Dwight Howard Reminds Everyone He Won A Dunk Contest Too

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last weekend in New Orleans, John Wall performed what was called the “Dunk of the Night” en route to walking away as the evening’s big winner. Even though it was only six years ago, the last time the dunk contest was in New Orleans was in 2008, and the winner of that dunk contest was Dwight Howard. These days Dwight’s dunks are more of the power variety, but yesterday at Rockets practice, Dwight showed that he can still get creative. James Harden got in on it as well, but Dwight threw down a couple of nasty dunks, including this first one which left teammate Chandler Parsons speechless…

Dwight's sick post-practice dunk leaves a shirtless Chandler speechless.

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Dwight throws it off the wall & catches off the bounce for the windmill slam.

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  1. Shahre says:

    That first dunk is very underrated. Im not a big Dwight fan but the amount of hang time and difficulty of that first dunk is unreal.

  2. Al says:

    that first dunk was better than anything at all star weekend this year

  3. kristofer logan says:

    no it wasn’t. damian lillard’s between the legs dunk is better.