Says: I know, Derrick Rose was only minutes into his first game back from an ACL tear. Still, as Avon Barksdale accurately summed it up, the game is the game. Norris saw an opportunity and made a quick decision. We’re rooting for a full recovery for Rose, if only for a chance at redemption, because this move is nasty.

VIDEO: Cole on Rose

Zettler Says: John Wall hits Terrence Ross with the double. If you were to ask for defining Wall plays to teach to youngsters, this would lead the reel. A stutter step to freeze Ross, then a crisp crossover followed by another, followed by speed to the cup. Great read, timing and execution.

VIDEO: Wall On Ross

Zettler Says: There’s nobody else in the NBA that could pull this move off, save for Jamal Crawford and Kevin Durant. Curry’s ability to quickly set his feet after a move combined with his deadly deep aim gives his crossover another element. No spot on the court is safe for any Steph defender.

VIDEO: Curry On Jackson

Zettler Says: Classic end of half isolation clash between two of the league’s best. What gives this play flair is the stealthy rivalry between these two players since they entered the NBA in 2005, one pick behind each other (D-Will was the third pick, Paul fourth). On this night, multiple times, the third pick had the upper hand.

VIDEO: Williams On Paul

Zettler Says: This is just Earl Joseph Smith III doing his thing. Thankfully Tristan Thompson took an unnatural fall, which not only made the play pop, but saved his ankle. If he doesn’t hit the deck, his talus is broken. Believe.

VIDEO: Smith On Thompson

And now you get your say. Who had the best crossover?


  1. Martin says:

    Chris Andersen tripped Rose!

  2. j.t. says:

    Coles crossover doesnt really cut it, drose tripped over andersons leg

  3. LP19 says:

    JR Smith is the best…on another note to view 115 seconds of action I had to go through 150 seconds of commercials, that’s way too much,

    • zuul says:

      Perhaps you want to install an adblocker. That might save you from a lot of advertising 😉

    • lbj says:

      J.R. Smith just bumped his knee to Tristan Thompson that’s why Thompson falls. Norris Cole future hall of famer didn’t touch even a slight hair from D-Rose that’s the ankle braker of all time!

      • Zach barber says:

        I like the way u gave Norris Cole credit for Breaking D-Rose ankle in that game. Also, Lebron ur the greatest player in the universe.

  4. NBAer says:

    Deron williams crossing matthew delavedonka ????

  5. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    Rose caught Birdman’s leg, Tristan stepped on Zeller’s foot as he was moving…
    Deron imo

  6. adam says:

    jr crossed up a power forward, deron on cp3 was pg on pg

  7. Sheed says:

    Aaaah the presure of playing in ny city….pfff

  8. Aljo says:

    Too much crossovers but way more commercials… very annoying. Agree to disagree?

    • The Voice In The Distance says:

      To Aljo. You need to install an ad-blocker into your browser. That will sort the problem out for you.

  9. waltwilliams55 says:

    Rose fans are funny, he did trip on birdman, but sorry, he got left.

  10. Kristofer Logan says:

    where’s kyrie at? oh wait…he must have his own top 5 all ball crossover video

  11. Dre says:

    You would make a bad ref. J.R Smith did not touch knees with anyone. What in God’s name are you talking about?

  12. Thejoker says:

    Allen Iverson.

  13. Tay says:

    bird man tripped rose its clear as day

  14. 720CROWNDAKING says:

    Everybody sayin Birdmaan tripped Rose. even if he did Cole had lost him by 3 FEET with that cross over….even ya favorite player’s favorite plaer can get put on skates …real talk!

  15. bouleghiter4 says:

    Birdman tripped Rose, it’s not a crossover when the defender jumps to avoid a screen. basketball players know that, same thing with curry on jackson, screen is not a crossover.
    so please, stupid media guy who never played basketball, let someone who knows the game make the highlights.
    There is a LOT of LEGIT crossovers every weeks, those you are showing are not crossovers. idiots

  16. jimbo222 says:

    I know this forum is old but those saying Cole’s crossover doesn’t count should try to learn how to play basketball. It is true that Rose eventually got caught with Birdman’s legs so he took that stumble but the crossover move has already left Rose by a full second. Cole was already moving left while Rose was still moving on the opposite direction and eventually stumbled on Birdman’s leg. It just looked nasty because Rose fell on the ground. So if you’re complaining about the fall then that is fine but don’t complain that it wasn’t a crossover move.