LeBron and Wade Connect Again In Dallas

I’m a bit obsessed with the concept of vengeance in the NBA. Beyond the plots and subplots, many like myself are just as interested in the “games within the games” as the final score. When Deron Williams hit CP3 with a serious cross in an December showdown in Brooklyn, it was recognized not just as a superb move, but as another link in the career-long saga between the points guards. Same as with Kenneth Faried and his inclination to make highlights by any means.

So when Emperor of the League LeBron James strolled into Dallas fresh off Mount Rushmore musings and a nationally televised interview, he placed another bullseye on his back. What better opponent for fans to witness than the Mavericks.

We remember what happened in the 2011 Finals, when he was disrupted by Dirk Nowitzki and Co., in no small measure, by the defense and chatter of diminutive guards J.J. Barea and Jason Terry. Since that Finals letdown, ‘Bron has responded with a fury that is still scorching the league.

On Tuesday night, it was to be expected that Miami’s master duo would come with game faces. They didn’t displease, pulling off another magical act against the Mavericks with Dwyane Wade playing the adept benefactor. These guys make it look too easy:

VIDEO: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade repeat their cross-court magic

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